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    Why Care Health Insurance?

    Health insurance is a must-have investment plan for your financial security in this age of increasing healthcare expenses and the growing burden of diseases. We at Care provide you with customizable health insurance policies designed to match your healthcare needs. We make your buying journey simpler and free from hassles as our user-friendly portal helps you access numerous services online.

    Plan a Healthy and Secured Future with our Customized Health Plans

    Let’s look ahead to a healthy life as the new financial year begins in April, the month when we celebrate World Health Day. It’s also time to fight all odds and emerge stronger against the raging pandemic. Focusing our attention on securing our health and finances is a step in the right direction at the moment. Opting for health insurance is of utmost significance as we see the burden of diseases and medical inflation growing steadily. Make a judicious choice by reviewing the best health insurance plans in India to secure your health and overall well-being.

    Get an affordable health cover online with maximum coverage and wide-ranging policy benefits, which aptly meets your family’s healthcare needs. It will help you tackle unforeseen medical emergencies without any financial constraint. That’s not all! You can increase your savings by availing of premium discounts and Section 80D tax benefits.

    So, take charge of your health today by adopting a healthy lifestyle and investing in health insurance.

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    What is Health Insurance?

    Health insurance is an insurance coverage that gives you financial protection against the losses or medical expenses you incur when coping with an illness, a chronic ailment, or injury. Due to the high medical inflation and pandemic situation, it is essential to have a health insurance plan to safeguard your finances. You can get multiple benefits and policy coverage, including advanced medical treatments, day care treatment, cashless hospitalization, and much more.

    Do I Need a Health insurance?

    Your family’s good health and wellbeing matter the most in the world. Unfortunately, the pandemic has been a reminder that we live amidst uncertainties. So, a standalone health insurance cover is worth having in this day and age. Without insurance, the financial impact of incurring unexpected medical bills can be enormous, given the escalating healthcare costs. What is reassuring is that health insurance is an affordable investment that promises a secure future. The pandemic has changed everyone’s mind as more and more people are beginning to understand that health insurance is much more than just a tax-saving tool. It is the need of the hour since getting medical aid is becoming expensive. Watch this video for more insights!

    Types of Health Insurance Plans

    Below are the 6 best health insurance plans in India you can get from Care Health Insurance:-

    • Individual Health Insurance: Get an individual health policy that provides coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and various medical expenses of a single individual insured in the policy. The coverage amount is entirely available to the insured person.
    • Family Floater Health Insurance: Family floater plans are affordable health insurance for your immediate family, which cover all the insured family members with a floating sum insured, where every member can utilise the coverage amount without any restriction.
    • Senior Citizen Health Insurance: This health insurance plan is designed typically for ageing parents above 61 years and suitable for those coping with age-related illnesses and other medical conditions. It ensures financial security by providing a high sum insured and customised benefits, including AYUSH treatment and annual health check-up.
    • Maternity Insurance Plans: Maternity insurance cover is recommended for those planning to embrace motherhood. Get adequate coverage for maternity-related expenses, including delivery charges, room rent, day care treatment, pre and postnatal care, with new-born cover.
    • Diseases Specific Health Insurance: Opt for this health insurance plan and get comprehensive coverage for managing your pre-existing medical conditions. Choose our customised health insurance plan designed for people having diabetes and high BP & BMI.
    • Critical Illness Plans: Choose our indemnity-based critical illness health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for 32 critical ailments, including cancer. Stay financially secure by getting cover for expensive medical treatments. Invest early in life as it will secure you in the hour of need.

    Browsing through the various health insurance plans on our website and selecting a customised health cover to manage your medical expenses easily is all it takes. The option to buy a health insurance policy online involves no paperwork; instead, it enables you to view the policy features and make hassle-free claims – all in a matter of few clicks.

    Click to know more about Covid Coverage in our Indemnity Plans

    Compare our Best Health Insurance Plans


    Look for best health plan that suits your need!

