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Singapore Travel Insurance

A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for Singapore


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    Travel Insurance for Singapore

    An island country in Southeast Asia, Singapore is nestled in the southern part of Malaysia. Officially known as the Republic of Singapore, it is a bustling financial hub with rich flora and fauna that is bound to captivate travelers. So, if you are planning a visit to this enchanting land, do make sure you opt for the best travel insurance for Singapore from India for a hassle-free trip.

    Whether you are traveling as a tourist, businessman, or student, you will be well-advised to buy travel insurance. At times, despite meticulously planning untoward event happens. Therefore, our travel insurance Singapore plan is essential to protect you during your new adventures. Care Health Insurance brings you a travel policy that gives you the best protection during any medical or non-medical exigency. From immediate cashless hospitalization to reimbursement for loss of checked-in baggage, trip delay/cancellation, assistance in case of loss of passport, etc., we offer these benefits under the policy coverage. You can get the policy at an affordable premium and enjoy your trip stress-free.

    Is It Mandatory to have Singapore Travel Insurance?

    Travel insurance is not mandatory to visit Singapore. However, proof of travel insurance is fast becoming a norm with immigration officers frequently asking to see insurance-related documents at the time of issuing the visa.

    While traveling to Singapore, you need to keep in mind that while it has the best standards of health-care worldwide, it comes at a rather high price. A medical emergency, however small, can potentially cut into your travel budget, and buying travel insurance Singapore policy is the best way to guard against such a scenario. Moreover, protect yourself from unforeseen expenses arising out of scenarios like loss of baggage, trip delays, etc. by buying travel insurance online for Singapore.

    Quick Facts about Singapore



    Official Languages

    Malay, English, Mandarin, and Tamil


    Singapore Dollar

    Country calling code


    Modes of transportation

    Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Buses and Taxis

    Time difference

    2 hrs and 30 mins ahead of India

    International Airport

    Changi International Airport or Changi Airport, Singapore

    Explore - Travel Insurance for Singapore

    Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers Singapore travel insurance plan exclusively designed policy that takes care of all your worries. It is the best option if you are looking for travel insurance Singapore online and comes with numerous benefits to help you deal with unexpected medical and non-medical expenses.

    Benefits of Travel Insurance for Singapore

    No matter what your travel purpose is, we've got you covered to make your journey joyous and stress-free. Summarizing below the benefits of opting for the best travel insurance for Singapore: 

    • Comfort: Having a travel insurance cover for your trip will save you, especially senior citizens and students, from the stress of traveling.
    • Protection in Medical Emergency: The policy provides coverage to help you get immediate medical attention.
    • Compensation in case of Mishaps: The plan offers compensation to the nominee in case of uncertain death of the insured person.
    • Covers you in other Contingencies: Trip delays and loss of belongings and documentation will be taken care of under the travel plan. 
    • Multi-Trip Policy: If you are a frequent flyer, you can avail of the multi-trip travel policy.
    • Cashless Claim Settlement: You can apply for the cashless claim facility.
    • Region-specific Plans: Our region-specific customized international travel insurance plans help you to relish your trip and leave all your travel worries with us.

    What is Covered in Travel Insurance For Singapore?

    We offer comprehensive travel insurance policies. Below is what all we covered under Singapore travel insurance:

