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Operation Insurance

Operation Insurance

Operation insurance is a medical cover for critical surgeries and medical procedures requiring long and expensive treatment. Health insurance for surgery lowers the financial burden that comes with major operations.

  • Indemnity based plan with Flexible Tenure Options
  • Life Long Coverage with reward of No Claim Bonus
  • Preventive Annual Health Check-up
  • Covers Defined Surgical Procedures
Cashless Healthcare Providers^^
48 LAKH+
Insurance Claims Settled**
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What is an Operation Insurance Cover?

Sometimes, the road to recovery from an illness may begin with a surgery. The thought of undergoing a surgical operation can make anyone nervous. However, you can rest assured when you know that you have access to the best medical care available under your health insurance.

Surgery is a crucial medical procedure required as part of the treatment of various illnesses. Thanks to medical advancements, surgical procedures are getting advanced. There are many surgeries that no longer need large incisions, elaborate procedures, or even extended stays at the hospital. Surgery helps save the lives of people who are fighting a disease or a medical condition.  And in all this hassle of arranging finances, only the best health insurance for surgery can come to your rescue and save you from shelling out your hard-earned money.

The operation insurance plan offered by Care Health Insurance is a type of mediclaim policy that offers comprehensive coverage for expenses related to defined surgical procedures. Surgery insurance cover provides the much-required financial cushion for one’s precious savings. Once you have the best health insurance for surgery, you will be free of the unnecessary stress of arranging finances.

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Look for best health plan that suits your need!

Product Image
Operation Insurance

Coverage for wide array of defined surgeries

  • In-Patient Care
  • Day Care Treatment
Product Image
Critical Illness Insurance

Health Insurance Coverage for 32 Critical Illnesses

  • Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Cover
  • AYUSH Coverage
Product Image
Health Insurance for Cancer

Cover for Treatment of Cancer at all Stages

  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Cover
  • OPD Expenses Coverage
Product Image
Heart Mediclaim

Health Insurance Covering 16 Major Health Aliments

  • Cashless & Reimbursement Facility
  • Annual Cardiac health check-up

What is Covered Under Operation Health Insurance Plan?

An operation insurance plan offers financial protection against various surgical expenses incurred by the policyholder. Medical insurance for surgery is an indemnity-based plan that provides the following benefits to the insured:

  • Cover for Defined Surgical Procedures - Our plan makes it easy for you if you have to undergo a surgical procedure. With our best insurance for surgery, you will not have to pay anything out of your pocket. However, make sure the procedure is covered under pur defined surgical procedures.
  • Pre-hospitalisation Expenses - We cover the medically necessary expenses such as examination, tests and medication up to Sum Insured for a period of 30 days immediately before the date of your hospitalisation.
  • Post-hospitalisation Expenses - We cover the medically necessary expenses up to the sum insured incurred by You for a period of 60 days immediately after your discharge from the hospital and you go back home for recovery.
  • In-Patient Care - We will pay for the medical expenses, through Cashless or Reimbursement Facility up to Sum Insured– from room charges, nursing expenses, ICU charges, surgeon’s fee, doctor’s fee, anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, OT charges, etc., subjected to terms and conditions.
  • Day Care Treatment - We will pay through Cashless or Reimbursement Facility for all such listed day care treatments that need hospitalisation for less than 24 hours, maximum up to Sum Insured.
  • Organ Donor Cover - We care about those who help you as much as we care for you. So, beyond ensuring that Your medical needs are met, we will pay you through cashless or reimbursement Facility up to a specified amount/limit for medical expenses that are incurred by You towards Your organ donor, while undergoing the organ transplant surgery, if the donation confirms to the applicable laws and rules and You have already claimed for the same Covered Condition under Hospitalisation Expenses.
  • Second Opinion - We take Your illnesses as seriously as You do. If You are diagnosed with or have undergone/are undergoing any of the Covered Conditions and feel uncertain about Your diagnosis/treatment or wish to get a second opinion within India from a doctor on Your medical reports for any other reason, We arrange one for you, without any impact on Sum Insured amount. This second opinion is available to every Insured Person, once for each Illness / Surgery per Policy year.
  • Annual Health Check-up - Our prime concern is your good health. We provide an annual health check-up from the second policy year on continuous coverage at our network provider/ empanelled provider in India for all the insured persons covered under the policy, on a cashless basis. This Benefit shall be available only once during a policy year per insured person.
  • No claim bonus - If no claim has been paid by us in the expiring policy year, we raise a cheer to your good health in the form of a bonus for you. At the end of 1st claim free policy year, we will enhance the Sum Insured by 50%, at the end of 2nd claim free policy year by 25% and at the end of 3rd Claim free policy year by 25%.

Optional Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Surgery

You also have an option of choosing optional benefits while buying surgery insurance cover. Below listed are a few optional benefits that you can choose from


Co-payment Option

By choosing this optional benefit, you will bear a co-payment of 20% per claim and our liability shall be restricted to the balance amount payable, subject to terms and conditions.


Unlimited Automatic Recharge

If, you ever exhaust your health cover, we reinstate the entire sum insured unlimited times in a policy year provided you use the recharge amount only under hospitalisation expenses.