    Health Insurance for Family

    Health Insurance that Covers your Loved Ones

    Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

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    Health Insurance that Covers Pre-existing Heart Ailments

    Pre-Existing Diseases Cover

    Health Insurance for Diabetes, High BMI and Hypertension

    Maternity Health Plan

    Maternity Insurance Plan with Newborn Baby Cover

    Super Top up Health Plan

    Boost Your Existing Health Cover With Super Top Up Plan

    1 Crore Health Plan

    Health Insurance with Higher Sum Insured

    Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

    Realising the importance of health insurance in India is just the first step to experiencing the immense benefits that a health cover provides, especially in the light of health-related uncertainties. Below are the main benefits to buy health insurance in India:


    Financial Protection against Medical Inflation in India

    Health insurance provides the best financial protection by covering your various medical expenses.


    Coverage for Hospitalization Expenses

    It secures you against hospitalization expenses, ambulance, day care procedures, domiciliary care, etc.


    Coverage for Critical Illnesses

    Treatment cover for life-threatening conditions comes as a blessing, which is available as a separate cover.


    Protection above Corporate Health Insurance

    In times of medical inflation, a standalone health policy always scores over employer-provided health insurance.


    Cashless Claim Benefit

    Avail of cashless treatment at our network hospitals and be worry-free while we pay your hospital bills.


    *Note: Tax deduction on health insurance premium is subject to rules and regulations of the Income Tax Act.

    How to Choose the Best Medical Insurance Policy?

    Buying the best health insurance plan involves careful planning and consideration of various factors. The first step involves identifying your & your family’s healthcare needs and opting for a suitable plan, say a Family Floater Policy. If you have elderly parents at home, it is wise to acknowledge the importance of health insurance and go for a senior citizen health insurance plan. The next factor to consider is good coverage in terms of the sum insured, keeping the likely health risks in mind. Look for a cashless hospitalization feature in your policy that lets you avail cashless treatment in any of the network hospitals. Affordable premium and reasonable sub-limits on certain medical expenses for the highest possible coverage are other factors to look for when choosing the best medical insurance policy.

    Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online

    5 Reasons to Buy Medical Insurance Policy Online

    If you plan to buy a medical insurance policy online, it’s the best approach as you gain these advantages:

    • Customised Policies: You needn’t wait in the long queues to secure your loved ones anymore. With Care, you can now customise your health plan online with various add-ons.
    • Ease of Comparing Policies: With the advent of the digital era, you get flexibility at your fingertips to compare health policies & their features to make a well-informed decision.
    • Faster and Time-Saving: Browse through various policies at your comfort from anywhere across the globe to save time and efforts.
    • Value-Added Services: Get access to your policy-related documents, health card and claim processing journey through our easily accessible website or app.
    • Secure Transactions: You need not worry about depositing the cash or cheques to purchase a new policy. Thanks to digitalization, you can secure your loved ones’ health through secure payment gateways.

    Additionally, an online health policy is also affordable while it offers adequate coverage for your medical expenses, thus proving to be the best financial support for any medical emergency.

    5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy

    It is important to consider a few points, as discussed below, which will help you make an informed decision about the right health insurance policy:

    • Coverage: Buy a policy that offers you the right coverage amount for wide-ranging medical expenses incurred by you, including pre and post-hospitalization costs.
    • Cashless Treatment: Look for accessible network hospitals of your insurer for easy and cashless treatment.
    • Lifelong Renewability: Choose plans that offer you the advantage of lifelong policy renewal.
    • No Claim Bonus: Choose plans with benefits for a claim-free year like higher sum insured and discounts on premium costs.
    • Maternity Benefits: Pick a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive maternity cover benefits.
    • Annual Medical Check-ups: Say yes to a policy with features like annual health check-ups.
    • Claim Settlement: Consider the benefits in terms of a high claim settlement ratio and hassle-free processing of claims.

