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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

A policy for personal accident insurance lowers your financial burden against life’s unprecedented and rising incidents like road rages, burns, fractures, disablement, and other severe injuries.

  • Accidental Death Compensation
  • Comprehensive Personal Accident Cover
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Permanent Partial Disablement
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What is Personal Accident Insurance?

As the name suggests, personal accident insurance cover is a type of mediclaim that provides financial support during medical emergencies arising from accidents, injuries, accidental death, and disability. The policy acts as an agreement wherein the insurer promises the policyholder (or his beneficiaries) a payment up to the sum insured in the event of pre-defined accidental scenarios. Individuals should opt for personal accident insurance online to protect themselves and their loved ones against financial losses from unexpected life events.

With Care Personal Accident Insurance, we ascertain that an unfortunate accident does not catch you unprepared. Our policy coverage financially secures you and your family during life’s most dreadful events like accidental deaths, fractures, bodily injury, permanent disability, etc. With a lifelong renewability option, our accident plan comes with sum insured options up to 50 lakhs— helping you and your loved ones overcome financial difficulties during unprecedented events.

What is Covered Under Accident Health Insurance?

Ensuring safety on the streets is a big challenge with the increasing cases of road rage and accidents. Such unavoidable circumstances can lead to serious injuries or, worst– death. Thus, it is essential to safeguard yourself against financial losses due to such unforeseen events. With sum insured options starting from 10 lakhs and going up to 50 lakhs, Care Health Insurance Personal Accident Policy offers the following adequate benefits:


Accidental Death

We ensure your family’s financial well-being by paying the chosen sum insured amount, post the unfortunate event of your death due to accident or injury.


Permanent Total & Partial Disability

Disability can ruin anyone’s financial stability. We offer up to 100% sum insured in case of permanent or partial loss of pre-specified body organs.


Reconstructive Surgery

If a medical condition has malformed your bodily functions, you can get reimbursement for reconstructive surgery that is performed as per policy terms.



Recovering from a fracture is an expensive journey. We lower your burden by reimbursing up to 100% of SI in case of fractures, as listed in the policy.


Child Education

We offer the best accidental insurance plan that takes care of your dependent children’s education in the unfortunate event of accidental death or disability.


Major Diagnostics

We support you in bearing the expenses of major diagnostic tests like CT scans, MRIs, etc., as prescribed by a medical practitioner and conducted as per policy terms.


Severe Burns

We support you during an unfortunate event of second and third-degree burns across the body surface by paying you up to the sum insured as per policy terms.


Mobility Cover

Our coverage for procuring essential medical prosthetic devices like wheelchairs, braces, etc., makes ‘Secure’ the best personal accident insurance.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Exclusive Accidental Insurance Policy with Death Compensation

  • Total & Partial Permanent Disability Cover
  • Reconstructive Surgery Cover
Product Image
1 Crore Health Plan

Health Insurance with Higher Sum Insured

  • Upto 50% No Claim Bonus
  • Individual or Floater Option
Product Image
Individual Health Insurance

A Safety Net that Protects You Against Medical Emergencies

  • Plan starting from 25 lakhs and going up to 6 Crores
  • An add-on offering unlimited e-consultations

What is not covered under Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

The following events are not covered under Secure- Personal Accident Cover:

  • Any self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide, sexually transmitted conditions, mental or nervous conditions, insanity, disorder, anxiety, stress, or depression
  • The Insured Person flying in an aircraft other than as a fare-paying passenger in a Scheduled Airline
  • The Insured Person engaging in sporting activities in so far as they involve the training for or participation in competitions of professional sports, unless declared beforehand and agreed by the company in writing subject to additional premium being received and incorporated accordingly in the policy
  • An insured person serving in any branch of the military, navy or air-force or any branch of armed Forces or any paramilitary forces
  • Any claim related to Hazardous Activities
  • Persons whilst working within underground mines, explosives, press, activities like racing on wheels or horseback, winter sports, canoeing involving white water rapids, any bodily contact sport
  • Claim arising out of mental illness, stress, psychiatric or psychological disorders

Why is it Important to Buy Personal Accident Coverage?


Financial Protection from Accidents & Injuries

Unexpected incidents like fractures, burns, accidents, etc., can drain all your savings in no time. Care Health Insurance ‘Secure’ plan protects you from financial losses due to accidents, injuries, and disability.


Lifetime Security for Family Members

More than emotional support, your family needs financial backing to get through the unfortunate times of accident, death, or disablity. A personal accident cover promises financial security to your loved ones.


Essential for People at Hazardous Workplaces

People working in dangerous industries like mining, production, etc., must protect their family with a personal accident insurance scheme to ensure coverage against workplace hazards.


Lowers Disability Treatment Expenses

Whether permanent or partial, disabilities can turn your life upside down— burdening you with treatment costs. Care accident plan ensures you can continue the treatment without financial stress and burden.


