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South Africa Travel Insurance

South Africa Travel Insurance

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Discover the Wilds of South Africa with the Right Travel Insurance

The Republic of South Africa is located on the African continent's outermost tip. The country is well-known for its Cricket team and wildlife. Moreover, the lively cities, incredible natural landscapes, snow-dusted mountains, and marine biodiversity thrill you to plan your next holiday trip to South Africa. It has a fusion of African and Colonial cultures. South Africa is a paradise for animal lovers, adventurers, and food lovers.

The fertile lands and seas offer a smorgasbord of fresh seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. So, from city life to mesmerizing scenery to sun-soaked coasts, South Africa is breathtaking and captivating. But, do not backseat the travel insurance if you want to enjoy your stay there. It acts as your safeguard if you are stuck in any untoward event during a foreign trip. Opt for a comprehensive travel insurance plan for South Africa that covers your medical and non-medical emergency expenses to ensure a worry-free adventure trip to South Africa.

Do You Need Travel Insurance Before Visiting South Africa?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting South Africa. However, all visitors must have adequate coverage for COVID-19 treatment and related medical expenses in South Africa. Thus, given the unpredictable health effects of coronavirus, it is strongly recommended for Indian tourists to get comprehensive travel insurance before travelling to South Africa. Moreover, travel insurance plans are not just for medical exigencies, but they also provide financial protection in other unforeseen circumstances like delayed flights, lost baggage, etc.

Explore Africa- The Perfect Travel Insurance for South Africa from India

At Care Health Insurance, we promise a safe and sound trip to the rainbow nation with our exclusive travel insurance for South Africa- Explore Africa. The travel plan covers multiple African countries, including Botswana, Namibia, and Kenya, among others. With optimum hospitalization expenses, including in-patient and out-patient expenses, personal accidents, and other illnesses, the Explore Africa plan also offers coverage against common travel issues like trip delays, cancellations, etc.

With customizable sum insured options of US $ 25k, 50k, and 100k, the Explore Africa plan also provides single and multi-trip options. It helps you save your travel budget by taking care of any stressful expenses incurred at the hospital and at the airport. Read more about how Care Health Insurance offers one of the best travel insurance plans for South Africa with unique features and superior coverage.

Salient Features of South Africa Travel Cover by Care Health Insurance

Given the risk of travelling overseas, we pack our South African travel insurance with the following unique and valuable features:

Budget-friendly Premium: The travel plan for South Africa is as economical as the trip itself. We promise optimum coverage for an affordable premium to secure your trip.

Automatic Trip Extension: Don’t panic during extended hospitalization, natural calamity, or unfortunate events, as we automatically extend coverage up to 7 consecutive days.

Cashless Claim Settlement: When in South Africa, you can trust our wide hospital network as we provide a cashless claim settlement facility through a simple phone call.

Comprehensive Protection: The policy protects you right from the airport till you return back from South Africa with extensive benefits of medical expenses, baggage cover, etc.

Valuable Add-on Benefits: What’s better than getting a customized travel plan with optional covers like PED coverage, refund of visa fees, etc. to level up the security.

Policy Details of South Africa Travel Health Insurance

Description Explore Africa

Sum Insured

US $ 25K, 50K & 100K (Vary according to the premium)

Trip Options

  • Single Trip

  • Multi-trip (Policy will be on an annual basis)



Entry Age (Single Trip)


Child- 1Day

Adult- 18 Years


Child- 24 Years

Adult- Lifelong

*Family option is only available on Single Trip Policies.

Please refer to the prospectus for more details on eligibility and plan details.

What is Covered under our Travel Insurance for South Africa?

What makes the best travel cover is optimum coverage from hospitalization to travel contingencies. Take a look at how our Explore Africa travel insurance for South Africa promises maximum security with these coverage benefits:

Emergency Hospitalization:Whenever any illness or injury strikes, we have your back with complete hospitalization cover, including in and out-patient expenses.

Daily Allowance:We cover additional expenses incurred everyday at the hospital with a daily allowance for up to a specified amount per policy terms.

Compassionate Visit:If you fall ill abroad and need your family member, we support the transit by reimbursing flight ticket costs per policy terms.

Personal Accident:In the unfortunate event of the insured’s death or total disability, we extend help with a lump sum payout up to the sum insured.

COVID-19 Coverage:Don’t worry about COVID-19 treatment costs in Cambodia, as we cover the standard COVID treatment expenses for hospitalization.

Trip Delay & Cancellation:Common problems like trip delays, interruptions, and cancellations won’t bother you with our adequate coverage under the policy.

Delay & Loss of Checked-in Baggage:No more stress when facing delay in or loss of checked-in baggage with our respective coverage up to a specified amount under the policy.

Loss of Passport & Internation DL:Don’t panic if you lose your passport and international driving license in South Africa, as we offer adequate coverage under the policy.

Exclusions under our South African Travel Policy

The South African travel policy does not offer coverage in the following scenarios:

Drug Misuse: Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse by the insured members during the course of the trip.

World War: Any medical or non-medical expenses arising out of national or international war or nuclear perils or consequences thereof.

Self-inflicted Injury: Any intentional self-injury, suicide attempt, or any other form of harm to self leading to hospitalization or death.

Hazardous Activities: Any claims relating to hazardous activities like fire stunts, etc., otherwise not mentioned in the policy documents.

Breach of Law: Any liability or injury expenses arising out of any breach of law or particular regulations set by the destination country.

Dental Treatment: No coverage for the expenses of any planned dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to any acute pain.

Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

What is the Cost of South Africa Travel Insurance Policy from India?

