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Europe Travel Insurance

A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for Europe


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    Europe Travel Insurance

    Europe is the fusion of architecture, monuments, culture, food, hills, snow, and fashion. From exploring those colourful hidden villages to shop from high street fashion paradise, there are many things that you can enjoy with your family in Europe. However, travelling abroad is full of surprises and brings you a package of unplanned events. So, to enjoy the adventure train to this soul-stirring country, it's advisable to have Europe travel insurance.

    Sometimes, a well-planned overseas trip may go wrong and expose us to travel risks. Have you thought about the possibility of a medical emergency, perhaps due to the extreme cold weather? Healthcare facilities in Europe are excellent but maybe quite expensive for international tourists. Here is when the role of overseas travel insurance comes into the picture. Getting a travel cover will save you from emergency medical expenses and helps you get quality medical care without delays.

    Besides, there may be incidents of thefts, leading to loss of belongings. These unforeseen events can create a lot of stress and financial difficulty. Hence, do not forget to take an international travel insurance plan for Europe before you embark on your journey.

    As you explore the most enchanting travel destinations in Europe, you can stay free from the hassle of travelling if you get the right travel cover. Opt for Europe travel insurance before your next trip and secure yourself!

    Is Travel Insurance for Europe Mandatory?

    Europe travel insurance for Schengen visa is compulsory if you are heading towards Schengen countries. However, travel insurance for Europe is not mandatory. But, emergencies can strike at any point in time. International travel insurance covers all your travel risks so that you can travel to Europe worry-free.

    Quick Facts about Europe

    Total Population

    740 million

    Land Area

    9,908,600 square kilometres


    44 countries


    23 languages

    Official Currency


    Most Popular Attraction

    Disneyland Pari

    Explore - Travel Insurance Plan for Europe

    Travelling to Europe means spring in your step with unlimited exposure. But it's always better to travel safely. If you plan to fly from India, here comes Care Travel Insurance for Europe from India to protect your trip from any unforeseen event. Most importantly, hospitalization in Europe, overwhelming medical expenses, personal accident, put all your travel enjoyment on halt and makes a dent in your savings. Care  Health Insurance offers you customized travel insurance plans to protect you against travel risks so that you can enjoy your trip.

    Benefits of Europe Travel Insurance

    It is wise to travel with an overseas travel insurance plan during your visit to the European countries. It enables you to get extended coverage against several medical and non-medical emergencies.

    Healthcare is costly, and precisely for this reason, it is crucial to invest in travel cover. It proves beneficial, and it secures your savings first of all.

    Here are the various benefits of Europe travel insurance.

    • Comfort: Getting travel insurance for Europe before your much-awaited trip ensures your financial comfort and saves you, especially senior citizens and students, from the stress of travelling.
    • Saves you during a Medical Emergency: The policy enables you to access immediate medical care, including medical evacuation, and keeps you secured in case of accidental hospitalization.
    • Compensation in case of Mishaps: The travel plan provides compensation to the nominee in case of uncertain death of the insured person. It includes coverage for mishaps like accidental death, disability, and repatriation to the home country.
    • Covers you in other Contingencies: Trip delays/ cancellations and loss of belongings and documentation will be taken care of under the Europe travel insurance plan.
    • Multi-Trip Policy: As a frequent flyer, you can now get a multi-trip travel policy and save yourself from any hassle.
    • Region-specific Insurance Plans: Our region-specific customized international travel insurance plans give you adequate protection and let you be worry-free about all travel risks.
    Click to know about Care Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

    What is Covered in Europe Travel Insurance?

