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Coronavirus Health Insurance

Health Insurance with Coronavirus Coverage

  • ^^21100+ Cashless Healthcare Providers
  • **Reliable Claim Settlement with Over 30 lakhs Claims Settled
  • *Shield yourself with 95.2% Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Avail Annual Health Check, and Save Tax
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Overview of Care COVID-19 Insurance Policies

If the pandemic has taught us one thing—it is—to make our well-being the top-most priority. An unhealthy routine, inactive lifestyle, and lack of emergency planning have led millions of people to suffer the loss of life and funds in just a few months. India alone has seen more than 4.5 lakh deaths due to the deadly coronavirus. As the world is constantly witnessing new COVID variants, we must take preventive measures by following a healthy lifestyle and arranging sufficient funds for COVID emergencies. While you take care of your health, we back your medical funds with COVID-19 insurance.

At Care Health Insurance, we take pride in becoming your financial backbone during this pandemic with our COVID Insurance Covers. We offer customized corona insurance plans promising comprehensive medical coverage, facilities, and benefits for you and your family's financial well-being. As the COVID-19 treatment costs break records, we ensure our customers receive timely financial security and quality healthcare services no matter their age and location. That's how our coronavirus insurance policies keep you and your family stress-free during any COVID-related complication. Learn more about the benefits and coverage under our COVID-19 Health Insurance further below.

Why Do You Need Care Coronavirus Insurance?

Prepares You for the Looming Infection Risk

Although corona cases are slowing down in India, there is a high risk of getting infected with COVID-19 strains. With the Indian festive and wedding season in full swing, people are more likely to avoid COVID-appropriate precautions. CHIL's coronavirus health insurance prepares you for India's anticipated third COVID-19 wave along with the risk of COVID strains.

Lowers Financial Loss during Treatment

In India, the ICU cost for COVID-19 treatment is almost equivalent to seven months or more of earnings for the average salaried employee. The per-day COVID treatment cost is now ranging as high as Rs. 50,000. What's worse—the 10 times increased cost of services like ambulance, medications, and oxygen cylinders. With CHIL's all-inclusive insurance for COVID-19, you get coverage across medical and non-medical expenses, so your savings are spared for the post-COVID recovery phase.

Helps Uninsured People Secure Their Health

While most Care health insurance policies now come with COVID coverage, our Corona-specific insurance plans seek to benefit uninsured individuals and families. People without appropriate mediclaims are more prone to health and financial loss during this pandemic. Hence, buying covid insurance secures your health and finances from the highly contagious variants of coronavirus.

Provides All-India Coverage

With many countries relaxing their travel restrictions, the travelers' percentage is only increasing with time. We safeguard your travel plans by offering an all-India network of 21,100+ cashless healthcare providers. Unfortunately, if you might contract with COVID-19 during your travel, we will indemnify the treatment and other non-medical expenses as per the policy terms.

Read FAQS on Coronavirus

Care Coronavirus-specific Health Insurance Plans

The pandemic has compelled us to rethink how we treat our health and finances. In the wake of constant health risks arising out of this pandemic, coronavirus health insurance plans ensure that you get quality treatment along with maximum coverage across COVID-related complications. At CHIL, we offer two corona insurance policies—Corona Kavach and COVID Care—with comprehensive features and advantages as explained below-

Health Insurance Plans with COVID-19 Coverage

You and your family might already be covered under a complete health insurance plan. However, you would still need a covid insurance policy or coverage to fight the constant virus threat. No matter your age, gender, or health conditions, financial protection against COVID-19 is the need of the hour for everyone alike.

COVID Care is our pocket-size insurance benefit that covers all the standard medical expenses related to COVID treatment. The USP of COVID is that you can club it with any of our medical covers as an additional benefit by paying a slightly higher premium.

Below are the various medical benefits covered under the COVID-care plan-

Sum Insured

INR 3 lacs, 5 lacs, 10 lacs

Who should buy Covid Care?

Ideally, everyone who needs financial security during COVID-related emergency, especially-

  • Individuals and family members without COVID-specific insurance under their health policy
  • People who need insurance for COVID under a single health plan.

Individuals and family members up to 2 adults and 4 children—including—self, legal spouse, dependent children, parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, employee, and any other relationship having an insurable interest.

Is pre-policy Medical Check-up required?


What are the benefits covered under Covid Care?
  • Covid Hospitalization Expenses
  • In-patient care
  • Day Care Treatment
  • Quarantine Coverage^
  • Pre and Post-hospitalization Expenses
  • PD Benefits^
What is the Waiting Period?

First 15 days from the policy commencement date

Policy Tenure

1, 2, and 3 years

*You may require pre-policy medical checks subject to pre-existing ailments or the underwriter's discretion.

At Care Insurance, we aim to prepare you and your loved ones for the toughest times with well-funded and comprehensive health covers. During the pandemic, our team has made the best efforts to enhance our existing health plans with COVID-19 insurance coverage. We ensure that your existing mediclaims continue to protect you with the added benefit of corona health insurance.

The following are our indemnity-based health covers with the available additional benefit of COVID health insurance-

Man Illustration

Look for best health plan that suits your need!