    Health Insurance Policy: A powerful financial tool to avail tax benefits

    You are eligible to get income tax benefits on health insurance premium paid towards your policy subject to certain limitations. Consult a tax consultant or auditor to clearly determine the actual eligibility and deduction amount. Under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, you can claim deductions when filing tax returns. Mentioned below are some ways you can qualify to save tax and the limits under this ruling.

    • By claiming a tax deduction up to INR 25,000 if you are below 60 years of age and up to INR 50,000 if you are above 60 years of age.
    • Avail additional deduction up to INR 50,000 if you have paid a premium for a health insurance policy for either of your parents.
    • The health insurance premium paid only by way of banking channels is considered for a deduction. You are not eligible for getting tax deductions for making cash payments for the premium.
    • Premium payments are considered for a financial year, and if you have a family floater health insurance policy, the premium paid towards health insurance for you, your spouse, dependent children are allowed for deduction.

    Why Do you need Health Insurance?

    Medical emergencies can happen when we least expect them, given the unpredictable nature of life. With modernisation, we have become increasingly accustomed to a lifestyle defined by rising workload, irregular food habits, and variable sleep patterns, when the body actually deserves a significant amount of attention to be working in a balanced manner. Many young adults suffer from lifestyle-related diseases, while other factors like family history continue to pose health risks. The chances of dealing with medical emergencies become high in such a scenario. Thus, having the best health insurance will ensure maximum coverage and prove to be an ideal investment for your financial wellbeing due to the following reasons:

    • Medical inflation is a reality many families are coming to terms with it! Healthcare and medical treatments are expensive than we can afford. 
    • The risks of illnesses grow as we ageWith rising health issues, your medical expenses are likely to be higher in the future. 
    • You can get Section 80D tax benefit under the Income Tax Act and claim a deduction maximum up to Rs 1 lakh, depending on the proposer & insured persons’ age. 
    • Stay secure financially by investing in a health insurance plan to get the best protection against advanced medical treatments and other medical expenses incurred besides hospital bills.

    Health Insurance is a shield that protects you and your loved ones in cases of medical emergencies.

    An affordable health insurance plan makes sure that financial crisis is not an issue during a medical emergency.

    With the skyrocketing cost of healthcare in the country, opting for a good health Insurance Plan is a smart decision for the safety of the individual and family as a whole.

    How Care Health Insurance Plans Can Help You?


    Cashless Healthcare Providers


    Cashless Claim Processing (Approx.)


    In-house settlement for better management


    Industry best claim settlement ratio*


    Less grievance ratio per 10,000 claims

    What do you Get in a Health Insurance Plan?

    A health insurance plan provides you with comprehensive financial protection in the time of urgent need by covering various medical expenses apart from the bills you incur during hospitalization. The coverage provided is subject to the policy terms and conditions. The expenses covered in a health insurance policy are:


    Coronavirus Treatment

    Stay safe in this time of COVID-19 pandemic as health insurance covers specific expenses for coronavirus treatment.


    In-Patient Hospitalization

    We cover your expenses like room rent, ICU charges, doctor’s fee, etc., during any planned or emergency hospitalization up to the sum insured.


    Pre-Hospitalization Medical Expenses

    We cover your medical expenses like doctor’s consultation, medical tests, & medication up to 30 days before admission to a hospital.


    Advanced Medical Treatments

    Access advanced care and get coverage for such treatments, including robotic surgeries, under a health insurance policy.


    Daily Allowance

    The everyday expenses during hospitalization can be considerable! We provide a fixed amount to cover them.


    Post-Hospitalization Medical Expenses

    The medical expenses, like follow-up visits and medical tests, are covered up to a period of 60 days immediately after discharge from the hospital.


    Domiciliary Hospitalization

    Some health plans offer this benefit where the domiciliary care medical expenses are covered up to a specified period.


    AYUSH Treatments

    Don’t let lack of finances deter your faith in alternative medicine. Now, we cover AYUSH treatments too!

    The best health insurance plans also give maternity benefits with cover for delivery-related expenses. Additionally, various add-ons are available at an additional premium, including OPD Care, where OPD expenses like OPD consultations, diagnostics, and medicines, are covered. 

