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Care Secure- Personal Accident Insurance

Care Secure - a policy safeguarding an individual financially in case of accidental injuries. It provides coverage for accidental death or other permanent disabilities resulting from an accident.

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Policy Sum Insured increases by 10% for every claim free year. The maximum increase allowed is 50% of policy Sum Insured.


Annual Health Check-Up for all insured members are covered in the policy


Certain amount per hospitaliztion payable if advised by treating medical practioner.


We like to stay with you all the way. Our option of life long renewability helps yau stay covered for life, provided your policy is renewed on time every year.


This optional cover provides coverage for the following 3 sub-benefits:

  • Hospitalization Expenses
  • Daily Allowance
  • Compassionate Visit

What is Care Secure -Personal Accident Insurance?

At Care Health Insurance, we believe that health and happiness go hand-in-hand. That's why we bring you Secure- A thoughtfully designed Personal Accident Insurance that directly addresses the concern that can arise from a serious accident.

Any such uncertainty may lead to a financial crunch resulting in stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is highly recommended to purchase an accidental insurance policy. An adequate accidental insurance policy safeguards you financially and stands by you in any emergency. It assists you and your family against bodily injuries, disability and accidental death. Such health insurance plans minimise the impact on one’s savings by providing financial compensation, including coverage for injuries, medical treatment, and even death.

Plan Highlights of Care Secure

  • Covers financial loss resulting from the accident and treatment of injuries like burns and fractures.
  • Compensation of loss due to Permanent Total Disablement (PTD) and Permanent Partial Disablement (PPD).
  • 100% of the sum insured paid to the family in case of accidental death of the insured person.
  • Other benefits like cover for daily allowance, reconstructive surgery, domestic road ambulance, repatriation and funeral expenses, and expenses for education of a dependent child.

Secure plan highlights

Mobility Cover


Burn Damage Cover

Burn Damage Cover

Domestic Road Ambulance Cover

Domestic Road
Ambulance Cover

Fracture Cover

Fracture Cover

Permanent Total Disablement

Permanent Total

Loyalty Benefit

Loyalty Benefit

Child Education

Child Education

Permanent Partial Disablement

Permanent Partial

Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

See all Sum Insured Options arrow close

KEY FEATURES 10L 15, 20, 25 & 30L 50L
Accidental Death
In case of a tragic loss, we provide for financial support to the family by paying the sum insured to the nominated family member.
Sum Insured Sum Insured Sum Insured
Permanent Total Disablement
Based on severity of loss of body part due to accident, we also pay a pre-defined percentage of the sum insured. For details, please see 'Plan Details' tab.
tick-mark tick-mark tick-mark
Permanent Total Disablement Improvement
Get double sum insured benefit under Permanent Total Disablement claim.
No tick-mark tick-mark
Permanent Partial Disablement
Based on severity of loss of body part due to accident, we also pay a pre-defined percentage of the sum insured. For details, please see 'Plan Details' tab.
tick-mark tick-mark tick-mark
Permanent Partial Disablement Improvement
Get double sum insured benefits under Permanent Partial Disablement claim.
No tick-mark tick-mark
Get compensated for fractures and burns pertaining to a surgery, advised by your medical practitioner in case of an accident.
Up to ₹ 50,000 Up to ₹ 1,00,000 Up to ₹ 2,00,000
Child Education
In the event of an accident resulting in insured's demise or PTD, we'll take care of his child's education ensuring that their future is not compromised.
No 10% of Sum insured 10% of Sum insured
Major Diagnosis Tests
In case injuries caused by an accident require one to undertake any diagnostic tests such as CT scan, MRI, etc. as advised by a medical practitioner, you can do so without a worry.
No Up to ₹ 15,000 Up to ₹ 25,000
In the event that an accident leaves the insured missing (forced landing, stranding, sinking, wrecking, etc.) for more than 1 year and the insured's demise has been reasonably established, we will pay the sum insured to the nominee.
No Sum insured Sum insured
Mobility Cover
If an injury causes PTD and requires one to use prosthetic devices like artificial arms, legs or eyes, orthopedic braces and medical equipment like wheelchairs or hospital beds, we will reimburse the expenses towards these.
No Up to ₹ 15,000 Up to ₹ 25,000
Get compensated for fractures and burns pertaining to a surgery, advised by your medical practitioner in case of an accident.
No Up to ₹ 10,00,000 Up to ₹ 20,00,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains No No 2% of SI, Max ₹ 1,00,000
Temprory Total disablement
Get weekly compensation maximum upto 100 weeks in case of temporary total disablement
Up to ₹ 5,000 per week Up to ₹ 10,000 per week Up to ₹ 20,000 per week
On Renewal , we will increase your SI by 5% every year maximum upto 50%. No effect of claim on loyalty benefit.
5% of Sum Insured 5% of Sum Insured 5% of Sum Insured
Common Carrier Mishap Cover
Get additional upto 100% of sum insured benefit in case of accidental death or Permanent Total Disablement due to travelling in common carrier like train,flight etc
No No tick-mark
Optional Benefit
Accidental Hospitalization
In case of Hospitalization due to accident ,claim the expenses incurred on hospitalization upto specified amount.
Up to ₹ 50,000 Up to ₹ 50,000 Up to ₹ 1,00,000

