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International Travel Insurance

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    Covers Multiple trips within a policy period Subject to max trip duration per trip.
    Kindly enter the country to view the plan features
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    Benefit Benefit Coverage Amount Deductible
    Hospitalization Expenses Yes -
    In-patient Care Up to SI US $ 100 / € 75
    Life Threatening Condition for PED 10% of SI US $ 100 / € 75
    Out-patient Care US $ 50,000 US $ 100 / € 75
    Daily Allowance
    In case of Hospitalization we even pay an extra specified amount per day of stay at the hospital to meet numerous allied expenses such as attendant meals, transportation and communication incurred etc.
    US $ 25 per day, max 5 days 2 days
    Dental Expenses US $ 300 US $ 100 / € 75
    Personal Accident US $ 15,000 -
    Medical Evacuation
    Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within our network.
    US $ 50,000 -
    Trip Options
    Single Trip Yes -
    Multi Trip (Policy will be on annual basis) Yes -
    Trip Duration (days) Minimum:2, Maximum (Single Trip):365 -
    Maximum (Multi Trip) 45 or 60 days -
    Entry Age - Single Trip Minimum:1 day,Maximum:No Age Bar -
    Entry Age - Multi Trip Minimum:1 day,Maximum 70 years -
    Sub-limits applicable as per Appendix Yes -
    Family Option* Yes -
    ^Optional Benefit: Life Threatening Condition Due To PED - provides coverage for Pre-existing diseases for Life Threatening Conditions under Hospitalization Expenses up to the limits mentioned in the Policy schedule .

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    Add-ons to cover your specific needs

    Refund Of Visa Fee

    Refund Of Visa Fee

    Reimbursement of Visa fee if Visa got rejected for no fault or negligence on part of the insured.

    International Travel Insurance Plan Details

    • Minimum entry age is 1 day

    • Maximum entry age as specified for each plan

    • Age of proposer 18 years or above

    • Relationship for Family Option Self, Spouse, dependent children (who have not attained Age 25 Years) and Parents

    • Eligibility prospectus whose place of residence is in India

    • Policy Period Start Date The policy start date shall be from the 00:00 hours of the next day of the proposal receipt at branch, proposed policy period start date opted by you or cash received date/instrument date, whichever is later.

    Download Terms & Conditions
    • Medical treatment taken outside the Country of Residence if that is the sole reason or one of the reasons for the journey.

    • Any Treatment, which could reasonably be delay until the insured person's return to the Country of residence.

    • Any dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an injury.

    • Circumcision unless necessary for treatment of an illness or as may be necessitated due to an accident.

    • Treatment of any Congenital Anomaly or llness or defects or anomalies or treatment relating to birth defects.

    • Hormone replacement therapy.

    • Weight management services and treatment, vitamins and tonics related to weight control programs, services and supplies including treatment of obesity (including morbid obesity).

    Insurance Claim Process

    No matter which part of the world you are,we're just a call away!

    Claim Notification

    Claim Notification

    In case of claim notify us immediately on any of the below touch-points for hastle free processing and speedy settlement.

    US and Canada


    Toll Free Number- +1 8443013135/ +18443013146

    From the Rest of the World


    Call Back Facility- +91 1244498760


    Fax- +91 124-4006674



    In case of reimbursement of treatment expenses reach us at the below touch-points



    Toll Free- 1800-102-4488


    Fax Number- 1800-100-5577


    Care Health Insurance Limited

    Care Health Insurance Limited (formerly known as Religare Health Insurance Company Limited), Unit no. 604-607, 6th Floor, Tower C, Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon – 122001

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    Care Health Insurance has consistently been amongst the top travel health insurance players. We, at Care Health Insurance, operate on the core philosophy of customer satisfaction. We offer unique travel health insurance covers with keeping in mind the medical exigencies of our customers during their travel. Our travel insurance products are cost-effective, with superior quality services and have a hassle-free claim settlement. Our shortest turnaround time is just 2 hours for cashless claim approval and 30 lakh+ claims have already been settled. Our travel insurance plan- “Explore” has been awarded as the Best Travel Insurance Product and also India’s most preferred Travel Insurance by IMP Travel & Tourism Awards. At CHI, we offer you a distinct set of benefits that gives you the flexibility to choose the best possible travel insurance plan for you and for your loved ones to enjoy worry-free travel.


