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Italy Travel Insurance

Italy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a prerequisite to applying for a Schengen visa for Italy. Travel insurance for Italy from India provides medical, journey, and baggage-related coverages. Some of the crucial coverages of the plan include:

  • Emergency hospitalisation & COVID-19 coverage
  • Coverage in times of medical evacuation
  • Passports & checked-in baggage loss covered
  • Hassle-free claim processes
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Experience the Taste of Italy with the Right Travel Insurance

Italy is the sovereign state of the Italian Republic located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is an iconic destination, without a doubt for all the hodophiles. However, if you visit Italy, you can’t ignore the possible travel risks en route. So, whether travelling on vacation, on a business tour or as a student, ensure you have the backing of a suitable Italy travel insurance.

One of the Schengen member countries- Italy, provides access to excellent medical services to its tourists and citizens alike. However, the cost of treatments in Italy may be derailing for tourists from countries such as India. Here, travel insurance comes into the picture.

Travel health insurance for Italy shall ensure that you do not get strangled amidst medical emergencies. The comprehensive plan shall also ensure coverage against non-medical trip-related contingencies such as passport/visa loss, trip delays/ interruption, medical evacuation, companion visit etc.

Do You Need Travel Insurance Before Visiting Italy?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all Indian citizens visiting Italy, given that, the country is part of the Schengen area. Whether travelling from India or anywhere else, you must have a travel insurance with a minimum coverage of Euro 30,000 to apply for a Schengen visa for Italy. Before your permit, the immigration officers check your travel insurance coverage for the Schengen area and other required documents to help you travel safely.

Travel insurance for Italy will safeguard you against expensive medical costs arising from any accident, injury, or illness. The best travel insurance for Italy would also pay for any trip interruptions or other inconvenience caused, such as loss of passport, baggage, etc.

Explore Europe- An Extensive Travel Insurance for Italy from India

At Care Health Insurance, we secure your journey to the Bel Pease (beautiful country) by offering our comprehensive travel insurance for Italy- Explore Europe. The plan covers most of the European countries and the UK– promising complete coverage for medical and non-medical emergencies that may strike you unnoticed. With several sum insured options, up to € 100k for short-duration visits and up to 1000K for students, the Explore Europe policy serves everyone from vacationers and corporate travellers to students.

The best part is that the policy offers optimum benefits of hospitalization coverage, including in-patient and out-patient expenses, reimbursement for trip interruptions, loss of baggage, and other contingencies. With the Explore Europe travel cover, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about out-of-the-budget expenses on healthcare and travel issues. With the option to customize your travel policy, we ensure that you make the most of Schengen as we secure your trip at every step.

Unique Features of Italy Travel Insurance by Care

We ensure your trip to Italy remains worry-free by providing the following features under our Italy travel insurance:

  • Affordable Premium: The Italy travel insurance offers several benefits and vast coverage at an affordable premium.
  • Automatic Trip Extension: During prolonged hospitalisation or a natural calamity, the travel health insurance for Italy automatically extends coverage for up to seven consecutive days.
  • Cashless Claim Processing: Our wide network of healthcare providers helps you avail of a cashless in-patient care facility by calling us during emergencies.
  • All-inclusive Protection: Whether you need healthcare services or assistance during a loss of checked-in baggage, we have your back at every step of your journey.
  • Useful Add-on Benefits: The policy helps you customise and secure frequent and long-duration trips with optional covers like PED coverage, refund of visa fees, etc.

Policy Details of Italy Travel Health Insurance

Before you carry forward the process of securing your trip to Italy, it becomes important to compare travel insurance plans and make an informed decision carefully. You should determine the kind of policy you need and your budget. For instance, below are the major plan details of the travel insurance for Italy from Care Health Insurance.


