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Qatar Visa for Indians

A Quick Guide on Qatar Visa on Arrival for Indians


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    About Qatar Visa on Arrival for Indians

    Qatar is a peninsular country and a luxurious travel destination located in the Middle East. There is a plethora of picturesque locations in Qatar that give a traveller endless possibilities for adventures. Take a Desert Safari in Doha, admire the opulent artificial island in the city or simply spend leisure time at the buzzing restaurants and cafes – get ready for enriching travel experiences that await you in Qatar.

    When you plan an international trip, do remember to check the entry requirements. In many countries, visa is an essential document that foreign visitors should have in order to get entry and stay in the country for a specified time.

    Qatar is a preferred destination for many Indians who come to the country as tourists. There are many who also plan to settle in the country. Indian Passport Holders will require a Qatar Visa for Indians for travelling to the country. The State of Qatar allows visa-free travel for citizens of over 80 countries. It provides a visa waiver to Indian Nationals for a period of 30 days.

    Do You A Need Visa for Qatar?

    Indian nationals do not require a prior visa to visit Qatar up to a period of 30 days. They can get a visa waiver upon their arrival in the country. This waiver is valid for a period of 180 days from the date of issue. It is applicable for both single and multiple trips. Indian tourists will require a Qatar visa for India if they are planning to stay in the country for a period longer than 30 days.

    Types of Qatar Visa for Indians

    Depending on the purpose of one’s visit, the following types of visas can be availed:

    • Tourist Visa: This Qatar visa is required for those travelling for vacation or recreational purposes. It is available as an eVisa through an online facility. It is valid for one month to 6 months from the date of issue.
    • Family Visa: Expats staying in Qatar have the facility to sponsor their family to stay with them in the country.
    • Business Visa: Those who are going to Qatar for working or business purpose, they must avail this visa. This type of visa is arranged by the company or agency on the behalf of the traveller.
    • Student Visa (F1): Foreign students who come to Qatar for studying in a Qatar University should apply for this visa. The students will be considered for admission only on the basis of a residence permit.
    • Work Visa: Those who are visiting the country for work/ employment purpose should apply for this visa. The employer will have to sponsor this visa for people who have been employed for minimum 2 years. A health check-up is mandatory before the visitor arrives in the country.
    • Transit Visa: Those who are travelling to another country through Qatar can avail a pre-approved transit visa. This visa is a single-entry visa and has validity of 96 hours. Entry into Qatar using the approved visa should be within a period of 30 days from the date of issue. No visa is required if the person is just changing flights.

    Application Procedure for Qatar Visa

    Qatar Visa can be availed by approaching the nearest Embassy. Those applying for eVisa should follow the procedures mentioned below:

    • Step 1: Visit the official portal for Qatar Visa Application
    • Step 2: Fill up the online application with relevant details
    • Step 3: Submit the mandatory documents
    • Step 4: Pay the visa fee through debit/credit card or MasterCard

    There are no interviews for Qatar visa online application. After the submitted application and documents are verified, the visa is processed by the authority. 

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    Documents Required for Qatar Visa

    Indian travellers require the following documents for Qatar Visa:

    • Indian passport with validity of minimum 6 months and blank pages
    • Two copies of first pages of the passport (having photo and name)
    • Two coloured passport-sized photos of the applicant
    • Invitation letter from a Qatar Resident or an application (for tourist visa)
    • Proof of accommodation/ hotel reservation
    • Confirmed flight tickets

    In addition to passport and photographs, the following documents are required for the specified visas:

    For Business Visa:

    • Visa application form (Form V1)
    • Residence ID or permit
    • Letter from the company mentioning the business purpose

    For Student Visa:

    • Visa application form (Form V1)
    • Residence ID or permit
    • Letter of admission from a recognized university
    • Salary certificate from local sponsor
    • Educational documents

    For Employment Visa:

    • Visa application form (Form V1)
    • Letter from employer
    • Original employment contract along with a photocopy
    • Qualification proofs

    Tips for Qatar Visa for Indians

    • Applicants should note the working hours of the Qatar embassies which is 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (from Monday to Friday). They must submit/collect their passport during this time only.
    • Payment of visa fee can be done through various modes including Visa/MasterCard, Visa Electron/debit card, e-cash, money orders and cheques, etc. Usually, personal cheques and cash are not accepted.

    Buy Travel Insurance for Qatar

    Every traveller who is embarking on a trip to an international destination deserves the best travel experience. However, things sometimes do not go as we planned them. There arise some situations that call for immediate attention – be it an illness/ injury or even inconveniences like misplaced baggage or flight delays. These situations can be highly stressful. Moreover, they also result in unexpected expenses that can hamper one’s travel budget. In such circumstances, having a financial back-up in the form of an international travel insurance policy proves to be highly beneficial.

    Indian travellers visiting Qatar are advised to purchase Travel Insurance for Qatar so that they can be prepared to face any exigency that could arise during their trip. Medical treatment costs are quite high in the country and it can be difficult to pay medical bills if any emergency occurs.

    Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers ‘Explore’ which is a destination-specific travel policy with wide-ranging coverage. Some of the major expenses that are covered include emergency hospitalisation, medical evacuation, personal accident, etc. In addition, the policy also covers non-medical exigencies such as misplaced or lost baggage, personal liability, loss of documents like passport, etc.

    FAQs on Qatar Visa on Arrival for Indians

    How long will it take for Visa Processing?

    It will take around 7 to 10 days for the visa processing from the date of submission of the application.

    What is the Required Fee for Visa Application?

    A fee of QR 200 (Qatari Riyal) is applicable for Qatar Visa. For every dependent or companion, there is a fee of QR 50. A fee of QR 10 is applicable for single exit permit and QR 500 for multiple exit permit with 1-year validity. For work visa, the applicable fee is QR 700.

    How can I Check the Status of Visa Application?

    The Qatar visa status can be checked by using the application acknowledgement number or the passport number by visiting the official portal.

    When can the Visa Application get rejected?

    The visa application can get rejected, in case the applicant provides incorrect information in the application or if the applicant is not eligible for the particular visa category. 

    When should one apply for a Qatar visa?

    Travellers must apply for a Qatar visa at least 4 working days or a maximum of 90 days before their trip.

    Can a Qatar tourist visa be extended?

    No, travellers cannot get their Qatar tourist visa extended.

    Can I make changes in my visa application or the documents after submitting them?

    Applicants cannot make changes in my visa application or documents after submitting the application. They can reapply for Qatar visa in case the application gets rejected due to any wrong information provided.

    If my Qatar Visa Application is rejected, will I receive a refund?

    The visa fees paid for Qatar Visa Application is non-refundable.


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