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A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for Italy


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Italy Travel Insurance: Italy, the sovereign state of the Italian Republic located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This Pizza country is the world’s most celebrated tourist place that entices travelers with its mozzarella cheese, cheaper wine, ancient architecture, green landscapes, maze-like medieval hill towns, and the greatest artwork. Cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice serve travelers with Italian delicacies. So, if you are thinking of Italy for your next holiday trip, then opt for Schengen travel insurance and start your visa formalities to explore this Rome Empire.

Is Italy Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Yes, Schengen travel insurance is mandatory to get the Schengen visa for Italy. It is one of the member countries of the Schengen zone, that’s why foreign nationals traveling to Italy are required to get overseas travel insurance accepted by Schengen authorities. A Schengen visa allows travelers to travel visa-free in Schengen countries, and travel insurance protects them in case of any medical or non-medical emergency.

Quick Facts about Italy

Total Population

6.05 Cr

Land Area

294, 140 Square Km

Official Language


Official Currency




Driving Side

Right-hand side

Popular Cities

Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan

World Heritage


Indian Embassy

Embassy of India Via XX Settembre, 5. Rome, Italy

Phone Numbers: 0039 064884642-3-4-5. Fax: 0039 064819539.

Explore - International Travel Insurance Plan for Italy

If you want to witness the true companionship between art and architecture then, you must visit Italy. From little-known villages to great historical places, from aroma of cheese to finest wine, you have so much to discover in Italy. This boot-shaped country is quite safe to travel but not immune to infections, natural calamities, loss, theft, and injuries. Thus, you should be prepared with comprehensive travel insurance to overcome from medical and non-medical emergencies that you can occur in Italy. Enjoy worry-free with Religare Schengen travel insurance. Our overseas travel insurance offers wide coverage with minimum exclusions at affordable premiums. You can also choose our region-specific travel insurance cover online with a hassle-free claim settlement.

What is covered in Italy Travel Insurance Plan?

Here we have listed all the Medical and Non-medical benefits covered in Italy Travel insurance policy.

Medical Benefits of Italy Travel Insurance:

  • Emergency hospitalization: Italy Travel insurance covers the expenses for both in and out-patient treatment in an emergency.
  • Cashless hospitalization: You will get immediate cashless hospitalization in any pre-approved hospitals in Israel in case of medical emergencies.
  • Pre-existing diseases: Italy travel insurance plan provides sum insured for treatment of a life-threatening condition for pre-existing diseases.
  • Treatment in home country: If recommended by the doctors you require further treatment in your home country, we give you the coverage for expenses up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.
  • Medical Evacuation: If required you can get emergency transportation for medical evacuation to provide an appropriate medical facility.
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death: We give a lump sum amount as compensation if the insured person loses his/her life while traveling in a common carrier or public transport.

Non-Medical Benefits of Italy Travel Insurance:

  • Trip Delay, Cancellation or Interruption: You will get a cover in case of trip delay and in case of trip cancellation or interruption.
  • Loss of Passport & Checked-In Baggage: You are entitled to reimbursement in case of loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage.
  • Up-gradation to Business Class: This is our unique feature. Under this cover, if you remain hospitalized for more than five consecutive days and need to be back in the home country, then up-gradation from economy to business class is provided.
  • No Maximum Age Limit: There is no maximum entry age limit for buying our travel insurance. We can cover even 1-day old child as well.
  • Other Covers: We provide assistance in case of loss of passport or important document and financial crunch.

What is Not Covered in Italy Travel Insurance Plan?

Italy travel insurance provides you the maximum coverage against all your travel risks. However, there are some situations guided by IRDA that are considered as exclusions, and no claim is provided for the same. Check below our exclusion list:

  • Treatment costs of diseases such as HIV/AIDS/other transmitted diseases.
  • Treatment expenses occurred due to adventure sports, hazardous activity, the influence of drugs, or alcohol, or consequences of war/nuclear perils.
  • Costs incurred due to exposure to ionizing radiation or contamination.
  • Expenses occurred due to the treatment of self-inflicted injury, suicide, etc.
  • Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured.
  • Expenses incurred by engaging in business activities.
  • Costs incurred due to ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, etc.
  • Personal liability of the insured towards another individual (whether personal, official, or commercial).
  • Costs incurred due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation, or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.
  • Costs incurred due to encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright, and trademark.
  • Liability related to possession of animals, insects, birds, and reptiles, and their by-products.
  • Expenses arising due to Breach of Law.

Why Schengen Travel Insurance is Necessary to Travel to Italy?

Captivating Italy is the member country of the Schengen zone. According to the Schengen travel policies people, those who are heading towards the Schengen area needs to have Schengen travel insurance to get the Schengen visa. Now, look at the benefits of Schengen travel insurance plan:

  • Prerequisite for getting Schengen Visa
  • Financial Support and Comfort
  • Cover uncertain medical emergency treatment, surgery or diagnostic tests
  • Cashless treatment in foreign hospitals
  • Helpful in case of non-medical urgencies such as loss of passport or baggage, personal liability or accident
  • Provides immediate medical evacuation
  • Compensation to the nominee in case of uncertain death of the insured
  • Region Specific Insurance Plans
  • Multi-trip insurance for frequent flyers

How to Get Schengen Visa?

