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Heart Health Insurance

Buy Health Insurance for Heart Patients

Care Heart has got you covered if you are diagnosed with a cardiac ailment or have undergone surgery in the past. Acquiring heart insurance beforehand saves you from paying hefty hospital bills in an emergency.

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • Cardiac Annual Health Check-up
  • Only 2 years waiting period for pre-existing ailments
Cashless Healthcare Providers^^
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What is Care Heart Insurance?

Care Heart Health Insurance Plan offers comprehensive coverage to people with cardiac ailments or someone who has undergone a Cardiac surgery or medical procedure related to the heart. Care Heart reflects our commitment to offering access to Quality Healthcare to people suffering from pre-existing cardiac ailments/disorders and who have undergone cardiac surgery/procedures. So, the best mediclaim for heart patients, like Care Heart, will help you in the long run and provide lifelong renewability.

Features & Benefits of Care Heart: The Health Insurance for Heart Disease

benefits of securing family health insurance benefits of securing family health insurance

Why Should You Buy a Care Heart Health Insurance Policy?

Alarmingly, cardiovascular diseases are increasing in our country, affecting the young and elderly alike. An unforeseen event like emergency hospitalisation can severely impact a family’s finances if you don't have a health insurance policy. In most cases, heart and blood vessel abnormalities, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other blood sugar issues, cause a surge in cardiovascular diseases. Thus, Care Health Insurance offers Care Heart, a specific heart care insurance policy designed to cover prolonged medical treatment expenses, thus helping you lead a healthy and stress-free life.

Types of Heart Covers by Care Health Insurance

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Product Image
Heart Health Insurance

Health Insurance that Covers Pre-existing Heart Ailments

  • 541+ Day Care Treatments
  • AYUSH Coverage
Product Image
Heart Mediclaim

Health Insurance Covering 16 Major Health Aliments

  • Cashless & Reimbursement Facility
  • Annual Cardiac health check-up
Product Image
Operation Insurance

Coverage for wide array of defined surgeries

  • In-Patient Care
  • Day Care Treatment

What is Covered under Care Heart Health Insurance?

With the surge in cardiac ailments in India and rising medical costs, it is necessary to have the best mediclaim policy for a heart patient. We at Care offer Care Heart aiming to provide financial protection to your loved ones undergoing pre-existing heart illness. Below are the coverage benefits of our heart insurance-


In-patient Care

We will support you during the entire hospitalisation period with in-patient coverage for room charges, doctor’s consultation, oxygen, etc., up to the sum insured.


Daycare Treatment

Care Heart covers 540+ daycare procedures involving less than 24 hours, including neurology, oncology, pediatric surgery, and others.


Pre-and-Post Hospitalisation

With Care Heart, we share your burden for 30 days of pre-hospitalization and 60 days of post-hospitalization expenses.


Coverage for Alternate Treatments

We pay up to a specified amount towards alternative treatments like AYUSH for your speedy recovery.


Ambulance Expenses

We make sure you reach the hospital without worrying much. The policy covers ambulance expenses up to specified amount per hospitalisation.


Domiciliary Hospitalisation Coverage

In some cases, the insured will be recommended domiciliary care. We cover domiciliary treatment expenses up to 100% of the sum insured covered after 3 days.


No Claim Bonus

We reward you for maintaining good health by offering a cumulative bonus of up to max 50% of SI every year for raising no claims as per policy terms.


Annual Cardiac Health Checkup

We care for you, and as a preventive measure, we cover comprehensive cardiac and other heart-related parameters once every year as per policy terms.

What is Not Covered Under Care Heart Health Insurance?

This mediclaim policy for a heart patient covers major medical treatment expenses. However, some expenses are not covered, as listed under exclusions. They include expenses related to:

  • Self-inflicted injury (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide)
  • Alcohol or drug use, misuse, or abuse
  • Pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and its consequences
  • Hospitalisation due to war, riot, strike, nuclear weapons
  • Disorders of Spinal Cord
  • AIDS positive or sexually transmitted diseases

FAQS on Heart Health Insurance

Q. Can I buy health insurance after a heart attack?

Yes. Yes, you can buy Care Heart Health Insurance after a heart attack. Please carefully review the policy’s terms and conditions to understand inclusions and exclusions.

Q. Is there any sub-limits in the coverage?

Yes, there are sub-limits applicable on room rent, ICU charges, cataract treatment, and Total Knee Replacement. Do refer to the policy T&C.

Q. Is there a co-payment clause in the policy?

Yes, we have a co-payment clause in the policy. The policyholders will have to bear a certain percentage of every claim amount from their pocket. Please refer to the policy T&C to know more.

Q. What are the conditions when a person can opt for care heart?

  • Undergone first-time PTCA/CABG within 7 years period prior to commencement
  • Corrected Arterial Septal Defect(ASD) or Ventricular Septal Defect
  • Corrected Patent Ductus Arteriosous(PDA)
  • Cardiac conditions cured through RF Ablation
  • Angiogram but no medical intervention after test

Q. What is the waiting period for heart insurance?

Care Heart has a 30-day initial waiting period and a waiting period of 24 months for pre-existing diseases and specified ailments.

Q. Is there any eligibility criteria for purchasing a cardiac health insurance policy?

Individuals above 18 can opt for the Care Heart policy without restricting the maximum entry age. The policy offers lifelong coverage.

Disclaimer: The information above is just for reference. Kindly read the T & C of the policy thoroughly. Do refer to IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

*IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19-20.

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 31st Dec 2022.

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