Air Ambulance Cover

We will pay you up to the amount specified in the Policy for availing Air Ambulance in India for your transportation from the place of occurrence of a medical emergency to the nearest Hospital.


Room Rent Modification

Your Room Rent/Category and ICU Charges should not have any restrictions or limits. In this optional benefit, you will have no limit on room rent/room category during Hospital accommodation.

What is Not Covered Under Operation Insurance?

The operation insurance policy has an initial waiting period of 90 days and 48 months for pre-existing diseases. The insured persons cannot get a claim if they undergo a diagnosis of illness or any surgical procedure during this period. 

When buying a health insurance policy, it is essential to check the list of exclusions. It will give you an idea of the various scenarios where you will not be eligible to get a claim. 

We list below some of the permanent exclusions of the policy:-

  • Act of self-inflicted injury attempted suicide or suicide
  • Any illness related directly to the consumption of Alcohol/Tobacco/Cigarettes etc.
  • HIV/AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgeries or related treatment
  • Pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, maternity including C- section, abortion or complications of any of these
  • All the hazardous activities
  • Damage caused by a nuclear, chemical or biological attack or weapons
  • Illness or injuries caused due to any breach of law by the insured with any criminal intent

List of Surgeries Covered Under Operation Insurance Plans

Care Health Insurance covers almost all surgical procedures, subject to terms and conditions. A list of some common surgical procedures are as follows-

  • Cardiomyopathy 
  • Angioplasty 
  • Balloon Valvotomy/Valvuloplasty 
  • Pericardectomy 
  • Surgery to Place Ventricular Assist Devices or Total Artificial Hearts 
  • Surgery of Aorta 
  • Implantation of Pacemaker of Heart 
  • Heart Valve Replacement/repair 
  • Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Why Do You Need Health Insurance for Surgery?

Surgery may become inevitable for a person suffering from an illness or having a specific medical condition. Surgeries are performed effectively and quickly owing to the technological advancements in healthcare, thus benefiting the patients. A surgical operation demands great care, and therefore it becomes crucial to avail quality treatment at the best hospital. This policy will protect you against a host of medical costs besides hospital bills. It would offer cover for expenses such as:

  • In-patient Hospitalisation including room rent, operation theatre, and ICU charges
  • Day-care treatment including day-care surgeries
  • Pre-hospitalisation Medical Expenses incurred for 30 days before admission
  • Post-hospitalisation Medical Expenses incurred for a period up to 60 days after discharge

How to Select Operation Health Insurance Online?

Buying operation health insurance online is a simple process that does not involve any paperwork. In a few clicks, you can get the best health cover for your medical expenses. Before proceeding, make sure you have made a clear assessment of your medical needs and estimated your costs. 

Now, visit the official website of Care Health Insurance, where you will find the best operation insurance policy. You have the option to pick the sum insured based on your financial requirements. Moreover, you can calculate the premium and pay the amount online. 

How to Claim Health Insurance for Surgery?

Below is the process you can follow to file cashless or reimbursement claim under your surgery insurance coverage-

Cashless Claim Process Reimbursement Claim Process
Step 1: Go to a listed in-network hospital. Step 1: Submit your claim form along with other required documents.
Step 2: Fill out the proper forms at the insurance desk. Step 2: You'll get an approval letter when your claim is verified.
Step 3: Send the completed form to our claim management team. Step 3: Respond to queries raised by the claim management team.
Step 4: You'll get an approval letter when your claim is verified. Step 4: Get approval from the claim management team.
Step 5: Respond to queries from the claim management team and you will soon know whether your cashless claim is approved or rejected. Step 5: You will be contacted by our claims team if there are specific reasons for rejecting your claim.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind While Opting for an Operation Insurance Policy

Choosing the right health insurance cover is of utmost importance so that you can stay worry-free about possible out-of-pocket expenditures. Here are some essential factors you must remember when selecting health insurance for surgery:

  • Make sure you check the list of surgical procedures which are covered under the policy
  • Find out the network hospitals where you could avail of cashless hospitalisation facility
  • Decide the coverage amount which would be suitable for your estimated medical expenses
  • Remember to take into account the waiting period clause, sub-limits, and exclusions
  • Make sure the policy you have selected has features like lifelong renewability
  • Check if there is an option of equated installments for premium payment
  • You need to decide if you want this health insurance plan as an individual cover or as a family health insurance plan.

Difference Operation Insurance vs Health Insurance

Many people are gradually realising the importance of buying a health insurance plan, which will safeguard them during medical emergencies. A health plan offers numerous benefits and covers those medical expenses that are not just restricted to hospitalisation. 

While this is true, it is also essential to have a specific health cover for surgery. It could be possible that your existing health policy becomes insufficient to cover all the expenses you are incurring due to an illness. Choosing an operation insurance cover is a wise decision as it will provide an additional cushion by covering the surgical procedures as defined in the policy document. 