    Disclaimer: Please check our product pages and prospectus for more details.

    What Does Health Insurance Not Cover?

    Before you proceed to pick the right health cover for your needs, give a glance at the exclusions mentioned in the policy documents. Doing so will keep you prepared for any contingency. Exclusions are expenses or the various cases when you may not be eligible to get a claim under your health policy. The exclusions include:

    • Expenses attributable to use/misuse/abuse of alcohol or drug
    • Any treatment or medical expenses incurred  within 30 days of policy period start date, except accidents
    • Medical treatment related to congenital diseases
    • Expenses incurred due to self-inflicted injury, suicide, or attempted suicide
    • Treatment arising from or traceable to miscarriage and abortion

    Which Health Insurance Plan is Perfect for You?

    We, at Care Health Insurance, have designed various health insurance plans that fulfil the diverse insurance needs of our customers. Every plan that we offer is suited to cover your medical expenses in the best possible way so that your dependence on savings is greatly reduced. The one vital step you must take is identifying the plan that is right for you. We offer benefits that will keep you and your loved ones financially secure today and tomorrow.

    The process of choosing a medical policy, whether you are buying it the first time or looking for another health cover, can be perplexing, and all the more so, with so many options available. Before you proceed, take a look at these points:

    Scenario 1: You have dependent family members at home

    Choose Care, the best health insurance plan for your family, as it will cover your immediate family members, such as spouse, children, and dependent parents, for a single and affordable premium. Plus, you can look forward to benefits like coverage for advanced medical procedures like robotic surgeries, modern day care treatments, annual health check-ups, no claim bonus, automatic recharge, and much more.

    Scenario 2: You are looking for an individual health cover for your loved ones

    If you are looking for an individual health cover for your loved ones, then we provide one stop solution with Care. You can customise it as per your needs and get multiple benefits, such as daycare treatments, advance medical treatments, and get rewarded with no claim bonus for each claim-free year.

    Scenario 3: You have elderly parents to look after at home

    We offer, Care for senior citizens, the best medical insurance policy for your parents. It comes with a higher sum insured that will financially protect them at this age, and several benefits, like in-patient care, pre and post hospitalization, AYUSH treatment, and pre-existing illness cover.

    Scenario 4: If you or your loved one suffers from a pre-existing ailment

    CHI understands that individuals who already suffer from any pre-existing ailment have a greater need for accessing quality medical care. So, we offer several health plans, such as Care Freedom, which is health insurance for diabetes, high BP, and BMI. We also have Care Heart that provides health insurance coverage for people with a pre-existing heart ailment.

    Scenario 5: Considering the need for protection against expensive treatments for Cancer and various Critical Illnesses

    When life throws challenges, sometimes, the only option is to be strong and face it. The treatment of cancer and critical ailments can lead to a gradual loss of savings in times of uncertainties. Thus, CHI offers Cancer Mediclaim and Critical Illness Insurance plans to provide your loved ones with coverage against expensive medical treatments without the least worry. For those facing high risks, especially, it is important to invest in this health insurance early in life to get financial protection in the hour of need.

    Health Insurance Premium

    Health insurance premium refers to the amount an insured person should pay to a health insurance company for availing of the policy benefits under a health insurance policy.  

    The premium cost is calculated after various factors are considered, such as the insured person’s age, type of plan, the sum insured, number of insured members, add-ons, pre-existing conditions, etc.  

    Use an online health insurance premium calculator, a digital tool that helps you evaluate the premium amount. It helps you review and compare the premium costs of various health insurance plans, thus selecting the best and affordable option. When you opt for health insurance online, you have the advantage of paying the premium digitally. It is highly convenient as it reduces manual efforts of the buying process and lets you plan your budget in a better way.

