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A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for China


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    About China Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance for China: Located in East Asia with five millennia of history, China is the third-largest country in the world with the highest population. It has an old continuous civilization with rapid growth and change. These days, tourists across the world are flocking to this ancient land to experience its rich history and also catch a glimpse of its shining future. China overflows with beautiful metropolises like Shanghai, Beijing, Honk Kong, Forbidden City, Xi’an, and Chengdu. From green paddy fields and hilltops in the southwest to the epic scenes of the Old Silk Road in the northwest and the superior Tibet, all delight you in China.

    But, to build memories from your every trip, it's better to travel safely with a comprehensive China travel insurance plan. It acts as your savior in case any untoward incident happens with you in China. Religare offer china travel insurance that gives you coverage against medical and non-medical emergencies and supports you in a financial crunch. So, pack your bags, book your flights, get China travel insurance plan and start your gallivant to China!

    Is Travel Insurance For China Mandatory?

    Whether you are planning to visit China for tourism, business, or study purposes, you must buy China travel insurance to get a Chinese visa. It is the safest idea that brings peace of mind to you. We provide you a wide range of international travel insurance plans that cover most of your travel risks.

    Quick Facts about China

    Total Population


    Land Area

    9,388,211 square kilometres

    Official Language


    Official Currency




    Driving Side

    Right-hand side

    Popular Cities

    Shanghai, Beijing, Honk Kong, Forbidden City, Xi’an, and Chengdu

    World Heritage Sites

    55 sites declared by UNESCO

    Indian Embassy

    No. 5, Liang Ma Qiao Bei Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing

    Monday to Friday: 08:30 AM to 5:30 PM

    Explore - China Travel Insurance Plan

    China is a safe country to travel around. People there are friendly, honest, helpful, and trustworthy. However, like other countries in the world, China is also not immune to diseases, infections, crimes, personal accidents, and natural calamities. It can affect your travel and halt your enjoyment. Thus, you should always opt for China travel insurance whenever you plan your trip for the gigantic country like China. We offer China travel insurance plans to secure your journey and enable you to enjoy your stay in a foreign country. We avail our travel plans online for your convenience. You just need to enter your details and get the quote. You can pick our travel plans with maximum coverage at affordable premiums. Here you can explore our International Travel Insurance plan for China.

    What is covered in Travel Insurance for China?

    Here we have listed all the major Medical and Non-medical benefits covered in China Travel insurance policy.

    Medical Benefits of China Travel Insurance Plan

    • Emergency hospitalization: China Travel Insurance cover bears the expenses for both in and out-patient treatment in an emergency.
    • Cashless hospitalization: You will get immediate cashless hospitalization in any pre-approved hospitals in China in case of medical emergencies.
    • Pre-existing diseases: China Travel Insurance Plan will provide 10 percent sum insured for the treatment of a life-threatening condition for pre-existing diseases.
    • Treatment in home country: If recommended by the doctors you require further treatment in your home country, we give you the coverage for expenses up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.
    • Medical Evacuation: You get the cover of up to USD 10,000 during emergency transportation and medical evacuation to provide an appropriate medical facility to you.
    • Common Carrier Accidental Death: We give a lump sum amount as compensation if the insured person loses his/her life while traveling in a common carrier or public transport.

    In addition, the China Travel Insurance plan also offers coverage for:

    • Dental expenses as a result of injury: Up to USD 300
    • Expenses of the personal accident: Up to USD 15,000
    • Repatriation of mortal remains: Up to USD 10,000
    • Expenses for out-patient care: Up to 20 percent of the Sum Insured
    • Daily Allowance: USD 25 per day, maximum 5 days
    • 2-way compassionate visit for an immediate family member
    • Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability

    Non-Medical Benefits of China Travel Insurance Plan

    • Trip Delay, Cancellation or Interruption: You will get a cover of up to USD 500 in case of trip delay and a cover of USD 1,000 in case of trip cancellation or interruption.
    • Loss of Passport & Checked-In Baggage: for loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage, you are entitled to get up to USD 100. In case of loss of passport, the plan offers cover of up to USD 300.
    • Up-gradation to Business Class: This is our unique feature. Under this cover, if you remain hospitalized for more than five consecutive days and need to be back in the home country, then up-gradation from economy to business class is provided. You will receive coverage of USD 1,000 under the China travel insurance policy.
    • No Maximum Age Limit: China Travel Insurance plan has no maximum entry age limit. We can cover even 1-day old child as well.
    • Other Cover: We provide assistance in case of loss of passport or important document and financial crunch.

    What is Not Covered in China Travel Insurance?

