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1 Crore Health Insurance

1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

A 1 crore health insurance policy is all you need to meet the comprehensive healthcare needs of the entire family. The policy secures expansive healthcare benefits while ensuring lifelong coverage.

  • Sum Insured options to choose from 25 Lacs, 50 Lacs or 1-6 Crores
  • Up to 50% No Claim Bonus
  • Coverage for Day care treatments
  • In-Patient Hospitalisation
Cashless Healthcare Providers^^
38 Lakh+
Insurance Claims Settled**
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Policy Benefits of Care Advantage

The key to your family’s well being is planning your finances for a secure future. While savings are important to us, we look for ways to splurge on things we desire once in a while – whether dining out with family or going on a shopping spree. However, in our pursuit of happiness, let us not forget that health remains a priority above everything else, especially in this pandemic. Besides, we stare at a future when the burden of diseases like cancer and diabetes will increase manifold. Moreover, medical inflation will touch astronomically high numbers that can impact our financial stability in the light of medical emergencies. The only solution that can come to the rescue is an investment in health insurance. More importantly, securing your health is now much more affordable than paying your other household expenses. Watch this video that explains how getting comprehensive health insurance with up to Rs 6 crore sum insured is possible at a low monthly premium so that you can be Atmanirbhar!

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About Care Advantage

Getting health insurance early in life will protect you in the most crucial times in life. Healthcare is increasingly becoming expensive in India. Thus, it’s time you choose a health cover with higher coverage, which is absolutely essential for your financial safety. Good health is the key to happiness; however, rising medical inflation and treatment cost signal the need for higher health insurance cover. No one can deny the fact that medical emergencies are unpredictable. Illnesses or injuries can put your life off-balance. Thankfully, due to medical advancements, a cure is now possible even for serious health problems. Certain medical procedures can cost lakhs of rupees and become a cause of concern. Expensive medical treatment can damage life savings, which is why opting for the Best Health Insurance Policy with adequate coverage is a must.

Care Advantage enables you to avail of quality medical treatment when you need it, in a quick and convenient manner. It offers you sum insured options for 6 to 1 Crore, Rs 25 Lakh, and Rs 50 Lakh that will safeguard the well-being of your loved ones, as you can access the best medical treatment without any stressing over hefty medical bills. There are also a host of benefits you can avail to help you lead a healthier life and stay worry-free about finances. You can choose an individual cover or a family floater for 1 Crore, 50L, 25L or maximum 6 Crore.

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Look for best health plan that suits your need!

Product Image
1 Crore Health Plan

Health Insurance with Higher Sum Insured

  • Upto 50% No Claim Bonus
  • Individual or Floater Option
Product Image
Individual Health Insurance

A Safety Net that Protects You Against Medical Emergencies

  • Plan starting from 25 lakhs and going up to 6 Crores
  • An add-on offering unlimited e-consultations
Product Image
Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Your Parents have always care for you, Now its your TURN

  • No Pre-policy medical check-up
  • Annual Health check-up for all insured persons

Key Features of Care Advantage: Medical Insurance 1 Crore Policy

Care Advantage helps you and your loved ones sail through the most difficult medical situations by offering you 6 to 1 Crore Family Health Insurance cover along with two more health cover options with a sum insured of Rs 25 Lakh and Rs 50 Lakh, respectively. It includes the below-mentioned features:

  • Individual or Floater Option
  • Cover for Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Daycare Treatment Cover
  • Pre-and Post-Hospitalisation Medical Expenses Cover
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Organ Donor Cover
  • No Claims Bonus
  • Tax Benefits under Section 80 D
  • Automatic Recharge
Reasons to Choose 1 Crore Health Insurance Policy

Factors to consider while buying Health Insurance for 6 Crore, 1 Crore, 50L or 25L

The following are some vital points to consider when opting for a health cover:

  • Assess Healthcare Needs: Before opting for a health insurance policy, you must assess your healthcare needs by considering factors such as age, the number of family members, medical history, etc. Consider opting for a cover of 6 to 1 Crore, 50L, or 25 L, depending on the medical expenses you have estimated.
  • Premium: Going for an increased coverage under your existing health policy may cost you additional charges on the premium. However, by opting for a policy with a high sum insured like a customised 1 Crore Health Insurance Policy, you can look forward to an affordable 6 to 1 Crore health insurance premium rate.
  • Buy Health Insurance Online: Technology has made buying a mediclaim policy of 1 Crore easy and convenient. You now have the option to review the best policies comfortably from your mobile or computer screen. Also, you can make premium payments and raise a claim request through an online method.

Why do you need Health Insurance Cover with Higher Coverage?

