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A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for Russia


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About Russia Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for Russia: Russia, a vast country with distinct time zones, permafrost landscapes and rich history, is counted amongst the most-desired travel destinations of the world. From the incredible cathedrals and majestic palaces of the bygone era to the modern-day structures and high-end infrastructure, Russia offers international tourists an extraordinary travel experience and a glimpse of its heritage of performing arts and cultural riches.

Secure your trip to this sprawling country with the RussiaTravel Insurance policy. As you engage in exploring the hidden treasures of this amazing land, a good travel policy will take care of you, financially, during unforeseen situations. Cruising through the expansive Volga River, experiencing the enthralling Trans-Siberian rail journey or going trekking in Altai, adventurers have a lot to explore within this country - which is the largest on the globe by area. Buying Russia travel insurance will ensure you enjoy your trip peacefully without worrying about the financial consequences of unexpected medical or non-medical exigencies.

Is Travel Insurance for Russia Mandatory?

As per the laws in Russia, international travelers are required to get Russia travel insurance policy when obtaining a visa to visit the country. So far, travel health insurance requirements in Russia have been based on reciprocity. This means that travel insurance will be required for those citizens whose home country has made it compulsory for Russian citizens to get travel insurance when traveling to their country. Furthermore, a good travel health plan is recommended for any traveler going to a foreign country so that he or she has the financial back-up during likely emergencies such as flight delays, misplaced baggage and even illnesses.

Quick Facts About Russia



Official Languages



Russian ruble

Country calling code


Modes of transportation

Metro, Bus, Tram, Trolleybus and Private Taxis

Time difference

2 Hours and 30 Minutes

International Airports

Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow

What is Covered in Russia Travel Insurance Plan?

Here we have listed all the major Medical and Non-medical benefits covered in Russia travel insurance policy.

Medical Benefits of Russia Travel Insurance

  • Emergency Hospitalization: Russia travel insurance cover complete hospitalization cover during an emergency including IPD & OPD expenses
  • Accidental Hospitalization: Double sum insured in case of accidental hospitalization
  • Pre-existing disease cover: Expense coverage for treatment of pre-existing ailments

Russia travel insurance plan also offers coverage for medical evacuation, treatment in one’s home country, injury-related dental expenses, personal accident, in-patient, and out-patient care.

Non-Medical Benefits of Russia Travel Insurance

  • Loss of passport: Defined cover for expenses incurred due to loss of passport
  • Delay/Loss of checked-in baggage: Cost cover for delay or loss of checked-in baggage
  • Trip delays/cancellation/interruption: Cost cover for delay, cancellation or interruption of the trip

Various other non-medical exigencies covered under Russia travel insurance include up-gradation to business class, personal liability and return of the minor child.

What is Not Covered in Russia Travel Insurance Plan?

Russia travel insurance does not cover the policyholder in the following instances:

  • Medical treatment for HIV/AIDS or any other transmitted disease
  • Self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or suicide
  • Hazardous activity, influence of drugs or alcohol, consequences arising due to war or nuclear perils, ionizing radiation or contamination due to the same
  • Professional services offered by the insured person
  • Involvement in business activities, ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle or other vehicles
  • Wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations
  • Encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright and trademark
  • Possession of animals, insects, bird and reptiles and their byproducts
  • Involvement in Breach of Law
  • Personal liability towards another individual, whether personal, official or commercial

Eligibility for Russia Travel Insurance

All international travelers can buy the overseas travel insurance policy for Russia if they are visiting the country for business, tourism, study, work, etc. As per the eligibility criteria for a single trip plan, the insured person should have a minimum age of 1 day. There is no limit on the maximum age.

Insurance Premium

The premium for Russia Travel Insurance Plan is calculated on the basis of several factors such as traveler’s age, trip duration, destination country and type of coverage selected.

Types of Russian Visas

Based on the purpose of the visit, Russian Visas are classified into the following categories:

  • Tourist visa: People traveling to Russia for tourism purposes must apply for atourist visa which has a validity of 30 days. It can be a single-entry or multi-entry visa. Having a tourist invitation documents like tourist voucher ortourist reservation confirmation is a must when applying for this visa and can be obtained from a Russian travel agency.
  • Business visa: People who are planning to undertake a business-related visit to Russia should apply for a business visa which can be single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry. Visitors can stay on a business visa for a maximum period of 90 days. Using multiple 1-year business visas, visitors can stay for 90 consecutive days every 180 days. To get this visa, a business invitation is a mandatory requirement that can be obtained from the Federal Migration Department (UFMS).
  • Student visa: Students planning to pursue education or be a part of an exchange program in Russia should apply for this visa.
  • Personal visa: People traveling to Russia to visit their friends or relatives should apply for this visa. It is a single entry visa with validity of up to 3 months. Applicants need a personal invitation certificate from a person residing in Russia.
  • Work visa: Foreign citizens who wish to permanently work in Russia can avail this visa. It can be a single-entry visa with validity of 90 days or multiple-entry visa that is reissued on the basis of the single-entry visa.
  • Transit visa: This visa has validity for a maximum period of 72 hours and is required by travelers who are en route to another country or need to change the airports.

Visa Procedure for Russia

Application for any of the above-mentioned types of visas can be made in any of the Consulates of the Russian Federation situated in India.

Step 1: Obtain a letter of invitation required for visa application

Step 2: Get the visa application form and duly fill the relevant details

Step 3: Submit the application and supporting documents at the visa application centre

You can get the visa delivered to your residence or collect it from the visa application center.

Documents required for visa application:

  • Original Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and minimum of 2 blank pages
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Letter of invitation/ visa support documents
  • Visa fee, as applicable

Russia Travel Guide

The ideal time to visit Russia is during summer, although it can be expensive. The period from May through October is most preferred by travelers. Visiting the country in winter months like November can be affordable, but you may have to brave the extreme weather. So, be prepared with suitable clothing for the season. Even when traveling in summers, you require woolen clothing including jackets as the country has a subarctic climate.

Learn about the laws and local customs. For instance, photography is strictly prohibited at the site of strategic significance like airports and military establishments.

The Trans-Siberian railway is the world’s longest railway system linking Moscow to Vladivostok. Many travelers prefer getting overnight train accommodations to seek a thrilling experience on their trip to Russia. However, the Metro system is also a reliable transport mode for exploring the cities. Do carry a color map of the city you are visiting that is written in English.

Top Places To Visit In Russia

Officially called the Russian Federation, Russia spreads over two continents – Asia and Europe – and has unique geographical features like the mighty Ural Mountain Range that physically separates the two continents. The country is home to bustling cities that are comparable to global cities like New York. Moscow is one of the largest cities in the world and has many attractions for enthusiastic tourists coming from various parts of the world. Russia is one of the must-see destinations that promise an exciting and magical international trip for travelers from all walks of life.

  • Moscow Kremlin: Delve into the country’s fascinating past by visiting the Kremlin, fortified central complex housing ancient cathedrals and museums.
  • State Hermitage Museum: Nestled in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, this museum gives a chance to its visitors to understand and appreciate the art and culture of Russia through its amazing paintings, sculptures and relics of Italian Renaissance.
  • Lake Baikal: A freshwater lakein southern Siberia, it is a rift lake that is flanked by resorts and makes for a picturesque setting for an ideal vacation.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral: Tucked in the heart of Moscow city, this famous Cathedral attracts visitors for its stunning architecture and opulent interiors.
  • Red Square: Take a trip to this city square in Moscow, a major landmark in the country and the centre of the Russian Government. The Red Square is also home to a centuries-old Cathedral and Museums.

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