    Insurance India
    Summit & Awards 2018


    30 Lakh + Claims Settled^^


    Cashless claim processing
    in approx. 2 hours

    ^^number of claims settled as on February, 2022

    International Travel Insurance (COVID-19 Hospitalization Covered*)

    Are you planning an overseas trip to your favourite destination this year?

    Backpacking holidays, an upcoming family vacation, or business tours – travelling is an exhilarating experience. It is therapeutic and liberates you from the stress and monotony of life into which we all often become engrossed.

    Before starting your journey, there is an extensive list of things to be done – applying for a passport and visa, bookings tickets, packing your luggage and everything you need for a comfortable visit. Be it a budget-friendly vacation or a luxurious overseas trip, travelling holds a unique significance for each one of us. With such meticulous planning, you would not expect things to go wrong. However, any travel opportunity could expose you to some hidden risks - falling sick and getting hospitalized, losing your checked-in baggage, or facing a trip delay due to a severe weather condition.

    At CHI, you can choose a customized international travel insurance cover that will provide insurance coverage for various medical and non-medical expenses you may incur during your foreign trip. The overseas travel insurance will safeguard you against all the travel-related inconveniences and keep you and your travel companions free from worries!


    Check the salient features of the Care international travel insurance plan:

    • Emergency hospitalization cover
    • Pre-existing disease covered in life-threatening conditions
    • Personal accident cover
    • Cashless claim settlement
    • Reimbursement for trip delays or cancellation
    • Cover for baggage loss
    • Coverage against Personal Liability
    • Covers loss of documents like Passport and International Driving License
    • Repatriation, in case of death
    • Missed Flight Connection
    • Hijack Distress Allowance
    • No pre-policy medicals at any age & sum insured
    • Automatic Trip Extension

    Why Should one Buy International Travel Insurance?

    As the first step before you set out for your much-awaited journey abroad, get overseas travel insurance in India and experience a safe trip without any financial worry. We discuss the various scenarios when international travel insurance cover becomes essential. There can be many more instances when your travel cover would come in handy.

    Scenario 1: A saviour in a medical emergency
    When your objective is to explore a new place and make the most of your travel opportunity, a medical emergency is not something you will ever want to face! Yet, travel uncertainties are such and facing an emergency hospitalization can be extremely inconvenient and expensive – all impacting your time and finances. Having the right international travel insurance covers the medical expenses, keeping you protected.

    Scenario 2: Mitigates the travel inconveniences
    Unforeseen incidents, such as losing your luggage or passport, or even facing a trip delay due to a severe weather condition, can add to the burden of your expenses incurred abroad. Travel insurance will undoubtedly lower the hassles and cover the losses. Furthermore, the policy will cover the unexpected charges you incur on travel and accommodation in case of any trip cancellation or interruption, thus saving you from stress.

    Scenario 3: Gives your family financial comfort during travel
    Opting for a family international travel cover will ensure you have the convenience and protection from the travel risks, especially when children and elderly parents accompany you. It will keep you financially secured if any family member faces an emergency hospitalization when you may have to cut short your trip. It will give adequate financial protection against various travel risks, including personal liability.
    Things can go wrong during an overseas trip, no matter how meticulous your planning was. An international travel insurance policy gives you financial safety and comfort against such travel risks and saves your finances from draining out due to unforeseen emergency expenses. It is, remarkably, useful when you are far away from your home territory, in an unknown land facing unknown risks. Before going on an overseas trip, you must be aware of the possibilities of any medical exigency, injury, or accident occur, as these are life’s uncertainties. International travel insurance mitigates the financial burden and makes your entire travel experience more comfortable.

    For instance :
    Mr A planned a holiday to Japan without international travel insurance. He set a travel budget of Rs 3 lakhs.