Explore Europe

Student Explore

Sum Insured

€ 30K & 100K (Vary according to the premium)

US $ 30K, 50K, 100K, 300K, 500K, and 1000K

Trip Options

  • Single Trip

  • Multi-trip (Policy will be on an annual basis)



There are fixed policy tenure options of 1 to 24 months available under Student Travel Plans

Entry Age (Single Trip)

Minimum: Child- 1Day; Adult- 18 Years

Maximum: Child- 24 Years; Adult- Lifelong

Every fixed-tenure policy involves the same eligibility criteria-

Minimum: 12 Years

Maximum: 40 Years

Entry Age (Multi-Trip)

Minimum: Child- 1Day; Adult- 18 Years

Maximum: Child- 24 Years; Adult- Lifelong

Minimum:12 Years

Maximum:40 Years

*Family option is only available on Single Trip Policies.

What is Covered under our Travel Insurance for Italy?

While providing comprehensive coverage, our travel insurance from India to Italy promises access to quality medical care, no matter where you are. Below are some top covers included under our Italy travel insurance plan-

Emergency Hospitalization: The travel insurance for Italy from India covers any emergency illness or injury treatment expenses, with in-patient and out-patient care hospitalisation benefits.

Daily Allowance: You can get reimbursement up to a specified limit for the additional expenses incurred during hospitalisation up to a specified period.

Compassionate Visit: When an insured family member is ill, your travel insurance plan has your back with a reimbursement facility for flight ticket costs to support them.

Personal Accident: In the unfortunate event of the insured’s death or permanent total disability, the policy offers a lump sum payout up to the sum insured.

COVID-19 Coverage: The policy covers standard medical expenses to protect you from COVID-19 treatment costs in a foreign land, subject to policy terms.

Trip Delay & Cancellation: Worry not during trip delays, interruptions, and cancellations as we cover the related expenses under defined situations as per the policy.

Delay & Loss of Checked-in Baggage: We ensure protection against checked-in baggage loss and delay at the airport with a coverage of up to a specified amount under the policy.

Loss of Passport & Internation DL: If you lose your precious documents such as your passport & international DL, then our Italy travel insurance will cover the costs incurred in retrieving the documents in a foreign land.

Exclusions under the Italian Travel Cover

Italy travel policy does not offer coverage in the following scenarios:

Drug Misuse: Expenses arising from or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse by the insured members during the trip.

World War: Any medical or non-medical expenses arising from national or international war, nuclear perils, or consequences.

Self-inflicted Injury: Any intentional self-injury, suicide attempt, or any other form of harm to self leading to hospitalization or death shall not be covered.

Hazardous Activities: Any claims relating to hazardous activities like fire stunts, etc., otherwise not mentioned in the policy documents.

Breach of Law: Any liability or injury expenses arising from any breach of law or particular regulations set by the destination country.

Dental Treatment: The policy will not cover the expenses of any planned dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to any acute pain.

Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

What is the Premium of Travel Insurance for Italy?

The cost of travel health insurance in Italy depends on several factors such as, number of travellers, their age, destination, trip duration, pre-existing diseases, and the type of coverage. At Care Health Insurance, we offer affordable travel insurance for Italy, with premiums starting from as low as INR 390* for a single traveller on a week-long journey.

Insured Member(s) Age Any Pre-existing Disease Sum Insured Policy Duration Premium Amount (approx.)
1 30 years No € 30,000 7 Days Rs. 390*

*The above-mentioned insurance premium is calculated subject to no pre-existing medical conditions the insured suffers. Also, the premium amount is subject to change if the insured person has already claimed any travel policy before.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Travel Insurance Policy for Italy

The hunt for the ideal Italy travel insurance is confusing, especially if this is your first overseas journey. At Care Health Insurance, we assist you in finding the perfect travel health insurance that meets your needs and conditions. Here are a few things to consider before finalising travel medical insurance for Italy:

  • Schengen Approved Travel Insurance: While travelling to the Schengen territory, including Italy, it is necessary to cross-check if the travel insurance is valid for a Schengen visa.

  • Frequency of Trip: While a once-in-a-lifetime trip needs a single-trip insurance plan, frequent flyers would benefit from picking multi-trip travel insurance plans.

