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UK Travel Insurance

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    UK Travel Insurance

    With the fusion of modernization and old traditions, the UK is located on the north-western coast of mainland Europe, comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It is the eighth biggest tourist destination worldwide that attracts millions of tourists every year. The mesmerizing locations, fascinating views of Buckingham palace, beautiful castles, lively cities, and fantastic architecture are breathtaking. But, if you really want to enjoy your stay in the UK, do not forget travel insurance. It keeps you away from the glitches that can hinder your travel joy. Whether it's emergency medical help or loss of baggage, trip delay, or cancellation covers so many things. You can get it at an affordable premium. So, book your flights, opt for our international travel insurance, and get ready to explore Great Britain.

    Is Travel Insurance for UK Mandatory?

    It is advisable to opt for UK travel insurance to enjoy your trip without worries. However, it is not mandatory to get UK travel insurance to get a UK visa. But it’s always good to travel safely. Whether you plan to visit the UK for tourism, business, or study purposes, travel insurance protects you against untoward events that can pop up during your holidays.

    Benefits of UK Travel Insurance

    Stress-free travel is what we ensure under UK travel insurance. Below are significant benefits of opting for it:

    Comfort: Having travel insurance cover for your trip will save you from the stress of travelling. The best thing is you can buy travel insurance online.

    Protection in Medical Emergency: The policy provides coverage to help you get immediate medical attention.

    Compensation in case of Mishaps: The plan offers compensation to the nominee in case of the insured person's uncertain death.

    Covers you in other Contingencies: Trip delays and loss of belongings and documentation will be taken care of under the travel plan.

    Multi-Trip Policy: If you are a frequent flyer, you can avail the multi-trip travel policy.

    Cashless Claim Settlement: You can apply for the cashless claim facility.

    Region-specific Plans: Our region-specific best travel insurance India plans help to relish your trip and leave all your travel worries with us.

    How much does UK Travel Insurance Cost?

    Travel insurance is not a one-size-fits-all product, the cost and terms of a policy will vary from one company to another. However, understanding pricing guidelines can help you plan to buy best travel insurance online. We offer overseas travel insurance plans at very affordable premiums. The actual premium can be calculated with our premium calculator.

    The premium amount for your travel insurance is dependent on the risk factor. When determining how much UK travel insurance costs, keep in mind that the price you pay is heavily influenced by factors like age, trip cost, plan type, number of travellers, destination and trip length. The cost of your travel insurance also depends on the type of plan you choose.

    We've created a simple guide to help you choose the right insurance for you and your trip, ensuring you get the best value for money. We offer two types of travel insurance. Each has its own set of advantages and is best suited to a specific type of traveller or vacation.

    Single Trip Travel Insurance - Are you planning a trip to UK for a vacation, study, or business meeting? Concerned about illness and non-medical emergencies? Simply select our Single trip travel insurance to travel worry-free.

    Multi-trip Travel Insurance - If you travel frequently, selecting a suitable travel policy can be a time-consuming task. Our Multi-Trip plan is designed specifically for frequent international travellers. This travel insurance policy is best suited for travel bloggers and business travellers.

    How to Choose the Best UK Travel Insurance?

    Opting for the best travel insurance for the UK is easy with the below-mentioned factors, so pick the plan accordingly:

    Frequency of your travel: If you are a frequent flyer, an annual multi-trip policy will work best for you; else, you can opt for a single trip policy for short journeys. So, pick the plan for how frequently you travel.

    Duration of your travel: Your premium is likely to be higher if you plan to stay longer in an overseas location, so you must choose a policy that best suits your requirements.

    Geographical location: Check whether the plan covers that particular location you want to visit. Also, look whether any city or place in the UK is declared as not safe for tourists.

    Exclusions: Travel plans have some exclusions that are not admissible under the policy coverage. So, check them all.

    Maximum Coverage: Pick the travel insurance covering your travel medical and non-medical risks and give you comprehensive coverage.

    Premium Amount: Use online premium calculators available on our official websites to calculate the premium for different plans and pick the one that best suits your travel budget.

    Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR): Check the travel insurance company's CSR. We have higher CSR and ensure our timely claim settlement to our customers.

    Quick Assistance: We are there to assist our customers 24x7. So, opt for our travel insurance plan and travel worry-free.

    Eligibility for UK Travel Insurance

    Check the below eligibility criteria according to the plans:

    Travel Insurance Plans

    Eligibility Criteria

    Explore - International Travel Insurance

    The minimum entry age is one day.