    • Emergency hospitalization: In case you find yourselves in a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, the travel insurance plan for Singapore will provide you complete cover encompassing IPD and OPD expenses.
    • COVID-19 Coverage: Our travel insurance plans also cover hospitalization in a foreign country due to coronavirus.
    • Accidental hospitalization: Get up to 100% sum insured in case of accidental hospitalization. We also cover Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability.
    • Pre-existing diseases: Singapore Travel Insurance Plan will provide sum insured for the treatment of a life-threatening condition for pre-existing diseases.
    • Treatment in home country: In case you require further treatment in your home country, there is coverage for expenses for up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.
    • Medical Evacuation: Get cover during an emergency when there is a need for medical evacuation to the home country.
    • Common Carrier Accidental Death: A lump sum amount as compensation will be paid if the insured person loses his/her life while traveling in common carrier/ public transport.
    • Trip delay, cancellation, or interruption: You will get the compensation for the trip delayed, cancellation or interruption up to the sum insured and subject to policy terms and conditions.
    • Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: Get coverage up to the sum insured for loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage. In case of loss of passport, the plan offers a cover of up to USD 300/200 Euro with sub-limit.
    • Up-gradation to Business Class: For a comfortable journey, if you require an up-gradation to business class, you will receive coverage of USD 1,000 under the Singapore travel insurance policy.

    Under international travel insurance, you are also eligible for personal liability cover and coverage for the return of the minor child.

    What is Not Covered in Singapore Travel Insurance Plan?

    It is beneficial to check the exclusions of the travel insurance policy. Some of the exclusions are given below:

    • Medical treatment has taken outside the Country of Residence if that is the sole reason or one of the reasons for the journey
    • Any Treatment, which could reasonably be delay until the insured person's return to the country of residence
    • Any dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an injury.
    • Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of an illness or as may be necessitated due to an accident.
    • Treatment of any Congenital Anomaly or illness or defects or anomalies or treatment relating to birth defects
    • Hormone replacement therapy.
    • Weight management services and treatment, vitamins, and tonics related to weight control programs, services, and supplies, including treatment of obesity (including morbid obesity)

    Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

    Eligibility for Singapore Travel Insurance?

    Check the below eligibility criteria according to the plans:

    Travel Insurance Plans Eligibility Criteria 
    Explore - International Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is one day.
    The minimum entry age of a proposer is 18 years or above.
    The maximum entry age for an adult is as specified in the plan.
    Student Explore – Student Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is 12 years. 
    The maximum entry age is 40 years.

    Please refer to the prospectus for more details on eligibility. 

    Premium for Singapore Health Travel Insurance

    The premium that an insured person must pay will be based on various factors, including the age of the traveler, the country he/she is traveling to, trip duration, and the type of coverage selected.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Singapore Travel Insurance

    When selecting travel insurance for Singapore and Bali or any southeast Asian destination of your choice, it is essential that you make sure that the plan is designed to suit your requirements. Here are the factors to be considered.

    • Nature of the Trip - Frequent fliers should go for annual plans; others should go for a single trip insurance plan. There are unique plans for senior citizens and students.
    • Trip Duration - The shorter the trip, the lower the premium as it is based on the number of days spent in Singapore.
    • Medical History- The premium will be higher for smokers and regular drinkers. If you have any serious ailment, ensure that the policy covers it.
    • Check the coverage: Take a close look at the inclusions to know what is covered in the policy. The overseas Singapore travel insurance plan comes with maximum benefits and an affordable premium. Go for a multi-trip policy if you plan for frequent trips. 
    • Review the Exclusions: While on a trip, you might not want to be surprised and learn that your travel plan does not cover certain expenses you assumed it would. Hence, read the exclusion and plan your budget. 
    • Know the Claims Procedure: Make sure you know the procedure to notify the insurer and file a claim. Saving important contact details on your fingertips saves crucial time. Also, check whether you can access cashless treatment at the destination where you are heading.