    Flight Tickets: Rs 1,00,000

    Accommodation: Rs 65,000

    Food: Rs 35,000

    Miscellaneous Expenses: INR 70,000

    Medical Emergency Fund: INR 30,000


    He slipped from the stairs and was rushed to the hospital. He incurred expenses up to Rs 5 lakhs. He spent all the money from his pocket and returned disappointed.

    Scenario 2
    Mr B was smart enough to get an international travel insurance plan before a solo trip to Europe. He set a budget of Rs 3 lakhs.

    Flight Tickets: Rs 1,40,000

    Accommodation: Rs 70,000

    Food: Rs 38,000

    Miscellaneous Expenses: INR 50,000

    Travel Health Insurance Cover INR 1,267 for Medical Emergency


    Met with a minor accident and was rushed to the hospital. He incurred expenses up to Rs 5 lakhs. Thankfully, the international travel medical insurance he opted for covered his hospital bills and saved him from financial stress.

    Is Overseas Travel Insurance Mandatory When you Travel Abroad?

    All countries have specific entry rules, and some have made overseas travel medical insurance mandatory for international travellers. If you plan to visit countries in the Schengen Area, for example, make sure you have a valid travel insurance cover as it is a prerequisite for visa application. An overseas travel insurance plan will offer you financial comfort against unforeseen travel risks, including emergency hospital treatment, personal accident, loss of belongings, and repatriation in case of death.

    We recommend an international travel medical insurance cover even if it is not mandatory in the country you are going to. It is vital for a few important reasons. Firstly, healthcare in many countries, including the USA, is unaffordable, especially for Indian tourists. Additionally, the travel uncertainties have always made travellers anxious – trip delays or loss of checked-in baggage. Choose Explore – Our International Travel Insurance which will keep you free from all the travel worries.

    What is Covered in CHI in Overseas Travel Insurance?

    Medical Benefits of International Travel Insurance plan

    • Hospitalization Cover: The policy covers various hospitalization-related expenses, including in-patient and out-patient care one incurs in an emergency.
    • Daily Allowance for Hospitalization: We will reimburse the daily expenses, for a specified amount per day, in case of hospitalization maximum of up to five days per claim. A deductible of 2 days per claim is applicable.
    • Dental Expenses: The injury-related dental expenses the insured incurs during the trip will be covered, up to a specified amount, in the international travel insurance policy.
    • Common Carrier Accidental Death: In the case of unfortunate accidental death of the insured person on a common carrier/transport, the policy will provide a lump sum amount.
    • 2-Way Compassionate Visit: We will cover the reasonable expenses incurred by an immediate family member (one adult) who is visiting the current location of the insured.
    • Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability: The policy provides financial compensation in case of accidental death or permanent total disability during the trip.
    • Family Option Discount: You can also get a discount on the premium of an additional person if more than one family member is covered in the same policy, for the same sum insured, on an individual basis.

    Non-Medical Benefits of International Travel Insurance plan

    Trip Delays: In case of trip delays due to unforeseen reasons like an earthquake, or severe weather conditions, the expenses will be covered, up to a defined limit for each block of 4 hours delay, subject to the policy T&C.

    Trip Cancellation or Interruption: If you face trip cancellations or interruptions due to unavoidable circumstances like natural calamity or terrorism, we will cover the related expenses.

    Loss/Delay of Checked-In Baggage: The policy will protect you by reimbursing a fixed amount in case of loss of checked-in or delays in receiving the luggage, as per policy T&C.

    Loss of Passport: Losing travel documents can create stress. The policy will provide coverage up to a fixed amount on an aggregate basis for getting a new or duplicate passport.

    Return of Minor Child: The policy will cover the reasonable expenses incurred during the return of the minor child to the home location.

    Up-Gradation to Business Class: In the case where the insured is hospitalized for five consecutive days or more and needs to return to the home location, we will reimburse the expenses towards up-gradation to business class, subject to policy T&C.

    Automatic Trip Extension: Now, you do not need to bother about your extended trip as the policy provides automatic trip extension up to 7 consecutive days.