    Selecting a comprehensive travel insurance plan is a no more daunting task. You can check the coverage of travel insurance for Europe online. Below are the types of coverage that international travel insurance offers:

    • Emergency hospitalization:If you find yourself in a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, the travel insurance plan for Europe will provide you with complete cover encompassing IPD and OPD expenses.
    • COVID-19 Coverage: Our travel insurance plans also cover hospitalization in a foreign country due to coronavirus.
    • Personal Accident:We will compensate up to 100% of the sum insured in the event of death. Permanent Total Disability is also covered up to 100% depends on the injury.
    • Pre-existing diseases:Under Europe Travel Insurance Plan, treatment for pre-existing diseases is also covered in case of a life-threatening condition.
    • Treatment in home country:If you require further treatment in your home country, there is coverage for expenses for up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.
    • Medical Evacuation:Get cover during an emergency when there is a need for medical evacuation to the home country.
    • Common Carrier Accidental Death:A lump sum amount as compensation will be paid if the insured person loses their life while travelling in a standard carrier/ public transport.
    • Trip delay, cancellation, or interruption:You will get compensation for the trip delayed, cancellation, or interruption up to the sum insured and subject to policy terms and conditions.
    • Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: Get coverage for loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage. In case of loss of passport, the plan offers a fixed amount to obtain its new or duplicate copy.
    • Up-gradation to Business Class: For a comfortable journey, you will receive coverage under the Europe travel insurance policy if you require an up-gradation to business class.

    What is Not Covered in Europe Travel Insurance?

    An international travel insurance policy gives you the right financial protection against many travel risks. However, when buying a travel cover, you need to check the exclusions – the scenarios under which you cannot get a claim. It will help you avoid any hassle that might arise when filing a claim on your travel policy. At the same time, you can plan your trip budget accordingly, considering those unforeseen expenses.

    Some exclusions mentioned under travel insurance for Europe plan include:

    • Medical treatment has taken outside the Country of Residence if that is the sole reason or one of the reasons for the journey.
    • Any Treatment, which could reasonably be delay until the insured person's return to the country of residence.
    • Any dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an injury.
    • Circumcision unless necessary for the treatment of an illness or as may be necessitated due to an accident.
    • Treatment of any Congenital Anomaly or illness or defects or anomalies or treatment relating to congenital disabilities.
    • Hormone replacement therapy.
    • Weight management services and treatment, vitamins, and tonics related to weight control programs, services, and supplies, including treatment of obesity (including morbid obesity).

    Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

    Why should you opt for Europe Travel Insurance?

    Regardless of where you go, always make sure that you have acquired travel insurance before getting aboard. Over the years, travel insurance has become a mandate for travellers to be safe from any calamity. Therefore, one should always opt for Europe travel insurance. It is always necessary to take precautions beforehand while going overseas, and it is always essential to opt for good travel insurance to protect during any uncertain event. But, treatment expenses that occurred due to adventure sports, hazardous activity and the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be covered.

    Good travel insurance helps you cover even when your luggage is misplaced or stolen. Calamity could be referred to as an event resulting in significant loss and misfortune, so considering travel insurance is the wisest thing you can do to be stress-free.

    Following are a few more reasons to buy Europe Travel Insurance-

    • Plans are designed so that frequent travellers don't have to face any discomfort in any emergency.
    • If you are travelling overseas, you always need medical protection to pay for any medical emergency.
    • If you happen to suffer any loss related to trip cancellation, CHI’s comprehensive and customer centric travel insurance will help you cover your expenses.
    • There have been times when travellers lose their belongings and important documents during the trip; You need not worry now as we cover it under our internal travel.

    Why Choose Care for Europe Travel Insurance?

    Care Health Insurance is known for its unparalleled services with commendable results over the years. If you plan to travel overseas, make sure you consider a company that gives you assured services on travel insurance plans. It is essential to understand the benefits you are provided.

    Key coverage of Medical and Non-medical Needs-

    Medical Needs Non-medical Needs
    Hospitalisation Cover-In-patient & Out-patient (in case of emergency) Up-gradation to Business Class*
    Pre-Existing Disease Coverage (in case of Life Threatening Conditions) Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    Additional SI for Accidental Hospitalization Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Delay*
    Dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to an injury. Loss/Delay of Checked-in Baggage*
    Medical Evacuation* Loss of Passport*
    Life Threatening Condition due to PED^ Refund of Visa fee (if visa Rejected)

    ^Optional Benefit: Life Threatening Condition Due To PED - provides coverage for Pre-existing diseases for Life Threatening Conditions under Hospitalization Expenses up to the limits mentioned in the Policy schedule.