    The minimum entry age of a proposer is 18 years or above.

    The maximum entry age for an adult is as specified in the plan.

    Student Explore – Student Travel Insurance

    The minimum entry age is 12 years.

    The maximum entry age is 40 years.

    Why Buy Travel Insurance for UK Online?

    Are you preparing for a trip? Don't forget to include travel insurance. Purchasing travel insurance online is simple and can be performed in a matter of minutes. You can buy travel insurance online for UK in the same way you can purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms. The procedure is simple, and it will also provide you with the following benefits.

    • Online purchase of UK travel insurance plans saves time and allows you to compare different options more quickly.
    • You can make the right decision by procuring online travel quotes.
    • Purchasing travel insurance online will take very little time. You can use this time to plan your itinerary and make travel arrangements!
    • Buying travel insurance online is convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home. Whatever works for you in terms of timing is fine!

    The policy is issued immediately. You will receive the insurance papers in the mail as soon as you make the payment.

    What is Covered in the UK Travel Insurance Plan?

    Listed below are the essential things that we covered in the UK travel insurance policy:

    Emergency Hospitalization: If you find yourself in a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, the travel insurance plan will provide you with complete cover encompassing IPD and OPD expenses.

    COVID-19 Coverage: We offer COVID-19 coverage so that you can enjoy your trip without the pandemic fear.

    Personal Accident: Travelling abroad can bring many uncertainties, and accidents are among them. Keeping in mind such worries, we cover Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability that require urgent and immediate medical attention.

    Dental Treatment: If any injury is caused to your sound natural teeth or you have any acute pain, do not worry! We cover medical expenses for such dental treatment so that you can keep your million-dollar smile as is.

    Pre-existing Diseases: Our travel insurance plan will cover the treatment of pre-existing diseases in case of a life-threatening condition.

    Common Carrier Accidental Death: A lump sum amount as compensation will be given if the insured person loses his/her life while travelling in a common carrier/ public transport.

    Trip Delay, Cancellation, or Interruption: You will get compensation for the trip delayed, cancellation, or interruption up to the sum insured.

    Loss of Passport and Checked-in Baggage: Get coverage for loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage. In case of loss of passport, the plan offers a cover of up to USD 300/200 Euro with sub-limits.

    Up-gradation to Business Class: If the medical practitioner certifies that the insured person needs to be hospitalized for at least five consecutive days and should go back to the home country, we cover reasonable expenses for up-gradation from economy to business class.

    Personal Liability: If actual legal liability arises on account of the insured person's negligence for which civil claim is made or suit brought against the insured person by the third parties, we cover it too.

    New Coverage Benefits: We have widened our horizon and offer coverage for Missed Flight Connection/Hijack Distress Allowance/Automatic Trip Extension to keep you at bay from unnecessary stress.

    No Maximum Age Limit: There is a no-entry age for travel insurance. You can opt for it even for your one day only child as well at an affordable premium.

    Policy Extension: No need to buy a new policy again and again for the same trip? You can extend the same policy up to the maximum trip duration of 365 days.

    Refund of Visa Fee: We refund your visa fee if your visa got rejected for no fault or negligence. It is an optional cover.

    Repatriation of Mortal Remains: We bear the costs of repatriation of the insured person's mortal remains back to the home country for local burial or cremation.

    What is Not Covered in UK Travel Insurance Plan?

    UK travel insurance provides you with the maximum coverage against all your travel risks. However, there are some situations guided by IRDA that are considered as exclusions, and no claim is provided for the same. Check below our exclusion list:

    • Treatment costs of diseases such as HIV/AIDS/ other transmitted diseases.
    • Treatment expenses incurred due to adventure sports, hazardous activity, the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or consequences of war/nuclear perils.
    • Costs incurred due to exposure to ionizing radiation or contamination.
    • Expenses occurred due to the treatment of self-inflicted injury, suicide, etc.
    • Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured.
    • Expenses incurred by engaging in business activities.
    • Costs incurred due to ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, etc.
    • Personal liability of the insured towards another individual (whether personal, official, or commercial).
    • Costs incurred due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation, or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.
    • Costs incurred due to encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright, and trademark.
    • Liability related to possession of animals, insects, birds, and reptiles, and their by-products.
    • Expenses arising due to Breach of Law.

    Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

    Currency and Foreign Exchange

    The British Pound (Sterling), GBP, is the currency in the United Kingdom. £ is the currency symbol. The British Pound is an internationally traded currency; travellers can exchange their own national currency for British Pounds in their home countries before travelling to the UK, or they can exchange their foreign currency once they arrive. Notes and coins comprise the cash monetary system. Every £1 is worth 100 pence.

    The United Kingdom has not yet adopted the Euro, as has much of mainland Europe. Some shops and outlets accept the Euro, but these are currently few and far between, so travellers should bring British Pounds with them to pay for goods and services.

    Contact Details of High Commission

    The British High Commission in India is in charge of maintaining and developing relations between the United Kingdom and India. They offer services to British nationals who live in or visit India. While in India, you can use UK government services.

    Address: India House Aldwych, Covent Garden, WC2B 4NA, London, United Kingdom

    Phone : +44-207-836-8484

    Fax : +44-207-836-4331


    Website URL :

    Quick Facts About UK

    Total Population


    Land Area

    242, 495 square kilometers

    Official Language


    Official Currency

    Pound Sterling



    Driving Side

    Left-hand side

    Popular Cities

    London, Edinburgh, Bath, Glasgow, Scotland

    World Heritage Sites

    32 sites declared by UNESCO

    Indian Embassy


    India House, Aldwych, London, Wc2B 4NA

    Phone no 00-44 (0) 20 8629 5950

    Places to Visit in the UK

    London: Located across the river Thames, the capital city of the UK, welcomes you with open arms. Big Ben, Coca-Cola London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge are the London attractions that you can afford to miss.

    Edinburgh: The hilly capital known for its Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Arthur’s Seat, and Calton Hill are the spectacular places that you should visit. It also has various monuments and memorials that depict the stories of the United Kingdom's history.

    Bath: It is the largest city in England. It is well-known for its Roman-style baths. The Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, Thermae Bath Spa are the places where you can experience the royal bath.

    Glasgow: This is also known as a port city, located in Scotland. Victorian architecture is the main attraction of Glasgow. Kelvingrove Art and Gallery, Glasgow Cathedral, Riverside museum, and Glasgow Science Center are the places that can be visited.

    Things to Do in the UK

    English Breakfast: It is a must-try when you are in the English countryside. It includes eggs, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, and tea with jam. After breakfast, you can taste other items in British cuisine like steak and kidney pie, Sunday roast, and beef wellington along with famous Scottish whiskey.

    Shopping in London: Shopping is a real treat in London. Oxford Street, Knightsbridge, Bond Street, King’s Road, and Carnaby Street are some of the famous shopping destinations in London. From souvenirs to Scottish whiskey, clothes, and jewellery, you can shop for anything.

    Fun activities: Watch big kids shows, open-air Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, photography, and go to Ferris wheel.

    Quick Travel Tips

    • Opt for the right international travel insurance to travel safely
    • Get all your booking done in advance
    • Check the weather and shop accordingly for the UK travel wardrobe
    • Use public transportation to explore the UK It’s easy, safe and reasonable
    • Take a walking tour according to the city map
    • Speak English people understand it easily
    • Do not carry expensive items such as jewellery, laptop, and camera

    The UK is full of wonders. It promises beautiful views, heritage sites, markets, medieval churches, and lots of enjoyment. So, if you are heading to the “Old Blighty” (another name of UK) for any purpose, it’s good to opt for travel insurance UK. It keeps you away from the frustration of paying the unexpected hefty amount over your travel budget for any medical and non-medical emergency. So, you can enjoy thrilling holidays in the UK worry-free.

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    FAQs on UK Travel Insurance

    Q. How do I get a travel insurance policy for UK Travel?

    You can get travel insurance for the UK by visiting our website and selecting international travel insurance. Then you must enter your personal information and choose the level of coverage you require.

    Q.Which Sum should be Insured for Individual Travel Insurance Plan?

    Choose the Sum Insured that will best protect you in the event of an emergency. We recommend the same based on your country of the visit because average medical treatment costs differ by country.

    Q. Does the policy cover pre-existing diseases?

    Pre-existing diseases are not covered under this policy. A 'Pre-Existing Illness' is one that the person already has before purchasing the policy.

    Q.What exactly is an ASP?

    ASP is an abbreviation for Assistance Service Provider. The most important service they offer is cashless medical services. They also provide the necessary information to deal with any claim-related issues.


    ^^Number of Cashless Healthcare Providers till 25th March 2022.


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