Kindly refer the prospectus for a complete list of procedures covered

Voice Of Customer

Rashmi December 01, 2023
Operation Mediclaim

Quick response, satisfied with soluton

fast claims settlement with minimal interference of agent directly connected with hospital and insurance team
Mehroon Ansari December 01, 2023
Operation Mediclaim

Good operation assistance policy

I am really impressed by the benefits of operation insurance, infact I would recommend you to buy this Plan to everyone.
Jyoti Dua December 01, 2023
Operation Mediclaim

Helpful Support Team

Fahad from the claim team helped me in getting claim. They were patient
Jaspreet December 01, 2023
Operation Mediclaim

Happy client from Mussorie

Nice service and fast claims settlement and happy to see instant support received from mussorie team happy
Sanjana December 01, 2023
Operation Mediclaim

Best plan

Never thought a health insurance would also cover surgeries Could be made possible because of Care Health Insurance THANK YOU CARE
Rahul Sangwan

My appreciation for your prompt service

Recently, I’ve purchased JOY Maternity insurance for my expecting wife and my experience was excellent with the claim settlement team who helped me deal with all the formalities smoothly. Thank you for making my decision the right one!

Rahul Sangwan

Health Insurance

Samanway Barik

We will continue to avail of your scheme

I ported my healthcare plan last year; it is the wisest decision I made by choosing Care Health Insurance. I recently got admitted due to a viral infection, and all my expenses got covered under my plan.

Samanway Barik

Health Insurance

Soubhagya K Kulkarni

Everything went very smooth

Thank you for helping me when I needed help the most, being in the hospital. Buying Care’s health insurance plan is my best decision so far.

Soubhagya K Kulkarni

Health Insurance

Vaibhav Rai

Really helpful explaining the process in advance

Thank you for helping me with your fastest claim settlement process. I didn’t have to wait much for the approval. Everything was quick and seamless.

Vaibhav Rai

Health Insurance

Zeroing in on a health insurance plan for your family is a tricky choice, given the number of insurers in the market who offer similar policies. It is not wise to simply choose the policy with the lowest amount of premium. You need to compare different policies, their features and benefits. Care Health Insurance (CHI) is a specialist Health Insurer and offers products keeping in mind the needs of a customer in the event of a medical exigency. CHI offers a distinct set of benefits giving a clear choice for providing you with the best possible health insurance.


Awarded as Best
Health Insurance Company of the year^


48 LAKH+ Claims Settled*



^India Insurance Summit & Awards 2023

FAQs on Operation Insurance

Q. Does Operation Insurance Policy Offer Tax Benefits?

The policyholder is eligible to claim an income tax deduction on the premium paid, as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, as applicable. The tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws in India.

Q. Is it Necessary to Get a Medical Check-up Before Buying an Operation Insurance Policy?

The operation insurance plan covers the expenses for defined surgeries. The policy will be issued based on tele underwriting. In a few cases, the insured may be asked to undergo a medical check-up.

Q. How should one decide on insurance for Operation Insurance coverage?

If you are planning to buy an operation insurance cover, do remember to consider your age, health risks, and current medical condition and estimated costs of surgery. Additionally, you should keep in mind the waiting period clause and exclusions so that you can prepare yourself for the scenarios where you cannot get coverage under your policy.

Q. Can Operation Insurance policy be renewed?

Yes. Operation Insurance a super mediclaim productcomes with lifelong renewability which means once enrolled a person could continue to avail benefits throughout their lifetime (provided policy is renewed timely).

Q. At what time I can opt for Installment Option?

The option to avail EMIs for premium payment can be opted only at the time of purchase of policy and remains the same throughout policy year.

Q. What happens if I claim the policy in X month and my policy is on Installment option?

Upon choosing EMIs as the premium payment mode, if a claim is filed, then the remaining amount of EMIs for the policy year will be deducted from the total claim payable amount.

Q. How No Claim Bonus works in Operation Insurance?

Super Mediclaim comes with an enhanced version of No claim Bonus. In the first Claim free year, there is a 50% increase in base Sum Insured. In Claim free 2nd & 3rd year there will be is 25% corresponding Increase on base SI. Thus 50%/25%/25%-Corresponding increase in SI for 1st, 2nd and 3rd continuous claim-free/ Policy Years respectively, Max up to 100% of SI. 50%/25%/25%-Corresponding decrease in SI per Policy Year in case a claim has been paid.

Q. Why is it necessary for me to disclose my current health status correctly and accurately while I buy a health insurance policy?

Insurance is a contract of utmost good faith. It always pays to be honest. Declaring the correct and accurate health status at the time of buying health insurance ensures smooth processing of your application. This will also help us service you in a better manner.

Q. Is there any discount on buying Multiple Tenure Policy?

Yes, you will get a discount on multi-year policy.

Q. Is there any best health insurance for spinal surgery?

Yes, Care’s operation mediclaim will help you cover your spinal surgery, subjected to terms and conditions.

Disclaimer : Information above is just for reference. Kindly read T & C of policy thoroughly. Do refer IRDAI guidelines for tax exemption conditions.

~Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply

**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st March 2024

^10% discount is applicable for a 3-year policy

^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers as of 31st March 2024

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