    How much Does Travel Insurance Europe cost?

    The premium cost of a travel insurance cover for Europe will depend on factors, like the duration of your trip, the sum insured you choose, the insured person’s age, and pre-existing medical conditions. To get the right estimate of the cost of your travel cover, use a travel insurance premium calculator, which is a digital tool that lets you compare different premium amounts and customize your travel policy, thus selecting an affordable cover.

    For example, a person (male, aged 31 years) plans for a one-month solo trip to Europe. He has no pre-existing medical condition and has chosen a single-trip Europe Travel Insurance policy. In this case, the average premium* for the travel cover would be around Rs 1,267, including GST @ 18%.

    *T&C applied. The amount may vary based on age and other factors.

    Eligibility for Europe Travel Insurance

    The eligibility* criteria for an international travel insurance plan will depend on the type of plan you have chosen for your trip. Check the eligibility below:

    Travel Insurance Plans Eligibility Criteria
    Explore - International Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is one day.
    The age of a proposer is minimum 18 years or above.
    The maximum entry age for an adult is as specified in the plan.
    Student Explore – Student Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is 12 years.
    The maximum entry age is 40 years.

    *Please refer to the policy documents

    Europe Travel Insurance - Claim Process & Procedure

    To be stress-free and get hassle-free claim settlement under your travel insurance cover for Europe, make sure you have read and understood the claim procedure.

    You can now file for an international travel insurance claim online in a few simple steps, as explained below:

    • In case of emergency hospitalization, please notify us of the number given in the policy document.
    • Submit the duly filled claim form, available on our website, along with the original bills of the expenses incurred.
    • Our claim management team will process your claim once successful verification is done, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

    Types of European Visa

    Single Entry Visa:

    Foreigners holding single-entry visas are allowed to enter Europe within the stipulated time mentioned on the visa. If travellers leave the European countries at any time, the visa expires immediately.

    Double Entry Visa:

    Travellers can enter the European countries twice within the stipulated time mentioned on the visa. Their visa immediately expires after their second exit.

    Multiple Entry Visa:

    Travellers holding multiple entry visas are allowed to enter and exit the non-Schengen zone freely as many times. However, this is limited to up to 90 days every six months.

    How to Get a European Visa?

    International travel insurance has been proven a great help for travellers. However, medical insurance for Europe visa is not mandatory. But, it's always worth securing yourself whenever heading to foreign countries for any purpose. Below are the steps to get Europe visa:

    • Step 1: Download the application form from the official website.
    • Step 2: Buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan (Mandatory only for Schengen countries).
    • Step 3: Fill in all the required details correctly.
    • Step 4: Figure out which visa type you need.
    • Step 5: Find out where you need to apply for a visa in India.
    • Step 6: Decide when to apply for a visa.
    • Step 7: Collect the required visa documents for Indian citizens.
    • Step 8: Appoint an interview at the visa application centre in India.
    • Step 9: Attend the interview on the day of your appointment.
    • Step 10: Wait for the processing of your visa.

    If you have any concerns related to visa, visit here!

    What are the Documents Required for Europe Visa?

    Getting a Europe visa is not complicated. All you need to submit the required documents.

    • Visa Application Form
    • Valid Passport
    • Travel Insurance policy
    • Two Identical Passport Size Photographs
    • Flight Itinerary
    • Proof of Date of Birth
    • Address Proof
    • Employment Contract
    • Proof of Accommodation
    • Proof of Financial Means including Bank statements, ITR, credit card, traveler's cheques, and payslips

    Places to Visit in Europe

    Europe has so much to do. This old continent holds beaches, magnificent architecture, amazing wine, and mouth-watering authentic European cuisines. Whether you are backpacking Europe for a few months or just spending a few days on vacation, here are some places that you must visit:

    Go to Lithuania

    Lithuania is one of the most beautiful European countries. Its capital Vilnius is an eye-pleasing city that has baroque houses, vivid churches, lively pubs, and hidden terraces. You should also explore International Charity Bazaar there. Also, do not forget, to board for the short train journey that takes you in the lap of nature covered with lakes, hills, and castles.