    Factors Affecting Health Insurance Premium

    We adhere to the underwriting process and consider many factors on which your health insurance premium will depend. Listed below are some of the factors worth noting:

    • Age Factor: The risks of illnesses go up as we age, so the premium will cost you more as you grow older since there are health risks to consider. 
    • Pre-existing Conditions: Premium costs are high if one has any pre-existing medical condition, such as hypertension, asthma, and diabetes when buying a health cover.
    • Body Mass Index: A high BMI indicates that a person may have higher health risks; thus, one is likely to spend more on the premium. 
    • Lifestyle: Some risky lifestyle habits, including tobacco consumption, drinking, and smoking, can lead to a high premium.  

    CHI offers different types of health insurance plans that you can review and choose, depending on your healthcare needs. When selecting health insurance online, you can modify the various factors according to your preference and add or remove the insured family members from a specific plan. Here is why medical insurance premium is important to consider among the various factors when comparing health policies.

    Health Insurance Claims Process

    The incurred claim ratio and the claim settlement ratio are good indicators of how hassle-free your claims experience will be. Every individual looking to buy a health cover must understand these factors and know the claim procedures to avoid confusion.  CHI is among the leading players in the health insurance industry and had a 95.22 % Claim Settlement Ratio for the FY 19-20.

    You have two options to file health insurance claims – reimbursement claims wherein policyholder has to initially bear the hospital bills that will be reimbursed by the insurer later; second is the cashless facility where you need not make any direct payment to the hospital.

    STEP  1



    Intimate within 24 hours of your hospitalization


    Planned Hospitalization

    Intimate us 48 hours prior to your hospitalization


    STEP   2



    Request for pre-authorization



    Claim from submission

    Complete the pre-authorization form available
    at the hospitals insurance/TPA Desk and send us through fax.



    Approval letter sent by the claim management team



    Hospital/Insured to respond to the query raised by the claim management team



    You may initiate the treatment and file for re-imbursement claim

    Submission of claim form along with required
    documents, as per the policy terms & conditions



    Approval letter sent by the claim management team



    Insured to respond to the query raised by the claim management team



    We will communicate the reason in case of rejection

    Health Insurance Portability

    There might be a valid reason why one may wish to port a health insurance policy. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) offers the provision of Health Insurance Portability. 

    Porting a health insurance policy is easy and can be done before the policy renewal stage. Just notify your existing insurer at least 45 days prior to the date of policy renewal of an existing health insurance plan.

    You will be able to retain your policy benefits and accrued bonuses and transfer the time-bound exclusions, including credit for the waiting period for pre-existing diseases. It is possible to port a policy from one insurance company to another and from one health policy to another policy with the same insurance company.

    How to Port a Health Insurance Policy?

    Here is a step-by-step guide you can refer to port your health insurance policy and get covered under Care health insurance plans:

    • Step 1: Duly fill the portability form with the existing insurance details, including the name of the insured persons, and age, etc.
    • Step 2: Fill up the proposal form with relevant details and submit the required documents along with it.
    • Step 3: The requisite data will be furnished on the official portal of IRDAI. 
    • Step 4: The new insurance company will underwrite the proposal and inform the policyholder within 15 days.

    What You Need to Know About Online Health Insurance Payment?

    Getting an online medical insurance policy has become effortless nowadays, thanks to the advancement in technology. You can now find the best health cover for you or your loved ones from the comfort of your home without even stepping out. Further, the option to buy insurance online also implies the convenience of making digital payment of the health insurance premium, the amount you have to pay regularly to get the continued coverage. After you have made the right choice of health cover that is adequate for your needs, you can proceed to pay the premium through any of the secure digital payment modes, such as net banking, debit or credit cards or payment wallets, etc.

    Here is a quick summary of the various steps you should follow for making online insurance payment:

    1. Visit our website and select a health policy.
    2. Click on ‘Get Quote’ and provide relevant details
    3. Enter the required information and customise your policy
    4. You will be redirected to the payment section
    5. Make payment through any secure digital payment modes
    6. You will get the health policy documents on your registered email-id

    A Quick Guide to Renew Health Insurance Online

    Every health insurance policy offers coverage and various benefits to the policyholder for the specified policy tenure for which one has paid the premium. The policy will be terminated when the term for policy ends.