Secure complete plan details

Add-ons to cover your specific needs

Accidental Hospitalization


This optional cover provides coverage for the following 3 sub-benefits:

  • Hospitalization Expenses
  • Daily Allowance
  • Compassionate Visit

Personal Accident Insurance Plan Details

  • Entry age - Minimum 91 days

  • Entry age - Maximum Adult 70 years and Child 24 years

  • Lifelong Renewability

  • Policy Issuance Policy issuance is subject to the underwriting review and approval

Download Terms & Conditions
  • Any pre-existing injury or physical condition.

  • Any intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempted suicide, sexually transmitted conditions, mental or nervous conditions, insanity, disorder, anxiety, stress or depression.

  • The Insured Person flying in an aircraft other than as a fare paying passenger in a Scheduled Airline.

  • The Insured Person engaging in sporting activities in so far as they involve the training for or participation in competitions of professional sports, unless declared beforehand and agreed by the Company in writing subject to additional premium being recieved and incorporated accordingly in the Policy.

  • Insured Person serving in any branch of the military, navy or air-force or any branch of armed Forces or any paramilitary forces.

  • Any claim related to Hazardous Activities.

  • Persons whilst working with in underground mines, explosives, press, activities like racing on wheels or horseback, winter sports, canoeing involving white water rapids, any bodily contact sport.

  • Claim arising out of mental illness, stress, psychiatric or psycho logical disorders.

Please refer to policy TnC for detail exclusion

In case of accidental hospitalisation, all you have to do is present the Care Health Card at our network of more than 8350+ leading hospitals pan India and avail cashless service. As an alternate, you can also file for reimbursement of expenses

In case of all other claims, reimburse your expenses by simply notifying us. call us directly, send us the specified documents and we'll process your claims

Since you interact directly with us, we can be doubly sure that you are satisfied. And when you are satisfied, we feel satisfied too.

We deliver on our promise. We take pride in offering hassle-free clearance and speedy settlements.

Voice of Customers

Mehtaab Singh

review I bought Personal Accident Insurance and received coverage for Permanent Partial Disablement when I met with an accident—highly recommended it to my peers.

Suraj Khurana

review Hospitalization expenses arising out of a road accident could be unbearable for anyone. I am glad that I bought the Care's Personal Accident Insurance. Thanks for all the insurance benefits offered.

Suman Varshney

review Care's Personal Accident Insurance plan is the best one to get cover for injuries and fractures resulting from an accident. I got the treatment I needed and had no worries about the bills.