The premium of a travel policy for South Africa depends on several factors, including the number of travellers, their age and health status, destination covered, trip duration, and the types of coverage. At Care Health Insurance, we offer affordable travel plans, with premium amounts starting from as low as INR 400* for a single traveler on a week-long journey.

Insured Member(s)


Any Pre-existing Disease

Sum Insured

Policy Duration

Premium Amount (approx.)


30 years


$ 50,000

7 Days

Rs. 393*

*The above-mentioned insurance premium is calculated subject to no pre-existing medical conditions suffered by the insured. Also, the premium amount is subject to change if the insured person has already claimed any travel policy before.

How to Calculate South Africa Travel Insurance Premium with Care Health Insurance?

You can calculate the premium amount for South Africa travel cover in these five easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your contact information, including your mobile number, name, and email address, followed by the age of all the members to be insured.

Step 2: Click ‘Next’ and select your travel destinations and travel date. Your policy period will be the same as the number of your travel days.

Step 3: Check in the toggle if the insured members are dealing with any pre-existing medical conditions.

Step 4: Choose the Sum Insured. Care Travel Health Insurance provides two sum insured options: US $ 25K, 50K & 100K.

Step 5: Check your calculated premium and click ‘Buy Now’ to proceed.

Please note: The premium cost is subject to several factors, including the number of travelers, their age, destination country/countries, trip duration, and the type of coverage selected.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Travel Insurance Plan for South Africa

It is difficult to select the ideal cover for your South Africa trip, especially when you are a first-time buyer. At Care Health Insurance, we help you in choosing the right one with the following tips:

Frequency of Trip: While a once-in-a-while trip needs single-trip insurance, frequent flyers should go with a multi-trip travel insurance plan.

Trip Duration: The insurance premium is calculated based on the number of days you plan to spend in South Africa. The shorter the trip, the lower the premium.

Medical History: If you have a pre-existing ailment like diabetes or heart illness, you must ensure that the policy covers the required treatment costs.

High-Risk Zones: High-risk zones and destinations have a higher premium as compared to other places. Also, if you wish to indulge in adventure sports, check for its coverage.

Review the Exclusion: Do check the various exclusions applicable under your travel policy to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Claim Process under South African Travel Cover

claim process claim process

Spend an Adveturous Time in South Africa with our Travel Guide

South Africa is an unbelievably charming nation. Despite the heart-wrenching history, this land of safari inspires the world with great pride. It is remarkably endowed with natural beauty. Read on to know the most famous places to visit and things to do in South Africa.

Quick Facts about South Africa

Official Languages English, Zulu, and Southern Sotho
Official Currency South African rand
Capitals Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein
Driving Side Left-hand side
Popular Cities Capetown, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Bloemfontein
Indian Embassy

852, Francis Baard Street, Arcadia 0083, Pretoria, South Africa
Office working hours 0830 hrs to 1700 hrs (Monday to Friday)
General Number: 002712 3425393-05
Consular Enquiries: cons.pretoria@mea.gov.in
Fax Number: 002712 342 5210
Contact No. (012) 3425392

Places to Visit in South Africa

  • Cape Town: The capital city of South Africa is famous for its cable cars, mountain climbing, and busy harbor. You can visit Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island, and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden to explore the natural African beauty.

  • Kruger National Park: It is a paradise for animal lovers and home to the Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and wild buffalos with various mammals and bird species. Timbavati Game, Manyeleti Game, and Mala Mala are the places where you can experience amazing wildlife and safari.

  • Johannesburg: This capital city of Gauteng province has various places to visit. Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City, Nelson Mandela House, and Constitution Hill are quite famous in Johannesburg.

  • Durban: With Indian and Colonial influences this city in South Africa is popular for its Marine world. uShaka Marine World, Durban Botanic Garden, Golden Mile Beach, and Moses Mabhida Stadium are the places you can visit in Durban.

Things to Do in South Africa

  • Taste the Vibrant South African Cuisine: You should enjoy a traditional al fresco braai. It is a barbecued authentic South African food. Cape Malay Curry, Malva pudding, Chakalaka & pap are mouth-watering dishes that you should not miss.

  • Shop in South Africa: African Craft Market in Rosebank or street market in Johannesburg, you can buy souvenirs, jewellery, artwork, clothing, and fresh seafood. You can go to malls to shop for branded stuff.

  • Jungle Safari: Not a miss when you are on the land of safari. You can book a jungle safari in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. You can easily get the package that includes safari, accommodation, and food.

  • Adventure Sports: From the world’s highest bungee jumping, skydiving, and scuba diving, to white water rafting, and parachute gliding are some of the adventure sports that add thrill to your trip to South Africa.

  • Go to Nelson Mandela’s House: It is the national museum that preserved and presents the history, heritage, and legacy of President Nelson Mandela’s family. You should visit this museum to know about his struggle and journey of his success.

Quick Travel Tips

  • Buy comprehensive international travel insurance to travel safely

  • Get all your booking done in advance

  • Check the weather and shop accordingly for South Africa travel wardrobe

  • Always be attentive whenever you walk on the streets and roads

  • Do not carry expensive items such as jewellery, camera, and laptops

  • Use only Uber for local commutation and never prefer private taxis

  • Use public transportation to explore South Africa

  • Take a walking tour according to the city map

  • Try street food to taste the authentic South African cuisine

  • Speak English people understand it easily

To make your South African trip memorable, it’s better to travel safely with comprehensive travel insurance. It protects you from untoward situations and supports you in a financial crunch. So, consider all these travel tips, and you are all set to fly for an amazing wildlife experience.


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