    Renewing a health insurance policy is crucial to avoid interruption in the coverage and ensure that your loved ones stay protected and continue to get all the policy benefits, including no claim bonus, cover for a pre-existing ailment, etc. The option to renew health insurance online is available for the policyholders.

    The procedure to renew insurance online involves the following steps:

    1. Visit our official website for health insurance policy renewal
    2. Go to the renew section
    3. Enter the complete details, such as policy number, contact number, etc.
    4. Under the payment section, pay the renewal premium through any secure payment mode

    The way you buy health insurance online, you also have the facility to renew your health cover through the digital mode, thus saving much effort. 

    *Please read the policy T & C, brochure, and prospectus to know more about our health insurance plans cover as it may vary

    FAQ on Health Insurance Plans

    Q. Why Do I Need a Health Insurance Plan?

    Medical technology has undergone tremendous advancements, and this positive change is helping doctors treat even the most complicated diseases. While we marvel at this transformation of the healthcare industry, the steep increase in the medical treatment costs has worried us as medical inflation impacts our finances. Another dimension to the problem is the growing health risks owing to the demanding lifestyle. Medical emergencies have the potential to wipe out your savings. This fact points towards the need for a health insurance plan to safeguard your family from financial hardships. Moreover, with benefits like cashless hospitalization, there is no hassle to get timely medical care.

    Q. How Much Health Insurance Coverage I Need?

    The amount of health insurance coverage you will need depends on your medical needs, age and health risks, the city you live in, and various other factors. Here are some points to consider that will help you make an informed decision:

    • Medical Inflation: Medical treatments are getting expensive. So, depending on your health condition and the treatment you may need, choose an adequate sum insured.
    • Age: Ageing increases our chances of catching illnesses and even exposes us to injuries. So, considering these risks, go for a cover that will suit your medical needs.
    • Senior Citizens Coverage: Your elderly parents at home are in a phase when they may need medical attention and long-term treatment. So, opt for a policy that fits your requirements.
    • Metro Cities: If you live in a metro city, then be prepared to spend more on medical bills. Choosing a higher sum insured will keep your family financially safe.

    Q. How Much Health Insurance Costs?

    A host of factors, including the sum insured, type of coverage, policy term, number of insured members, age of the insured members, pre-existing medical conditions, will impact the premium cost of a health insurance policy you have chosen. Let’s suppose if a person opts for a family floater plan covering self (around 30 years), spouse (around 30 years), and one child (less than 5 years), for a sum insured of Rs 5 lakh and policy tenure of 1 year, the average premium would be about Rs. 12,333 including 18% GST.

    Q. How to Calculate the Premium for Health Insurance?

    You can now calculate the health insurance premium using a simple digital tool known as the health insurance premium calculator. This tool helps you get the right estimate of the amount of premium you will have to pay for your policy. It considers various factors to calculate the premium, including the information you have entered. Here are the steps to calculate your premium:


    • Visit the Health Insurance Premium Calculator page
    • Enter details, such as the number of insured members and birth-date of the eldest family member.
    • Mention the sum insured or coverage you need
    • Customize your policy by selecting the tenure
    • Click on ‘Calculate Premium’ to get the result

    Q. Can I Buy Medical Insurance and Use it immediately?

    You cannot get coverage under a medical insurance policy immediately for any illness except accidents/injuries. You can avail of the policy benefits only after completing the 30-day initial waiting period.


    Q. What is the right age to invest in Health Insurance?

    The earlier you get a health cover, the better it is for your financial safety. It is a golden rule when it comes to investment in health insurance plans. We are witnessing a rise in medical costs in India, and the growth in the cases of lifestyle ailments, at the same time. So, when a medical emergency is a high possibility, it is necessary to choose a health cover. Moreover, the premium costs of health plans increase with age. Besides, the chances of having a pre-existing health condition also increase as we grow older. A pre-existing ailment is a factor that can make you pay a higher premium. Thus, going for a health cover early in life is a smart decision.