    Missed Flight Connection: We will reimburse the additional accommodation and travel expenses if you missed a pre-booked flight, subject to policy T&C.

    Hijack Distress Allowance: We would never want you to be in such a situation, but the policy will cover unforeseen events like hijack by providing a fixed benefit for a specified time limit.

    Refund of Visa Fee: We will pay for the reimbursement of the visa fee if it got rejected, subject to policy terms and conditions.

    Exclusions in International Travel Insurance Plan

    It is necessary for any traveller opting for international travel insurance in India to know what the plan will not cover. This way, he or she will prevent any hassle when filing a claim.

    Check here some *exclusions of international travel insurance:

    • Any treatment that could be reasonably delayed until the insured person’s return to the country of residence
    • Any pre-existing ailment or illness or injury
    • Any beauty/ cosmetic treatment/ or any reconstructive plastic surgery
    • Trip cancellation or interruption due to a natural calamity not declared by the appropriate government authority
    • Medical treatment or surgery (whether invasive or non-invasive) using a robotic surgical system
    • Expenses due to the treatment related to self-inflicted injury or suicide
    • Any personal liability arising out of Breach of Law or any criminal liability
    • Treatment expenses incurred related to any hazardous activity, the influence of drugs/ or alcohol, expenses occurred due to consequences of war/nuclear perils
    • Any liability arising out of a false arrest, wrongful detention, wrongful eviction, defamation, or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations

    *Please refer to the policy T&C and prospectus to know about exclusions

    Things to Watch Out Before Buying an International Travel Insurance Policy

    Trip Duration: As you set your trip budget counting the number of days you will be travelling, the assessment also helps you get the right travel cover to secure you throughout your journey. A travel cover for a short trip will cost less than what you will spend for a longer trip duration.

    Assess Your Trip: Considering the things you plan to do on your trip, pick a customized policy with benefits to safeguard you. Check the optional covers you can get with an overseas travel medical insurance policy to cover unexpected expenses during an emergency.

    Destination: Note the overseas travel insurance plan you select covers the risks you may face and that it covers the destination where you are heading.

    Schengen Approved: Those visiting any country in the Schengen region must opt for a valid Schengen travel insurance policy.

    Sub-limits: A travel insurance policy may have sub-limits on specific expenses, such as ICU charges, room rent, etc. Review the features to find if there is any cap on the per-incident or per-claim.

    Maximum Coverage: The first thing to do when opting for a travel cover is checking the policy benefits. Take a closer look at the policy inclusions to know the various expenses that will be covered. Also, check if all these come at an affordable premium.

    Exclusions: Check the policy documents to know the expenses for which your travel policy will not provide coverage. This way, you can plan for any out-of-pocket expenditure you think you might incur.

    Claims Procedure: Find out the procedure to file an international travel insurance claim. Get to know the contact details of customer care and the time within which you should notify the insurer. Also, it is best to confirm if you can get a cashless claim settlement under your travel policy. Thus, you will prevent any confusion during an emergency.

    Who can buy Explore Insurance Plan?

    Any Indian citizen can opt for our travel insurance plan for international trips. The eligibility criteria include:

    • The minimum entry age is one day for a child and 18 years for adult
    • The maximum entry age is 24 years for a child and no upper age limit for adult
    • The age of a proposer is at least 18 years or above
    • The maximum entry age for an adult is as specified in the plan 

    What is the Claim Process for Explore Policy?

    Under the Care travel insurance plans, the claim processing can be done either as a cashless facility or reimbursement. Filing an overseas travel insurance claim is easy and convenient. When facing any medical or non-medical emergency, you are required to contact us on the specified touch-points within the specified timeframe.

    To make your claims experience smooth and hassle-free, it is essential that you keep the necessary documents, such as medical bills, hospital discharge summary, First Information Report (FIR), and final police report (if applicable), etc. and submit them along with the claim form when filing for a reimbursement claim. You can also avail of cashless travel insurance claim settlement for which you must check the list of our network hospitals. Our claim management team will verify the documents and process the claim as per the policy T&C.