    Witness the Legacy of England

    England is a countryside retreat for foreign travelers. In England, you can witness the legacy of empire and parliamentary democracy. It is a green and pleasant land with rumpled hills, chalk cliffs, and breezy plains. England encompasses everything from music to shopping, fun, and food that you can enjoy.

    Experience the Warm Hospitality of Ireland

    With breath-taking landscapes and fascinating view of nature Ireland is a small island with warm hospitality. People welcome you with an open heart and also very helpful and polite. The tempting fish and chips with interesting flavors, traditional music, and historic sites induce you to explore the island more and more. You should definitely keep a few days from your travel itinerary to experience the richness of Ireland.

    Wandering along with the wide in Belarus

    The Soviet-style boulevards and spectacular architecture make you wandering along with the wide in Belarus. You can visit the National Library of Belarus and the World's huge KFC restaurant. Draniki, foraged wild mushrooms, and nalesniki (Belarusian crepes) are must-try food.

    Relish in Azerbaijan

    From great food to beautiful small old towns, Azerbaijan is a wonderful country in Europe. Located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, it is a mix of different cultures. If you are a photography geek, then don't forget to bring your camera with you. You can capture the real beauty of nature. Piti is a national Azeri dish filled with a soup of mutton and vegetables infused with saffron.

    So, Europe can be an endless joyride for you. But, traveling to foreign countries without international travel insurance could prove a costly affair. Care Health Insurance offers travel insurance for Schengen and Non-Schengen countries to secure your journey. So, do not let anything dampen your excitement, get insured on time, and relish your Europe trip.

    Things to Remember When Traveling to Europe: Quick Travel Tips

    Make every moment of your trip to Europe a joyful experience. As you spend time exploring this majestic land and get to know the places – its rich culture and history, ensure you have a check-list that includes applying for a visa on time and getting a Europe Travel Insurance cover. 

    From quaint towns in Portugal, Germany, and Italy, to bustling cities like Paris, Rome, and London – Europe will captivate any traveller with its beauty! Check this travel guide before starting on the much-awaited sojourn for a perfect travel experience:

    • Choose overseas travel insurance: Get the right travel insurance for Europe so that you get complete protection against the risks your trip may expose you to and stay worry-free.
    • Transportation: Check the best mode of transport to move from one city to another. Sometimes, you could rely on a combination of train journeys and flights. 
    • Itinerary: Plan your itinerary and travel budget after considering the flight costs, availability of accommodations, and time of the year you are travelling.
    • Language: Take some effort to learn a few words or phrases in the country's official language, which will help you interact better with the locals.
    • Currency: Many countries have now adopted the Euro as the official currency. However, find out about the currency and how much cash to carry. 
    • Weather: Know about the weather conditions of the country you are travelling to and pack accordingly 
    • Safety: Check travel adversaries and safety laws when visiting any country in Europe. Stay alert and take care of belongings, especially if you are on a solo trip. 
    • Best time to visit: The continent spans different weather zones, so the best time to travel will depend on which place you are visiting. Ideally, summer in Europe is a pleasant time for vacation, but it is also the peak season when travellers arrive in huge numbers. Winters may be less expensive, but you should brace for the freezing temperatures. 

    During pandemic times it is always necessary to understand the importance of covid protection while you are travelling overseas. Care Health Insurance also offers comprehensive covid care plans along with your travel insurance to keep you armoured while you are on the go.

    Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.


    What should I look for in my Europe travel insurance policy?

    Travel insurance is a safety guard that assures you of being financially safe in any mishap while travelling. You should always look for coverage for Medical expenses, personal accidents, lost or damaged items and cancellation or missed departure before buying Europe travel insurance.

    For more visa related information, visit here!

    Will a Europe travel insurance policy help if I lose my passport?

    Yes, a Europe travel insurance policy will help you if you lose your passport.

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