Rashmi Rai

Content Manager Care Health Insurance

B.Sc Microbiology

About Rashmi Rai

Rashmi is a skilled and passionate content creator with a passion for storytelling. As an insurance sector wordsmith, she brings out a unique perspective and seamlessly explains the mundane terminologies of the insurance sector creatively.

Apart from talking about insurance, Rashmi is an absolute globetrotter and also a health enthusiast. Thus, she finds out ways to talk about various health and travel topics through our platform.

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  • Bachelor’s in Microbiology (B.Sc) Jiwaji University
  • Content Manager Care Health Insurance
  • Creative Content Creator MTG Learning Media

How to Plan an Early Retirement with Health Insurance?

Due to the stressful work-schedule, many people, especially those who are salaried, harbour a wish to retire early. Early retirement has its own perks.  You can finally find time for yourself and your family and if you are so inclined, start a venture of your own thereby striking up a good work-life balance. You will find that you ha...

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What is a Claim Form in Health Insurance?

Each year in India, crores of health insurance claims are raised and settled. As per reports, in the financial year 2022-2023, 2.36 crores1 of health insurance claims were settled by insurance companies with a total payment of ₹70,930 crores. To successfully raise a claim and get timely approval, it is quintessential to follow the correct...

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What is Claim Intimation? Know its Claim Procedures

Incomplete knowledge of your health insurance policy or limited understanding can be reasons for policy rejections. Apart from providing correct and authentic personal details, it is also essential to know all about your health plan to avoid last-minute rush and claims troubles. A health plan has various clauses, and so, it is advised tha...

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Diarrhoea: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Mostly referred to as an  upset stomach or loose motion, diarrhoea is a common health problem. Almost everyone experiences diarrhoea at some point in life. Diarrhoea symptoms include passing watery loose stools more than 3 times a day. While usually diarrhoea symptoms are common and not of serious concern, if the condition continues...

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Chronic Inflammation: Lifestyle and Dietary Changes for Optimal Health

Chronic inflammation has been related to conditions like diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. Besides this, there are a myriad of serious disorders that chronic inflammation can raise your risk of. However, changes in lifestyle and diet can be made to address the inflammation, and daily routines can help take control of it. An anti-inflammato...

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