    Q. What do you mean by Network and Non-Network Hospitals?

    Network hospitals are hospitals that are empanelled with us and provide you cashless medical treatment. We have 8250+ network hospitals in our network. You can get admission at any of these hospitals for cashless treatment by presenting your health card and submitting a pre-authorization form at the insurance desk. We will directly settle your hospital bills, subject to policy T&C. However, those hospitals that do not come under our network are non-network hospitals where you cannot get the cashless facility. In case you have opted for a non-network hospital, you can file for a reimbursement claim and submit the necessary documents. After our claim management team verifies your documents, we will reimburse your expenses, subject to policy T&C.

    Q. What is Waiting Period in Health Insurance?

    Every health policy comes with a waiting period clause. The waiting period is that period you must complete before you can get a claim for the specified medical expenses. There are three types of waiting period:

    • An initial waiting period of 30 days
    • A waiting period for pre-existing diseases
    • A waiting period for specified ailments/ treatments

    Q. What Happens If I Don't Pay My Health Insurance Policy Premium?

    Your health insurance policy will expire if you do not pay the premium by the policy period end date. However, even if you miss the premium due date, you will be allowed a grace period - 30 days immediately following the policy period end date - to pay the renewal premium. The policy will not provide coverage during the period for which the premium is not paid.

    Q. How Does No Claim Bonus Work in a Medical Insurance Policy?

    Under a health insurance policy, policyholders are eligible for No Claim Bonus (NCB), which is a reward that you receive for not making a claim during a policy year. It is a bonus amount that becomes available as an increased sum insured for every claim-free year. Thus, it provides you an added cushion to bear medical expenses in the future. Care offers a 10 percent increase in your sum insured for a claim-free year. The NCB amount will not exceed 50% of the sum insured under the policy. The accrued bonus is reduced by 10% in the event of a health insurance claim made by the insured.

    Q. What are the Pre-Existing Diseases? Will My Health Policy Cover the Same?

    Pre-existing diseases are the diseases, illnesses, injuries, or related conditions for which a person receives medical advice/ was diagnosed by a medical practitioner within a period of 48 months before the effective date of a policy issued by the insurer or its reinstatement. Yes, health policies will cover pre-existing medical conditions, but there is a waiting period you have to complete before you can get a claim for the treatment.

    Q. How Can I Get Tax Benefits From Medical Insurance?

    If you have a medical insurance policy, you have a chance to increase your savings as you become eligible to get income tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. That is, you will be allowed to claim a tax deduction on your policy premium for which you have made a payment to us. You can claim the following deductions on your premium, depending on the coverage you have selected:

    • Tax deduction on the premium up to Rs 25,000 in a year for an individual plan or a family health insurance plan covering self, spouse, and children
    • Tax deduction on the premium up to Rs 50,000 per year for a family health insurance which covers senior citizen parents
    • Suppose you have paid a lump-sum premium in a single year for a multi-year policy term. The tax deduction is calculated by dividing the total premium by the policy years. The deduction is available up to the limit of Rs 25,000 or Rs 50,000, as applicable.

    Q. What Does the Sum Insured Mean in a Health Insurance Plan?

    The sum insured refers to the maximum coverage amount or payout that an insurer will be liable to pay an insured in case of an unforeseen medical emergency or planned medical treatment. The sum insured is based on the principle of indemnity, where the insurer will cover the medical expenses one incurs up to the sum insured under the health insurance plan. The claim amount that exceeds the sum insured will have to be borne by the insured person.

    Q. Can I Have Multiple Health Insurance Plans?

    Yes. You can have multiple health insurance plans. If you have opted for more than one indemnity-based plan with other insurers or us, then you can opt for any of these plans to settle your claims, provided that the claim amount payable is up to the sum insured of such policy. If the claim amount under a single policy exceeds the sum insured, you have the right to choose the insurer to settle the claim. If you have opted for our plan, we will settle the medical expenses, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

    Q. Can I Add My Elderly Parents to My Medical Insurance Policy?

    Although you can include your elderly parents in your medical insurance policy, we recommend going for a separate health insurance cover for parents. If they are above 60 years, consider going for a senior citizen health insurance plan. It is essential to do so as their healthcare needs are different from yours due to the ageing factor.

