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Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

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About Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

Travel insurance premium calculator is an instant informative tool that lets you calculate the premium available on different travel insurance plans which will help you understand the best travel policy for your budget. It works like a health insurance premium calculator, which is used to calculate the premium for health insurance. Both of these calculating tools are important to determine the insurance premium.

How to use Travel Insurance Premium Calculator?

Travel Insurance Premium Calculator can be used online. There are a few steps to follow to calculate your travel insurance premium. Listed below are the steps on how to use the travel insurance premium calculator.

To Calculate Travel Insurance:

  • Go to Care Travel Insurance Premium Calculator web page
  • Enter your trip details, including trip duration, start, and end of your journey, etc
  • Enter the amount that you need to receive from the insurance company.
  • Enter your details and the number of the trip that the policy should cover.
  • Click on the Calculate Premium insurance button.
  • You will get the approximate amount to be paid.

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What is travel insurance premium?

Travel insurance premium covers the expenses for emergencies such as lost luggage, trip cancellation, medical fees, flight accident and other possible emergencies that may occur while domestic or international traveling.

How to Calculate Premium for Travel Insurance 

Multiple risk factors are taken into consideration while calculating travel insurance premium. This includes the age of the traveler, the destination of the traveler and the total amount spent by the traveler. The insurance premium is usually higher for travelers above 60yrs.

Travel Insurance Plans

As per specific needs, the travel insurance plans and premiums differ from person to person. You will need to choose a plan or premium depending on your requirement. It’s good to be aware of the terms and conditions of the plan or premium before making any decisions. Below are the different types of travel insurance plans that you can choose as per your travel requirements:

Student Travel Insurance

Student Travel Insurance premium provides both medical and non-medical coverage to young students who are traveling abroad for their studies. The student insurance policy will remain active throughout their stay abroad. This will help them during unexpected emergencies.

International Travel Insurance:

International Travel Insurance covers any difficulty that may take place during your travel abroad. It covers trip cancellation, medical expenses, trip delay and more. Many insurance companies offer the best deals on International Travel Insurance Plans.

Factors Affecting Travel Insurance Premium

There are several factors that influence your Travel Insurance Premium.

  • Age: Travellers above 60yrs are required to pay a higher premium than younger travelers.
  • Trip duration: The longer your trip, the higher will be your premium.
  • Destination: Cost of Travel insurance will vary depending on domestic or international travel.
  • Add-on Covers: The travel insurance premium will also increase in case you have opted for add-on covers in your policy.

How is Travel Insurance Premium Calculator Useful?

For an affordable travel insurance premium, you can look forward to a comfortable overseas trip under your travel policy. While you are busy preparing for your much-awaited journey abroad, you can check your travel insurance premium online using the travel insurance premium calculator that gives you the following benefits:

  • Helps you choose an affordable travel policy: A travel insurance premium calculator eases the process of buying an international travel insurance cover. You can now customise your policy while comparing different premium amounts, thus making an informed choice and picking an affordable option.
  • Convenience: You get all the information you need at your fingertips as the premium calculator helps you quickly estimate the cost of your overseas travel policy. Manual calculations are replaced with computerized calculations, as you will know the premium in a few clicks on your screen. 
  • Enables you to decide your budget: With a premium calculator, choosing an affordable travel insurance plan becomes easy. It also gives you the right estimate of how much you need to secure yourself against the travel risks. For the rest, you can focus on splurging on the best things your trip has to offer!
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Travellers with pre-existing medical conditions are required to pay a higher premium.

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