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Health Insurance At An Early Age

Youth Health Insurance Plan

Youth Health Insurance is one of the promising health insurances that start safeguarding the insured at an early age. You need not think twice if you wish to buy health insurance that protects your youth as well as adulthood.

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  • An Early Bird Discount for Customers Buying a Policy at age<=35 Years
  • Earn & Burn Wellness Program that Redeems Reward Points
  • No Claim Bonus for every Claim-Free year
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    Why Should you Buy Health Insurance at an Early Age?

    Health insurance is crucial regardless of age. However, the sooner you get it, the earlier you can reap its benefits. But, these days, many young people have this notion that investing in health insurance is something that they should do after retirement. However, increasing pollution, sedentary lifestyle, work stress, or bad eating habits takes a toll on young people's health. On the other side, the cost of medical care in India is turning unaffordable for many.

    Therefore, investing in health insurance at an early age is quite beneficial. It helps youngsters to avoid huge medical bills and live a healthy life. Care Health Insurance brings Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan, the most comprehensive health insurance policy designed for youth. The policy offers inflation-proof coverage and special discounts, with OPD cover, no co-payment clause, and unlimited recharge even for related illnesses.

    Additionally, it offers new-age benefits like unlimited e-consultation, Earn & Burn Reward program, and a health portal that logs your healthcare needs and reminds you of healthy tips. Thus, considering financial constraints and health safety in mind, it is wise to opt for this policy early and earn its benefits later in life. Getting health insurance at an early stage offers you multiple benefits and rewards.

    Features of Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan

    It offers a whole lot when it comes to coverage for the youngsters. You can rest assured that it is a comprehensive health insurance policy with the below prominent features:

    • Wide range of sum insured ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 25 lakh
    • Available on an individual and family floater basis
    • 10 % Renewal Discount after 40 years of age
    • Unlimited recharge even for related illness
    • No claim bonus for every claim-free year
    • Inflation-proof coverage
    • Protection against personal accident coverage for the primary insured member
    • Coverage for OPD expenses including doctor consultation and dental & ophthalmic consultations per year that reduce the extra financial burden
    • New aged benefits include unlimited e-consultation with General Physicians and Earn & Burn Reward Program to utilize your rewards point.
    • Access to health portal offers doctor on chat, healthy tips reminder, and Digi locker for medical records.
    • Optional cover available for maternity coverage
    • Cashless treatment facility in 8350+ network hospitals
    • Annual health checkup for all the insured members once in a policy year
    • Alternative treatments cover including AYUSH to quickens your recovery
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    Look for best health plan that suits your need!

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    Care Plus - Youth Health Insurance

    Inflation-Proof Health Plan to Protect Your Youth & Adulthood

    • Early Bird Renewal  Discount of 10% after 40
    • New Age Benefits & Unlimited E-consultations 
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    The Complete Health Insurance Plan

    Specially Tailored Plan for 36 and Above with No Co-pay Clause

    • Wide Range of Sum Insured from 3-25 Lakhs
    • NCB for Every Claim Free Year Up to 200% on SI
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    Family & Individual Health Insurance

    Health Insurance that Covers your Loved Ones

    • Annual Health Checkup & Save Tax 
    • Modern Treatments Coverage

    Benefits of Buying Health Insurance at an Early Age

    Reasons to Opt Health Insurance for Youth

    Health insurance plan becomes vital irrespective of age group. However, getting it in the early 20s or 30s helps you make the most out of it in the future. Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan wrapped up with its below distinct benefits:

    • Offers comprehensive coverage to ensure timely treatment and financial protection during a medical emergency
    • Coverage for 6 family members under a single policy
    • Completion of the waiting period early without any health concerns
    • Cashless treatment facility at network hospitals across India
    • Hassle-free cashless and reimbursement claim settlement
    • Optional benefits to increase the policy coverage
    • New-age benefits make the journey towards healthy life easy
    • Comes with no co-payment option
    • Double/ triple coverage in 2/4 consecutive claim-free years, respectively. You can get up to a 200% increase in SI with NCB.
    • Young policyholders will get unlimited recharge even for related illness
    • Provide inflation-proof coverage every year as per CPI inflation
    • Tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act to save more

    Optional Benefits of Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan

    Irrespective of age, a medical emergency can knock at the door anytime. Stay prepared with enough coverage that helps you to combat any medical crisis. Choose these add-ons covers to ensure timely treatment without any loopholes:

    Maternity & New Born Cover: If you want to start a family after two-three years, take this add-on cover to welcome your newborn worry-free. It is available only under floater combination only for female insured members with a waiting period of 24 months.

    International Second Opinion: We understand the importance of reassurance when it comes to your health. We will arrange an international second opinion with doctors outside India so that you can get satisfying results.

    Smart Select: Be smart, select smart! In this add-on, get coverage in the listed hospitals up to SI and other hospitals up to SI with an additional 20% co-payment per claim. Apart from this, with smart select, you can also avail of up to 15% discount on the base premium.