Lifestyle diseases are on a constant rise. While we ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, it is crucial to be financially prepared for any health emergency. Medical conditions are not always due to poor lifestyle. It may be due to hereditary factors as well. Thus, a health insurance policy with higher coverage, for instance, Rs 6 to 1 Crore Health insurance plans, would serve as a financial cushion. All your major expenses entailing hospitalisation, daycare treatment, as well as pre and post hospitalisation medical expenses, will be covered under your health insurance of 1 crore. You get coverage for certain specific ailments and pre-existing diseases after the waiting period is over, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Health Insurance with High Sum Insured

Before making a judicious choice for the preferred health insurance policy, it is important to consider certain factors as listed below:

  • Expenses covered: At the time of selecting health insurance plans of 1 Crore to 6 Crore, one should select the amount wisely as it covers the medical expenses for a year. Make sure you choose a sum insured which won’t fall short in case of an emergency and the premium for which is not too exorbitant. For protection from huge medical expenses, you can depend on the health insurance 1 Crore coverage under Care Advantage while you also have two more sum insured options to choose from – health insurance with Rs 25L, Rs 50L, 1 Cr to 6 Cr cover. Make sure you read the policy features to know about the expenses which are covered.
  • Waiting Period: When opting for a health insurance policy, you must check for the waiting period before making a claim. With Care Advantage, we offer coverage with an initial 30 days waiting period for any claim due to illnesses, except injury. There is a waiting period of 48 months for pre-existing diseases and 24 months for specific diseases.
  • Network Hospitals: One should always check the Cashless Network Hospitals of the insurance company. At the time of a medical emergency or hospitalisation, the hospitals in the network offer cashless treatment options under this facility; the insurer settles the medical bills directly with the hospital, subject to policy terms and conditions. We, at Care Health Insurance, offer cashless treatment at more than 9400+ hospitals across India.
  • Lifetime Renewal: Look for health policies that offer lifetime renewability. There is a higher chance of suffering from diseases and illnesses when you are old. It is advisable to buy a health policy offering lifetime renewability.
  • No Claim Bonus: No claim bonus in 1 cr medical insurance refers to the additional coverage provided by the insurer to the insured if no claim has been made during the year. We, at Care Health Insurance, offer a 10% increase in sum insured per policy year if you had a claim-free year; the maximum limit to this increase is 50% of the sum insured.

Tax Benefits of Care Advantage

A Health insurance policy not only covers your medical expenses but also offers you tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. As per this provision, you are eligible to claim a tax deduction of Rs 25,000 in a financial year for the premium you pay towards the policy. In case you have senior citizen parents covered under the policy, you get an additional deduction of Rs 50,000 under Section 80D tax benefits.

Claim Settlement Process for 6 to 1 Crore Health Insurance Policy

In case of emergency hospitalisation, reach out to our customer support team and inform us within 24 hours of your admission to the hospital. In case of planned hospitalisation, inform us 48 hours prior to admission.

Cashless Hospitalisation Claim Process

  • Submit the duly filled and signed pre-authorization form to the hospital insurance desk.
  • An approval letter will be sent by our claim management team.
  • If required, a query might be raised from the side of our claim management team.
  • After the approval, your bills will be directly paid to the hospital.

Reimbursement Claim Process

  • Submit the duly completed and signed Health Insurance claim reimbursement form along with all the required documents:
  • You are required to submit the following documents:
    • Valid photo-id proof
    • Medical certificate issued by the hospital/doctor
    • Original bills, receipts, discharge form issued by the hospital/doctor
    • Other documents, as requested by the insurer
  • Our claim management team may raise a query if required
  • An approval letter will be sent by the claim management team
  • We will communicate in case of any rejection.

Exclusions in Care Advantage

Exclusions are the diseases that are not covered under the policy. Some common exclusions for Health Insurance Policy are listed below:

  • Self-Inflicted injuries and suicide attempts
  • Injuries due to consumption of alcohol
  • IVF or infertility treatment
  • Hospitalisation due to war or nuclear threat
  • Plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment
  • Other permanent exclusions

FAQs on 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

Q. What is the Eligibility Criteria for Care Advantage?

The minimum entry age to opt for Care Advantage is:

  • 5 years for individual
  • 91 Days with at least 1 member of age 18 years or above, for floater policy

There is no upper age limit for enrolment and no age limit for exit.

Q. Why Should You Opt for Care Advantage 1 Crore Medical Insurance?

Care Advantage by Care Health Insurance is a comprehensive health policy with a high sum insured of 6 to 1 Crore, 50L, and 25L. It is beneficial as it offers adequate coverage for various medical expenses, such as hospitalisation expenses, pre and post hospitalisation medical expenses and daycare treatment. It also offers tax benefits for the policyholder.

Q. Can I Buy Care Advantage without a Medical check-up?

As per one crore health insurance policy terms and conditions, No pre-policy medical check-up is required if no pre-existing declared for a person up to 50 years of age. For persons above the age of 51 years, there are specified medical tests, and the policy will be issued on the basis of tele writing.

Q. How to Calculate Premium for 1 Crore Health Insurance?

Premium is a pre-decided amount of money paid by the policyholder periodically towards a health insurance policy. It is decided based on several factors such as age, type of coverage, amount of coverage, health conditions, etc. Using a health insurance premium calculator, a tool designed to accurately calculate the premium, you can calculate the premium amount.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st May 2023

#Annual premium for product 'Care Advantage' and 'Care Shield (add on)' is Rs. 7890/-(Incl. GST) for 1 adult falling under the age bracket 18-24 years.

^10% discount is applicable for a 3-year policy

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers as of 30th June 2023.

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