    Comprehensive travel insurance provides you the maximum coverage against all your travel risks. However, there are some situations guided by IRDA that are considered as exclusions, and no claim is provided for the same. Check below our exclusion list:

    • Treatment costs of diseases such as HIV/AIDS/other transmitted diseases.
    • Treatment expenses occurred due to adventure sports, hazardous activity, the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or consequences of war/nuclear perils.
    • Costs incurred due to exposure to ionizing radiation or contamination.
    • Expenses occurred due to the treatment of self-inflicted injury, suicide, etc.
    • Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured.
    • Expenses incurred by engaging in business activities.
    • Costs incurred due to ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, etc.
    • Personal liability of the insured towards another individual (whether personal, official, or commercial).
    • Costs incurred due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation, or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.
    • Costs incurred due to encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright, and trademark.
    • Liability related to possession of animals, insects, birds, and reptiles, and their by-products.
    • Expenses arising due to Breach of Law.

    Eligibility for China Travel Insurance

    • Tourist and family (L-visa)
    • Businessmen (F-visa)
    • Students (X-visa)
    • Employees (Z-visa)

    Insurance Premium for China Travel Insurance

    We offer China travel insurance plans at very affordable premiums. The actual amount of the premium is subjected to the number of travelers, age, traveling country, trip duration, and the type of coverage selected.

    Advantages of China Travel Insurance

    We offer you a wide coverage against medical and non-medical emergencies that may occur during your visit to China. Our overseas travel policies are accepted by authorities worldwide. Take a look at the advantages of our China Travel Insurance plans.

    • Prerequisite For Getting Chinese Visa
    • Maximum Coverage
    • Minimal Exclusions
    • Affordable Premium
    • Emergency Cashless Hospitalization
    • Repatriation To Home Country
    • Emergency Transportation And Medical Evacuation
    • Financial Assistance In Case Of Emergency
    • Quick Claim Settlement Ratio
    • Assistance In Case Of Loss Of Passport
    • Trip Delay And Cancellation Reimbursement
    • 24x7 Customer Support Service

    China Travel Guide

    Places to Visit in China

    Bejing: the Great Wall of China-one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is a must-visit place in Bejing for every traveler. Witness the magnificent beauty of ancient Chinese architecture in Bejing. Imperial Garden and Temple of Heaven also should be in your hit list.

    Hong Kong: The glamorous city in the world should be your top choice for luxurious shopping. Enjoy Star Ferry at Victoria Harbor, see the most impressive skyline from the top of Victoria Peak and the Kowloon in Hong Kong. Capture Tian Tan Buddha Statue in Po Lin Monastery. Also, don’t miss Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong.

    Shanghai: the Bund, Yu Garden Winding, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and Nanjing Road are the places in Shanghai that you cannot afford to miss from your travel itinerary. It’s the biggest metropolis and a financial hub of China.

    Xi’an: This city in China has a magnificent culture. The Terra Cotta Army, City Wall Park, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum are the places that you must visit to experience the ancient history of Chinese civilization.

    Tibet: Explore Tibet, “the Roof of the World.” Get the view of the snowy peaks, greenery, heritage villages, monastery, and Buddhism. You have to get special permission to enter this region.

    Things to Do in China

    Street Food: China surprises you with its street culinary delights. Try roast duck, deep-fried dough sticks, steamed buns, Chinese hamburgers, and Malatang. You should also try street barbeque and spicy boiled water.

    Shopping: China is a shopping destination. You can shop from the roadside stalls and lavish malls. You can also buy modern Cloisonne items. Wangfujing Street, Chunxi Road, Shangxiajiu, and Barkhor Street are famous shopping places for visitors.

    Peking Opera: If you are staying in Bejing for two days, spare some time to listen to the world-famous Peking Opera. This opera was started in 1790 as a regional opera. But, now it is a quintessence of China, which is a fusion of different dramatic forms.

    Don’t Miss Macau: Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, is a fun destination in China. It is also a home of the highest bungee jump in the world. You will find a lot of good food and ancient as well as modern architecture.

    See the Pandas: If you are a wildlife lover, then you must go to Panda Research Base in Chengdu. You can see Pandas enjoying their peaceful lives.

    Quick Travel Tips

    • Buy a comprehensive China travel insurance
    • Apply for visa well in advance
    • Book your flights, accommodations, and car rentals in advance
    • Check the weather and shop accordingly for China travel wardrobe
    • Use public transportation to explore China
    • Carry a good amount of cash
    • Take a walking tour according to the city map
    • Try street food to taste the authentic Chinese cuisine
    • Learn some common Chinese words as people hardly speak English
    • Beware of pickpocketing, theft, and fraud

    Diverse, colorful, vast, and stuffed, that is China. As it is the most populous country in the world so you should cautious enough whenever you plan to fly to China. Opt for sound travel insurance to secure your trip and enjoy every bit in China.

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