    Best Time to Buy Health Insurance Policy

    Due to rising medical inflation and cases of severe lifestyle diseases, health insurance has become a staple. There is no particular time to buy it. However, the earliest you insured yourself, the sooner you can earn the benefits of medical insurance. Attaining 20s or 30s is perfect for getting yourself insured and take care of your healthcare expenses independently. You can include your family members as well under the policy coverage. Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan is available for young individuals. You can opt for a health insurance policy at a young age if you have:

    • Started earning recently and have other financial responsibilities
    • Limited sources of income yet want to keep your family protected
    • Want to opt for health insurance with a low premium
    • Corporate insurance which has a limited scope of coverage
    • Want to save more money under tax exemptions
    • Plan to start a family after sometime
    • New family members like spouse or child

    What is Included in Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    Our health insurance at an early age has a lot to offer. Let's take a look at what all it includes:

    • In-Patient Hospitalization- Whether an emergency or planned, we cover your in-patient hospitalization expenses to ensure timely treatment.
    • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses- Life-threatening diseases have prolonged treatment that includes various pre and post-hospitalization expenses. Under this plan, you will get coverage for the medical expenses that arise before 60 days and after 90 days of hospitalization.
    • Ambulance Cover- During an emergency, we cover your ambulance expenses up to Rs.2,000 per hospitalization so that these kinds of expenses won't bother your financials.
    • Air Ambulance Cover- If you need to transfer to another hospital within India, we cover your expenses for air ambulance up to SI or a maximum of 5 Lacs per policy year, whichever is lower.
    • Day Care Treatments- Under this health insurance policy at a young age, we cover several day care treatments under the policy that require hospitalization for less than 24 hours.
    • Advance Technology Methods- Advance technology like robotic surgery, balloon sinuplasty, brain simulation, etc., are also covered under the policy that keeps the surgery minimal and has fewer side effects.
    • Organ Donor Cover- Organ donation is a lifesaver. We cover medical expenses up to SI incurred by you towards your organ donor while undergoing organ transplant surgery.
    • Domiciliary Hospitalization- If medical conditions prevent you from traveling to a hospital, or if no beds are available in all the hospitals in the vicinity, you can go for domiciliary hospitalization as per the doctor's advice. We cover its expenses up to SI under a health insurance policy for young individuals.
    • Second Opinion- If you are not satisfied with your current diagnosis/ treatment, you can get a second opinion within India from good doctors without impacting your sum insured.
    • Annual Health Checkup- Keeping a check on your health is easy with us. We include annual health checkups in the policy coverage that every insured member can avail of once in a policy year.
    • Unlimited Automatic Recharge- Get automatic recharge up to SI at unlimited times, applicable for the same related illness.
    • Alternative Treatments- If you prefer alternative treatments, you can avail of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy). These alternative therapies quicken the process of your recovery.
    • No Claim Bonus- We cheer for your good health and reward you with no claim bonus for every claim-free year, a maximum of up to 200% SI. No reduction in NCB in the subsequent year if total claim amount <25%.
    • OPD Coverage- OPD expenses create a financial burden. Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan covers out-patient consultations/ out-patient dental and ophthalmic treatments that give ease to your pocket.
    • Personal Accident Cover(AD & PTD)- Miss happening is unfortunate. For permanent total disablement and accidental death, we cover up to 100% of SI.
    • Inflation Shield- Due to inflation, medical expenses are skyrocketing; we offer an inflation shield under the policy coverage. The base policy SI will be increased on a cumulative basis at each renewal based on the inflation rate in the previous year.
    • Unlimited E-Consultation- During this pandemic, e-consultation is a great help. You do not need to step into the hospital or clinic to visit a doctor. You can avail it unlimited times with General Physicians.
    • Earn and Burn- It is one of our new-age benefits. Earn and Burn is a wellness program that allows the customer to utilize rewards points for up to a 10% discount on renewal premium or payment of deductibles at the time of claim.
    • Health Services- Our health services include a health portal and discount connect. With a health portal, you can chat with the doctor, get healthy tips reminders, has a digital locker for medical records, etc. In discount connect you can avail of discounts on services at our network.

    *Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as these may vary.

    Eligibility Criteria of Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan

    It is an exclusive policy that caters to young Indians' health insurance needs. Below is its eligibility criteria:

    Age of Proposer 18 years or above
    Entry Age – Minimum Individual: 5 years (Benefit: Earn & Burn shall be available for a member of 18 years or above)
    Floater: 91 Days with at least 1 member of Age 18 years or above
    Entry Age – Maximum Adult: 35 Years
    Child: 24 Years
    Exit Age Adult: Lifelong
    Child: 25 Years
    Cover Type Individual: Maximum up to 6 Persons
    Floater: 1A1C / 1A2C / 1A3C / 1A4C / 2A / 2A1C / 2A2C / 2A3C / 2A4C
    Tenure Options 1 Year
    Premium Payment Term Single
    Who are covered (Relationship with respect to the Proposer) Self, Legally Married Spouse, Son, Daughter

    FAQs On Youth Health Insurance Plan

    Q.What is the Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    It is our indemnity-based health insurance plan designed specifically for young individuals aged 18 to 35 years.

    Q.Can I cover my 5-year-old kid under Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    Yes, you can cover your 5-year-old kid under its family floater plan.

    Q.How many network hospitals that the company has tied up for the Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    We have tied up around 8350+ network hospitals across India for this plan.

    Q.What are the benefits under Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    This policy offers numerous benefits such as in-patient hospitalization, pre and post-hospitalization, daycare treatments, AYUSH cover, cashless hospitalization, and more.

    Q.Is there any criteria to buy Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    The age of the Proposer should be of 18 years. You can include your 91 days baby under the family floater plan.

    Q.Do I need to undergo medical tests to enroll my children for this policy?

    No pre-policy medical checkup is required for enrolment. However, we may ask the insured person to undergo tele-underwriting, which may include specific tests.

    Q.Is there any tax exemption under Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan?

    Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of India 1961, the premium paid for this policy gets tax exemption.

    Q.Do I need Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan if everyone is healthy in my family?

    Medical emergency can knock anytime. Most health insurance plans have a long waiting period, especially for pre-existing diseases; that's why it is vital to have Care Plus – Youth Health Insurance Plan at an early age to keep your family secured.

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