Enhanced Coverage with Add-on Benefits

Care personal accident insurance online helps you beyond accidental death and disability. To extend financial support, we offer useful add-on benefits like accidental hospitalisation, daily allowance, OPD cover, etc.


Advantages of Care Personal Accident Insurance Policy

benefits of securing family health insurance benefits of securing family health insurance

How to Buy Personal Accident Insurance Policy Online?

You can opt for Care Personal Accident Insurance Plan by following these steps:


Step 1

Visit the Care official website and head to the ‘Secure’ product page from the ‘View All Products’ menu.


Step 2

In the ‘Get Quote’ section, enter your contact number and pincode to access the quotation form.


Step 3

Share your name, email address, age, and employment status, along with your annual income.


Step 4

Choose the sum insured amount and policy term and view the premium cost on the page’s left corner.


How to Claim Accident Insurance?

Under our personal accidental insurance, if you opt for the basic standard coverage, you can only file a reimbursement claim. However, if you have enhanced your policy with the optional benefit of accidental hospitalisation, you can avail of the cashless claim settlement facility. Below are the steps involved under both types of claim settlement processes under our personal accidental insurance:

Cashless Claim Process Reimbursement Claim Process
Step 1: Fill out the pre-authorization form available at the insurance desk and send it to our claim management team
Step 2: You will get an approval letter once your claim is verified
Step 3: Make sure to respond to queries from the claim management team
Step 4: File a reimbursement claim request in case your cashless claim request doesn't go through.
Step 1: Submit your claim form along with the required documents
Step 2: Get the approval letter from the claim management team
Step 3: Respond to queries raised by our claim management team
Step 4: In case your claim is rejected, our claims team will contact you and share the reasons of rejection at the earliest.

What are the documents required for filing a claim?

You have to apply for a reimbursement claim wherein the insurer reimburses your expenses, subject to policy terms and conditions. The documents required include:

  • Duly completed and signed claim form
  • Indoor Case Papers
  • Hospital Discharge Summary
  • Payment Receipts
  • Consultation Papers
  • Any other document as required by the company
  • Medical reports giving the details of the accident, nature of the Injury, and the details of treatment provided, Admission and Death Summary, Accident Report
  • Original Death Certificate; if applicable
  • Disability Certificate issued by CMO (Chief Medical Officer) as appointed by the Hospital Authorities; if applicable
  • A newspaper cutting about the accident (if available)

Difference Between Accidental Insurance & Life Insurance

To understand the benefits of a personal accident cover, it is important to learn how it is different from a life insurance policy.

Accidental Insurance Life Insurance
Personal accident insurance plans are specifically designed to cover accident-related losses, including the policyholder's death as a result of the accident. Also, these plans offer cover for hospitalisation, total or partial disablement, reconstructive surgery, ambulance costs, etc. Life insurance plans provide coverage to policyholder’s beneficiaries wherein they receive a fixed amount as a lump sum upon the policyholder’s death or the policy’s maturity, whichever is early. Whether accidental or natural, a life cover provides death benefits with a few exclusions.

For all your healthcare and medical coverage needs, you can opt for our 1 Crore Health Insurance Plan

FAQs on Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Q. Can I claim multiple personal accident insurance?

Yes, you can opt for multiple individual accident policies and can file a claim under the desired plan.

Q. How Much Does Accident Insurance Cost?

Our Secure- Personal Accident Plan costs around INR 1960 for a 30-year-old person with an annual 10-lakh sum insured coverage. This premium cost is subject to policy terms.

Q. What is the claim period of personal accident cover?

Under any accidental circumstances, you must file a claim within 30 days of the insured person’s discharge from the hospital or completion of treatment or date of death, whichever is later.

Q. Is death during surgery considered accidental?

No, death during a surgery is not considered as an accidental incident and thus it is not covered under personal accident policy.

Q. Is there any age limit for opting for a Personal Accident Insurance policy?

The minimum entry age for availing the personal accident insurance coverage is 18 Years. And the maximum age is 70 years

Q. Do I need to buy an individual personal accident insurance policy for each of my family members?

You can buy PA cover for your family on an individual basis as per policy terms.

Q. When can I Claim the Benefits after Buying the Accident Insurance Policy?

You can claim from your policy immediately after the policy issuance, provided that the unforeseen event has happened after the issuance of the policy with no involvement of pre-existing conditions.

Q. Do I need accident insurance if I have a Health Insurance policy?

Several health insurance policies offer coverage for accident-related expenses, including emergency hospitalisation. However, having a separate personal accident insurance cover is a must as there are a lot of associated benefits. Such plans are designed to provide coverage to accident-related expenses. They prove to offer more than health policies by covering defined accidental death, disability, and burns scenarios.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly, Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

#Source: IBAI Claims Handbook for FY 19-20

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