  • Trip Duration: The travel insurance premium is calculated based on the number of days you plan to spend in Schengen. The shorter the trip, the lower the premium.

  • Medical History: If you have a pre-existing ailment, you must ensure that the policy you pick accommodates it.

  • High-Risk Zones: Destinations listed in the high-risk zones have insurance plans with a higher premium requirement. If you are heading to a country famous for adventure activities, you must check if your policy covers adventure or sports injuries.

Claim Process under Italian Travel Policy

claim process claim process

Types of Visas Available for Italy

Given that Italy falls under the Schengen zone, its visa types and process is similar to the other countries in the Schengen area. Here’s the list of different visas available for Italy:

  • Uniform Schengen Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew, or Religious Purposes

Documents Required to Apply for Visa for Italy

A Schengen visa is obligatory to visit the Schengen zone that includes Italy. The process is not cumbersome. You must submit all the documents below on time and pack your bags to enjoy your journey.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance
  • Application form
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Address proof
  • Employment Contract
  • A valid passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Bank account statement
  • Income tax proof

Make the Most of Your Italy with our Travel Guide

As an exceptionally prominent tourist spot, Italy has all that fascinates you. The rich heritage, lively cities, beautiful mountains, green landscapes, small villages, coffee, wine, and pizza. What else do you want to keep Italy on the top of your list for your next holiday? However, don’t forget to add a travel cover that makes it easy for you to travel safely to this country of Latin.

Quick Facts about Italy

Category Specifications
Total Population 6.05 Cr
Official Language Italian
Official Currency Euro
Capital Rome
World Heritage 55
Indian Embassy Embassy of India: Via XX Settembre, 5. Rome, Italy Phone Numbers: 0039 064884642-3-4-5. Fax: 0039 064819539.


Places to Visit in Italy

  • Rome: The capital and most happening city of Italy invites you to see the footprints of Romanian culture. The Ancient Rome, Vatican Museum and Amalfi Coast are the places where you can relax, enjoy Latte and learn about Romanian history.
  • Venice: This city reminds you of the great Shakespeare play.
  • The Merchant of Venice: This Canal city has a Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Basilica Di San Marco, Piazza San Marco, Lido Di Venezia, and Rialto Market to enjoy.
  • Milan: The global capital of fashion and home to famous brands like Prada, Armani, and Versace, Milan is also a financial hub of Italy. The Gothic Duomo di Milano famous cathedral and artworks is a must-visit place. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent, housing Leonardo da Vinci’s.
  • Florence: Witness the masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture in Florence. The Duomo, The Galleria, Uffizi Gallery, and The Palazzo Vecchio are the most popular tourist attraction in Florence that you must visit.

Things to Do in Italy

  • Grab a Bite of Pizza: You can never miss a chance to taste the authentic pizza when you are in Italy. The traditional pizzas Margherita with thick crust, Bottarga, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, and Truffles with ice creams are famous in Italy. So, you must try and enjoy the food delicacies.
  • Shop Lavishly: If you are a shopaholic then prepare your shopping list in advance. You can shop lavishly from the grand stores of famous fashion brands. Also, you can go for street shopping in the local market for jewelry, souvenir, artworks, and wine.
  • Visit Wineries: Plan your Italian wine tour in Tuscany. Tenuta Castiglioni - Frescobaldi, The Castello Banfi, and the Ricasoli are some famous wineries in Italy that you should visit and see the process of how the grapes churned to the finest wine in Italy.

While a comfortable trip is what we aim for, it is wise to think about the uncertainties of travel and plan for any contingency. Having a travel cover will keep you financially secured if you incur non-medical expenses in an emergency, for instance, trip delays or loss of checked-in baggage and passport. If you are considering Italy as your next holiday destination, then get a Schengen visa and travel insurance for Italy. With our optimum policy benefits and 24*7 customer support, you stay safe from inconveniences and risks of travel.

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**Number of Claims Settled as of 31st March 2024

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