    Check Country Specific Guides

    Dubai Travel Insurance Australia Travel Insurance
    Schengen Travel Insurance USA Travel Insurance
    Singapore Travel Insurance Thailand Travel Insurance
    Bali Travel Insurance UK Travel Insurance
    Nepal Travel Insurance Maldives Travel Insurance

    *Care Health Insurance offers coverage for medical expenses related to COVID – 19. Policy T&C apply

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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is International Travel Insurance?

    An international travel insurance plan is a type of insurance plan that covers a range of medical and non-medical expenses the insured may incur during an emergency when travelling outside India.

    Q. Is it Mandatory to buy Travel Insurance?

    An international travel insurance policy is not a mandatory requirement in many countries. However, in some destinations, a valid international travel insurance plan is a prerequisite for visa application and during entry at the time of immigration check, e.g. a Schengen Visa. It is advisable to check the visa application rules of the country you intend travelling.

    Q. Why should I buy the Explore International Travel Insurance Plan?

    Care International travel insurance plan gives you adequate financial support against various events that can occur during an emergency while travelling overseas. That includes trip cancellation, loss of baggage, and medical treatment.

    Q. How to extend international travel insurance Explore Policy?

    The policyholder can apply for policy extension online by paying the premium. One can extend a single trip policy up to a maximum trip duration of 365 days. The policyholder must apply for an extension before the policy expires and submit requisite documents, including health declaration. Our team will verify the information and grant permission for an extension of the policy. One cannot extend a multi-trip policy.

    Q. Do I have to go for a medical test to buy International Travel Insurance?

    One need not undergo a pre-policy medical check-up for buying the EXPLORE policy. However, the customer must submit a health declaration mentioning any existing medical condition. It will not have an impact on the policy issuance or premium cost.

    Q. What is the geographical scope of coverage in EXPLORE?

    Our Explore overseas travel insurance cover is available for the following geographies

    Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, Worldwide Excluding USA & Canada, Worldwide Excluding USA, Worldwide Including USA & Canada

    Q. What is the advantage of buying the International Travel - Platinum Plan?

    Our Explore travel platinum plan offers a high sum insured and has no sub-limits on in-patient care expenses. Please refer to the policy T&C.

    Q. Can I buy the policy after I have travelled outside India?

    You cannot opt for the policy after your trip starts. International travellers must apply for an international travel insurance policy in India before the start of their visit from India.

    Q. Can I change the Policy Sum Insured after I have started my trip?

    A policyholder is not allowed to change the policy sum insured & geographical scope after the start of the international trip. However, one can opt for policy extension if one requires extending the duration.

    Q. What is the minimum & the maximum trip duration covered in Explore?

    You can purchase EXPLORE plan for your international trip of:

    The Explore plan offers coverage for a minimum trip duration of 2 days and a maximum trip duration of 365 days in our single trip plans. Our multi-trip plans (Explore Asia, Explore Silver, Explore Gold, and Explore Platinum) offer coverage for 30, 45, or 60 days. The policy can be extended up to a maximum duration of 365 days. A single trip policy will not cover once the coverage duration reaches 365 days, whereas a multi-trip policy cannot be extended.

    Q. Can I buy international travel insurance for my parents above 70 years of age?

    Yes. You can opt for international travel insurance for your elderly parents. Please check the maximum entry age eligibility in the travel plan that you have selected.

    Q. Can I avail cashless facility for hospitalization under Explore Plan?

    We offer the cashless facility at our network hospitals for all emergency hospitalization (with a duration exceeding 24 hours). Contact the helpline numbers to know about cashless travel insurance cover in nearby network hospital during a medical emergency.

    Q. Is International Travel insurance mandatory for Schengen Visa?

    Yes. Schengen travel insurance plan is a mandatory proof/document for any person applying for a Schengen Visa. Opt for our customized plan for your foreign travel to European countries.

    Q. Do you provide financial assistance for the Explore Plan?

    Yes. CHI provides 24X7 assistance during your trip. You can contact us on our toll-free numbers. You can also write to travelassistance@careinsurance.com

    Explore complete plan details

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