    Travel Insurance For Singapore - Claim Process & Procedure

    Our claim process is simple and hassle-free. Under the claim management procedure, you need to take care of two important things:

    • Notification of Claim
    • Documents to be Submitted
    Notification of Claim
    For claim, you should notify us immediately by calling on any of our toll-free numbers with the following details:
    • Policy Number
    • Policyholder's Name
    • Name of the Insured Person in respect of whom the claim is being made
    • Nature of illness or injury or contingency for which claim is being made
    • Date of admission to Hospital or date of loss
    • Name and address of the attending Medical Practitioner and Hospital(if applicable)
    • Any other information, documentation, or details requested by the Company or the Assistance Service Provider
    Cashless Process
    If you want to avail of a cashless hospitalization facility, take care of the below points:
    • The cashless facility is available only at the network providers for In-Patient Care 
    • For availing of the cashless facility, kindly call our customer support team
    • You need to request the cashless facility in a prescribed format
    • We may authorize your request, and after that, you do not need to pay for the hospital bills, except for the non-medical expenses
    Reimbursement Process
    For reimbursement, you need to send us the required documents. Our claim management team examines the documents and process your claim accordingly.
    Documents to be Submitted
    You need to submit the documents for reimbursement depends on the benefit. For hospitalization expenses below documents are required:
    • Claim form(filled and signed by the insured)
    • Release of Medical Information Form
    • Original Pathological and diagnostic reports, discharge summary, indoor case papers, and a prescription issued by the treating Medical Practitioner
    • Passport and Visa copy with Entry Stamp of the Country of Visit and exit Stamp from India
    • Original bills and receipts 
    For more detail on the document, list checks the sales prospectus.

    Types of Singapore Visas

    If you are traveling to Singapore, you are required to get a Singapore e-Visa, which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Singapore. India is among a list of 15 countries where the citizens only need an e-Visa to visit Singapore. That is, using a print-out visa, you can stay in Singapore for a period of 30 days.

    There is a list of 34 countries that are exempt from obtaining a visa for traveling to Singapore. Travelers from these 34 countries may travel to Singapore for a duration of 30-90 days, but everyone else will need to pick one from the types of visas that are specific to the purpose of your visit. The different types of visas are mentioned below.

    • Singapore tourist Visa: This visa is for travelers of all countries other than the ones which are exempt.
    • Employment Pass: Opt for an Employment pass if you are a business person or skilled employee. The prerequisite is an income of over $3600 per month.
    • Entrepreneur Pass: Owners of companies that have recently been incorporated in Singapore can apply for this visa. It is usually issued for one year
    • Personalized Employment Pass: Employees who are not aligned with any particular employer can apply for this category. This visa allows the holder to switch jobs as long as he/she is not unemployed for greater than 6 months. The document is usually valid for 3 years and is not renewable
    • The S Pass: Mid-Skilled workers who earn at least $2200 per month can apply for the S Pass. It is valid for 2-3 years and can be renewed multiple times.
    • Miscellaneous Work Pass: Issues for short durations, this Visa is for people who do not fit into any of the other brackets
    • Dependent Pass: This visa is for dependents of people who are working in Singapore. To be eligible, the employee should be earning at least $6000 in the city
    • Permanent Residence Visa: Opt for this visa if you aim to live in Singapore for a long duration.

    Important Documents Required for Singapore Visa Application

    Here is a list of the common documents you need for a Singapore visa:

    • Application form duly filled up and signed
    • Passport with 6-month validity
    • Copies of the first and last pages of your passport, and of any observation page it may contain
    • Two latest passport size photographs
    • Invitee passport copy
    • Bank statement of the previous six months
    • Confirmed return flight ticket
    • Original cover letter with details of the visit
    • If the passport has been issued from a state other than you are applying for a visa from, you will need to proof of stay in that state.

    Tourist visa Documents for Singapore

    • All documents mentioned above
    • Invitation letter from family or friends

    Business Visa Documents

    • All documents mentioned above
    • Singapore company's invitation letter

    How to Apply for Singapore Visa?

    Here are the steps in the visa application process:

    • Category: Choose the right visa category depending on the purpose of your visit to Singapore and download the visa application form
    • Fees: Payment of visa fees can be made through credit/debit card or net banking.
    • Documentation: The required documents need to be submitted online at selected destinations or at the branch.
    • Receive visa: You will get updates on the status of your visa on a real-time basis and on approval, receive your visa.