    Q. Does Health Insurance Cover Robotic Surgery & Modern Treatments?

    A comprehensive health insurance policy will cover various expenses related to your medical treatment, including advanced procedures like robotic surgery and modern day care treatments. Care offers cover for more than 540 daycare procedures.

    Q. How Does Smoking affect Health Insurance Premium?

    Smoking is an unhealthy lifestyle habit that can severely damage vital organs in the body, including the lungs, brain, and heart. It can lead to lung cancer, stroke, and heart diseases, exposing a person to grave health hazards. We may take this factor into account when assessing your health risks and calculating the health insurance premium.

    Q. Is There a Grace Period for Renewal?

    Yes, an insured person is allowed a grace period of 30 days immediately following the policy period end date to pay the renewal premium for a health insurance policy. Timely premium payment is crucial to prevent the policy from getting lapse and ensure you get continued coverage.

    Q. I’m covered under a corporate group policy. Do I still need a separate health insurance policy?

    It is advisable to go for a separate health insurance policy even if you are covered under a corporate group policy. There are a few reasons you must take this decision. Corporate policies are beneficial, but they have some limitations. Firstly, such policies will no longer be valid once you leave the employer or switch jobs, leaving you uninsured during that time. If you are looking for financial security after retirement, you should certainly invest in a personal health insurance policy.

    Secondly, the coverage provided by such corporate group policies may be inadequate to meet your needs if you are incurring high medical expenditures. On the other hand, by opting for separate health insurance, you will have the option to customize your policy as per your needs instead of going for the standard features that corporate group mediclaim plans offer.

    Q. Can I take health insurance for my 5 years old kid??

    Yes, you can include your kid under an individual health insurance plan if the age is 5 years or above. If the age is less than 5 years, you can include them in a family floater plan with other family members who are 18 years or above.

    Q. Do health insurance plans cover OPD Expenses?

    Many comprehensive health insurance plans offer the OPD benefit as an optional cover for an additional premium. Under this benefit, the policyholder will get reimbursement for the OPD expenses, including OPD consultations, diagnostics, and medicines, up to a specified limit subject to T&C

    Q. Are medical tests mandatory while buying health insurance?

    Pre-policy medical tests are usually required for older individuals, those with pre-existing condition in medical history or who have opted for higher sum insured. However it is best to go for a medical check-up when opting for a health policy so as to ensure hassle free claim settlement.

    Q. What Should I Do if I Want to Increase the Sum Insured in my Health Insurance Policy?

    You can increase the sum insured in my health insurance at the time of policy renewal. Policyholders have the option to increase the sum insured after certain medical tests and a revision of the claim history. But it can't be increased further if the existing sum has already met the sum insured limit of your policy.

    Q. How Does Health Insurance Work?

    Health insurance, unlike mediclaim, covers various medical expenses besides hospitalization, and comes with benefits like annual health check-up and no claim bonus. One can avail of the policy coverage by paying a regular premium and can file a claim either through reimbursement or opting for a cashless facility available at network hospitals. Moreover, the insured can go for timely policy renewals and continue the same policy.

    Q. What are the Details Required for Making a Claim?

    For cashless claim, you need to submit the pre-authorization form and present your health card and identity proof at the network hospital. In case of a reimbursement claim, submit the claim form and documents, such as identity proofs and hospital bills. The details required include name, contact information, policy number, past medical history, proposed line of treatment, duration of treatment, etc.

    Q. Can My Claim Get Rejected? If Yes, Under What Conditions?

    Yes, the health insurance claim may get rejected due to several reasons, such as incorrect facts, non disclosure of pre-exisiting conditions, claims under exclusions, etc.