The Schengen visa process is a bit time consuming but not that tough at all. You should follow the below-mentioned steps and get it done easily.

  • You have to buy travel insurance for Schengen to get the visa. It's mandatory to get medical insurance for Schengen visa.
  • Your next step, after you get Italy travel insurance is to fill an application form.
  • Prepare a cover letter and mention your purpose of the visit and also give your travel itinerary.
  • Collate related documents such as bank statement showing a minimum balance of €30,000 for the last six months, proof of civil status (birth certificates), employment contract, and income tax proof.
  • Next, you have to book an appointment at least a month back for an interview to ensure the timely process of your visa.
  • You have to appear for a visa interview at an embassy with the required documents. You should reach the venue on time.
  • You have to pay the visa fee around INR 6000 as well. It is non-refundable.
  • Be prepared to know the status. It can be accepted or rejected. Discretion to approve or disapprove your visa application lies with the embassy.

Documents Required for Schengen Visa

Schengen visa is obligatory to visit Schengen zone. The process is not cumbersome. You need to submit all the below-mentioned documents on time and pack your bags to enjoy your journey.

  • Schengen Travel Insurance
  • Application form
  • Proof of Date of Birth
  • Address proof
  • Employment Contract
  • A valid passport
  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Bank account statement
  • Income tax proof

Eligibility for Italy Travel Insurance

  • Solo travelers
  • Family
  • Businessmen
  • Students
  • Employees

Insurance Premium for Italy Travel Insurance

We offer Italy travel insurance plans at very affordable premiums. The actual amount of the premium is subjected to the number of travelers, age, traveling country, trip duration, and the type of coverage selected.

>> Calculate your travel insurance premium Now!

Advantages of Italy Travel Insurance

Our Schengentravel insurance plans cover your medical and non-medical emergency expenses while you are traveling to Italy. It has worldwide acceptance. Take a look at the advantages of Italy travel insurance.

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Minimal Exclusions
  • Affordable Premium
  • Emergency Cashless Hospitalization
  • Repatriation To Home Country
  • Emergency Transportation And Medical Evacuation
  • Financial Assistance In Case Of Emergency
  • Quick Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Assistance In Case Of Loss Of Passport
  • Trip Delay And Cancellation Reimbursement
  • 24x7 Customer Support Service

Places to Visit in Italy

  • Rome: The capital and most happening city of Italy invites you to see the footprints of Romanian culture. The Ancient Rome, Vatican Museum and Amalfi Coast are the places where you can relax, enjoy Latte and learn about Romanian history.
  • Venice: This city reminds you of the great Shakespeare play
  • The Merchant of Venice. This Canal city has a Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Basilica Di San Marco, Piazza San Marco, Lido Di Venezia, and Rialto Market to enjoy.
  • Milan: The global capital of fashion and home to famous brands like Prada, Armani, and Versace, Milan is also a financial hub of Italy. The Gothic Duomo di Milano famous cathedral and artworks is a must-visit place. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent, housing Leonardo da Vinci’s.
  • Florence: Witness the masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture in Florence. The Duomo, The Galleria, Uffizi Gallery, and The Palazzo Vecchio are the most popular tourist attraction in Florence that you must visit.

Things to Do in Italy

  • Pizza: You can never miss a chance to taste the authentic pizza when you are in Italy. The traditional pizzas Margherita with thick crust, Bottarga, Lasagna, Fiorentina Steak, and Truffles with ice creams are famous in Italy. So, you must try and enjoy the food delicacies.
  • Shop Lavishly: If you are a shopaholic then prepare your shopping list in advance. You can shop lavishly from the grand stores of famous fashion brands. Also, you can go for street shopping in the local market for jewelry, souvenir, artworks, and wine.
  • Visit Wineries: Plan your Italian wine tour in Tuscany. Tenuta Castiglioni - Frescobaldi, The Castello Banfi, and the Ricasoli are some famous wineries in Italy that you should visit and see the process of how the grapes churned to the finest wine in Italy.

Italy Travel Tips

  • Buy Italy travel insurance to travel safely
  • Book your flights and accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute hassle
  • No vaccination is required to visit Italy
  • Check the weather and shop accordingly for Italy travel wardrobe
  • Carry a good amount of cash
  • Use public transportation to explore the beauty of Italy
  • Take a walking tour according to the city map
  • Try all the variants of Pizzas
  • Learn a few Italian words

As an exceptionally prominent tourist spot, Italy has all that fascinates you. The rich heritage, lively cities, beautiful mountains, green landscapes, small villages, coffee, wine, and pizza. What else you want to keep Italy on the top of your list for your next holiday. Schengen travel insurance makes it easy for you to travel safely to this country of Latin.

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