Arpit Chaurasia

review Buying Personal accident insurance from Care Health Insurance was the right decision I made. I got the reconstruction surgery covered under it. Value for money!

Atul Yadav

review I believe in Care Health insurance as my insurance partner. Bought a personal accident policy under which their team helped me get the necessary treatment. The best insurance company for me!
Ankita Sharma

My appreciation for your prompt service

At the outset, I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt service in taking up the case regarding my claim. I have received timely intimation regarding the acceptance of my claim amount settled by you. View more

Ankita Sharma

Health Insurance

Indubala Nambiar

We will continue to avail of your scheme

Thank you for settling the claim amount. It helped me a lot during my tough time. The process is smooth and hassle-free. I will continue with Care Health Insurance and recommend it to my friends as well. View more

Indubala Nambiar

Health Insurance

Vikas Singh

Everything went very smooth

I would like to pass on my appreciation for Virender, who guided me during the difficult time. He helped me at every stage and didn't keep me waiting. Due to his efforts, I was relaxed and everything went very smooth. View more

Vikas Singh

Health Insurance

Sahil Khattar

Really helpful explaining the process in advance

I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional response from you on the recent cashless hospitalization request related to my mother's operation. You were really helpful throughout. View more

Sahil Khattar

Health Insurance

Aditya Sharma

Finalising my claim in a short period

I must express my profound appreciation for finalising my claim in a short period. I have heard of insurance companies holding payment or rejecting it outright on very flimsy grounds was not the case with Care health insurance, May your tribe grow more View more

Aditya Sharma

Health Insurance

Zeroing in on a health insurance plan specially an accidental health plan, is a tricky choice, given the number of insurers in the market who offer similar policies. It is not wise to simply choose the policy with the lowest amount of premium. You need to compare different policies, their features and benefits. Care Health Insurance is a specialist Health Insurer. It offers products keeping in mind a customer's needs in the event of medical exigency. CHI offers a distinct set of benefits giving a clear choice for providing you with the best possible health insurance. 


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30 Lakh + Claims Settled^^


Cashless claim approval
in approx. 2 hours

^^number of claims settled as on February, 2022

FAQs on Personal Accident Insurance


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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Questions

Q. Why do I need a Personal Accident Policy?

A personal accident policy is important to protect your family during unforeseen circumstances like accidents. In the event of hospitalisation due to injuries, treatment for disablement, or even death of the policyholder, the beneficiaries of the personal accident policy will receive the specified coverage amount and thus can lead a life without any financial difficulty.

Q. Is there any age limit for a Personal Accident Insurance policy?

The minimum entry age for availing the personal accident insurance coverage is 18 Years, and the maximum age is 70 years.

Q. Do I need to buy an individual personal accident insurance policy for each of my family members?

You can buy a PA cover for your family if you have purchased a PA policy for yourself. In case your spouse or your children are not earning, then you can propose PA cover for an amount of 50% of your PA eligibility and 25% of your eligibility in case of your child.

Q. When can I Claim the Benefits after Buying the Accident Insurance Policy?

Yes, you can claim from your policy immediately after the policy is issuance, provided that the unforeseen event has happened after the issuance of the policy.

Q. Do I need accident insurance if I have a Health Insurance policy?

Several health insurance policies offer coverage for accident-related expenses, including emergency hospitalisation. However, having a separate personal accident insurance cover is a must, as there are a lot of associated benefits. Such plans are designed to provide coverage for accident-related expenses. They prove to be better than health insurance policies by offering defined covers and features, not in health insurance policies.

Q. Why Choose Care Health Insurance for Personal Accident Insurance?

Care Health Insurance offers 'Secure,' a comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance policy. The insurer ensures a seamless claim settlement procedure and provides timely assistance to the policyholders. The personal accident insurance policy comes with various features and a range of sum insured options from Rs 10 Lakh to Rs 25 Crore.

*Please read the policy terms and conditions carefully to verify the benefits and exclusions in detail. 

Secure complete plan details

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