    General information for Indians Traveling to Singapore

    • Safety: Singapore is known all over the world over for its cleanliness. However, it helps to be on guard against pickpockets. Sanitation levels are high and tap water is safe for drinking. Singapore's cleanliness is achieved because of strict rules regarding committing any form of public offenses.
    • Medical care: Singapore has the highest standards of health care at both public and private hospitals. Though treatment is affordable, travel insurance for visitors to Singapore is advised for any prolonged hospitalization. Medical practitioners can be found at malls and can prescribe medicines to you.
    • Best time to travel: The weather in Singapore is mainly hot and humid with steady rainfall throughout the year. It is buzzing with cultural events, festivals, fashion, and food. It rains between November and January, while it is generally dry between May and July. Tourists can visit at any time of the year.

    >>Know How Much Cash You Can Carry from India to Singapore?

    Singapore Consulates and Embassies in India

    Consulate/ Embassy




    Working Hours

    High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in New Delhi

    E-6, Chandragupta Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021

    +91-11-46000800/ +91-11-46000915

    09:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM

    (Monday to Friday)

    Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore, Mumbai

    152, 14th Floor, Maker Chambers IV, 222 Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400021

    +91-22-22043209/ +91-22-61502900

    09:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    (Monday to Friday)

    Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore, Chennai

    17-A, N Boag Rd, Neelangarai, Parthasarathi Puram, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600017

    +91-44-28158207/ +91-44-28158208

    08:30 AM to 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    (Monday to Friday)

    Indian Embassies in Singapore

    The High Commission of India is located at Grange Road in Singapore. Various services are provided by the Indian High Commission such as assistance in case of the loss of life of an Indian national in Singapore. In such cases, the High Commission attests to the certificate of death and cancels the passport. They can also help with issues related to employment or compensation for Indian passport holders, passport renewal, reissues of lost or damaged passports and more.

    Places to Visit in Singapore

    A potpourri of varied cultures Singapore greets the eager visitor with an extravagance of colors, flavors, and fun. From the quaint streets of Chinatown to the allure of Arab Street and the familiar comfort of Little India, the destination has a special allure for Indian tourists.

    Singapore is known as the 'Lion City' because of its dynamic economy and the infrastructure which attracts investors and businesses from the world over. The city is known for its cleanliness and attractive corporate tax rates and tremendous job opportunities. This implies that there are tremendous job opportunities in Singapore. No wonder it draws 60,000 migrants annually, besides tourists in droves! Travel insurance for Singapore is recommended, whether you are traveling as a tourist, a businessman or a student, to help you experience a safe travel and financially prepare you for any exigency.

    • Marina Bay Islands: Get stunning views of the entire city from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark the viewing deck from a ship, or on top of a luxury hotel! Be mesmerized by the innovative double helix bridge, the port, Gardens by the Bay and breathtaking skyline. Have a snack or sip coffee at the rooftop restaurant and collect some souvenirs!
    • Botanical Gardens: This UNESCO World heritage nominated site is like a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle. Don't miss the National Orchid Garden. Other attractions include the eco-garden, bonsai garden, eco-lake, and other magnificent gardens.
    • Singapore Zoo: Referred to as the world's best rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo stands out for its cleanliness, well cared for animals and abundant greenery. Don't miss the Night Safari, River Safari or the Jurong Bird Park. Having breakfast at the Singapore Zoo with the Orangutans is a real treat!
    • Sentosa Island: If you are missing the beach, then you must visit Sentosa Island. Enjoy volleyball, kayaking or skimboarding at the Siloso Beach. Swim with dolphins at the Underwater World aquarium. The famous Merlion statue can be found here. Don't miss Fort Siloso.
    • Chinatown: For an authentic feel of China, visit Chinatown with authentic food and bright red lanterns. Popular attractions include the Chinese Heritage Centre, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, and Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple. It has a modern touch with the Ann Siang Hill area.

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