Product Image
Individual Health Insurance

A Safety Net that Protects You Against Medical Emergencies

  • Plan starting from 25 lakhs and going up to 6 Crores
  • An add-on offering unlimited e-consultations
Product Image
Pre-Existing Diseases Cover

Health Insurance for Diabetes, High BMI and Hypertension

  • Dialysis Cover 
  • Day Care Treatments
Product Image
Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Your Parents have always care for you, Now its your TURN

  • No Pre-policy medical check-up
  • *Annual Health check-up for all insured persons
Product Image
Maternity Health Plan

Maternity Insurance Plan with Newborn Baby Cover

  • Newborn Baby Cover up to the first 90 days
  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Cover
Product Image
Heart Health Insurance

Health Insurance that Covers Pre-existing Heart Ailments

  • 541+ Day Care Treatments
  • AYUSH Coverage

Corona Kavach Policy

As the third wave's fear looms over our heads, it is essential to take timely measures before the infection strikes back at our loved ones. CHIL's Corona Kavach policy is a one-stop solution to all your corona worries. With wide-ranging coverage and a sum insured of up to 5 lacs, the Corona Kavach policy promises complete medical cover for yourself and your family. The policy is a coronavirus-exclusive plan, with all the benefits and reimbursement facilitated solely for COVID-related complications.

Below are the many offerings under our Corona Kavach policy-

Sum Insured

5 lacs

Who should buy Corona Kavach?

Ideally, everyone who needs broad COVID coverage should consider this policy. Also, ideal for people who are constantly prone to get infected, like-

  • On-field workers
  • Healthcare workers
  • Family members with weak immunity
  • Uninsured families

Individuals and family members up to 2 adults and 4 children—including—self, legal spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law.

Is pre-policy Medical Check-up required?


What are the benefits covered under Corona Kavach?
  • Covid Hospitalization Expenses
  • Home Care Treatment Expenses maximum up to 14 days^
  • AYUSH Treatment
  • Pre and Post-hospitalization Expenses
Optional Covers

Hospital Daily Cash

What is the Waiting Period?

First 15 days from the policy commencement date

Policy Tenure

9.5 months

*You may require pre-policy medical checks subject to pre-existing ailments or the underwriter's discretion.

^Please refer to the policy documents to learn more about the policy benefits in detail.

Learn more about our Corona Kavach policy here.


  • Treatment for any illness, sickness, or disease other than coronavirus.
  • Any claim concerning corona disease that is contracted prior to policy issuance.
  • Coronavirus contracted when traveling to any containment zone or city where travel has been restricted by Government authority.
  • Any treatment not listed on the non-medical item list.
  • The investigation, evaluation, or diagnostic expenses.
  • Obesity or weight control treatment.
  • Hazardous or adventure sports.

For more information on exclusions, please read the policy documents carefully.

FAQs about Care Coronavirus Insurance Policy

Q. Is health insurance for COVID-19 available in India?

Yes, leading health insurers in India like Care Health Insurance offers corona insurance online.

Q. Will my health insurance cover medical expenses related to coronavirus?

Yes, as per the IRDAI guidelines, basic health insurance policies offering hospitalization shall also cover medical expenses related to coronavirus. Our existing health insurance policies cover COVID-related complications as per policy terms only when a covid-positive report is received from a government authorized center.

Q. Which products from Care Health Insurance cover coronavirus treatment?

Our *indemnity-based products such as Care, Care Freedom, Care Global, Care Senior, Care POS, Enhance, Care Heart, Joy, and customized group products with IPD benefit cover hospitalization expenses for coronavirus. Also, our *travel insurance products, including Care Explore and Student Explore, offer corona coverage.

Q. Where can I buy the best corona insurance online?

Visit the Care Health Insurance's official website, and select a health cover that provides coverage for coronavirus. Next, fill required details to generate a quote, customize the health plan by adjusting the sum insured, and make the payment through our secured online modes.

Q. Does coronavirus cover include home care, cashless & reimbursement facilities?

Yes, CHIL's COVID insurance plans offer both cashless and reimbursement claim settlement facilities. We cover COVID treatment at home-on a positive diagnosis from a government-authorized center- under the basic cover of Corona Kavach. Also, you can also attach home care benefits to your existing health insurance by paying an additional premium. With a vast network of over 16,500+ cashless healthcare providers, we ensure seamless hospitalization and claim procedures.

Q. Are isolation and quarantine charges part of my covid health insurance coverage?

Yes, we offer isolation charges reimbursement, provided isolation is done post advice of a registered medical practitioner and at an approved facility for carrying out treatment for Coronavirus cases. Also, we cover medical expenses incurred for treatment and/or quarantine under COVID-19 positive confirmation. Only a government-authorized center's positive report and quarantine center would be permissible for reimbursement.

Q. Does an Existing Health Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19?

Yes, if you have purchased health insurance before getting positive, you will get coverage for the hospitalization expenses related to COVID-19 treatment the policy terms and conditions.

Q. What are the expenses not covered by a coronavirus health insurance plan?

The plan does not cover expenses related to self-quarantine at home or if the person has undergone quarantine at any non-recognized facility (for treating coronavirus case).

Q. Is there a waiting period for coronavirus health insurance (covid health insurance)?

Yes, we offer coronavirus health insurance with 15 days waiting period only.

Q. Who is more prone to coronavirus?

Senior citizens, children, pregnant women, and people with weak immune systems or pre-existing diseases are more prone to get infected.

Q. Will I receive better medical care under health insurance with coronavirus cover?

Yes, you will get access to appropriate medical facilities under health insurance with coronavirus cover that reduces your financial burden and helps you recover faster.


*Claim Settlement Ratio is for FY 19-20

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 31st Dec 2022.

^10% discount is applicable for a 3-year policy

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