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At Care Health Insurance Limited, the principal purpose for our existence is to ensure that our customers enjoy quick & hassle-free access to best-in-class healthcare delivery facilities, and we live this objective through our seamless claim process. Our 9400+ network of hospitals make the claim management quick and convenient for you.

Through the seamless procedures at Care Health Insurance, you can enjoy the convenience of making health insurance claims from the comfort of your home. All you are required to do is adhere to a 3-step process and avail cashless treatment or reimbursement of your medical expenses.

plus What are the lists of Non Payable items?
plus How do I find a list of Care Health Insurance Limited Network hospitals?
plus What happens to my Sum Insured after a claim is filed?
plus What are the reasons for deduction in claim amount?
plus How does one file a claim for reimbursement?
plus How do we avail cashless treatment for planned/emergency hospitalization?
plus Can a request for Authorization of cashless treatment be declined?
plus How does one obtain the Authorization letter?
plus What is Cashless Claim?
plus What do you mean by Network and Non-network Hospital?
plus What is the maximum number of claims allowed during the policy period?
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