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    If Poland is your choice for pursuing education, it will undoubtedly be an enriching experience. The country welcomes every student with plenty of opportunities. Indian students will find the country more affordable than in other countries in Europe. Poland, a central European nation, has a well-developed higher education system with numerous high-ranking universities offering various courses. The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have a list of private and state institutions providing quality education at affordable costs. 

    Applying for a student visa for Poland is the first step before you begin your trip. Along with the visa application form, there are some mandatory documents required that also includes a travel insurance cover. 

    In many countries, including Poland, international students are usually encouraged to get a travel medical insurance plan before arriving in the country. One can get international travel insurance in India before the trip. Travel plans are beneficial when one is far away from home in a foreign land. A travel cover will give a student the much-required financial security and confidence to cope with any medical emergency or inconveniences like a trip interruption or loss of passport.

    Top Universities to Study in Poland for Indian Students

    The university-type HEIs offer at least one doctoral program, granted by the Central Commission for Academic Degrees. In the academic year 2016-17, Poland had 390 HEIs, including 132 state institutions. Apart from HEIs, doctoral programs are also offered by research institutions such as the Polish Academy of Sciences and other research and development institutions authorized to award post-doctoral degrees. All this makes Poland a much sought-after destination to pursue higher education dreams. 

    Medicine, business, economics, engineering, and technology are some of the top fields of study that international students usually pursue in Poland. Following are some of the leading Polish universities offering degrees in these fields:

    • Top Medical Universities: The medical universities of Warsaw, Lodz, Lublin, Silesia, Gdansk, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, and Jagiellonian university are among the foremost Polish medical universities recognized by international bodies, such as WHO. The course duration for an MBBS degree is six years, accompanied by a 1-year compulsory internship with renowned hospitals in Poland.
    • Top Universities for Economics: Poznan University of Economics and Business, Cracow University of Economics, Warsaw School of Economics, Wroclaw University of Economics, and the University of Economics in Katowice offer a degree in economics.
    • Engineering and Technology Universities: Some of the top technical universities in Poland offering a degree in engineering include AGH University of Science & Technology in Krakow, Czestochowa University of Technology, Kielce University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, and Warsaw University of Technology, among others.

    In Poland, tuition fees for various programs differ according to the private and state universities offering them, but, on average, it is in the range of EUR 2000 to EUR 6000 per year. The tuition fee for degrees like MBA is on the scale of EUR 8000 to EUR 12,000 a year. The fee structure has been established considering the cost of the education process in public and non-public HEIs.

    Student Visa and Residence Permit in Poland

    For entering Poland as a student, there are different types of visas, such as C-type and D-type, to choose from. It is advisable to go through the information mentioned on the Polish consulate website before applying for a student visa. Along with the application form, other necessary documents, such as travel documents, health insurance, and college acceptance letter, are also needed to be submitted during a visa appointment. It usually takes 15 days for visa application forms to get reviewed. An Indian student, like any other non-EU student, needs a temporary residence permit that is initially issued for a time frame of 15 months, followed by options to renew up to 3 years till the duration of the course of study. Students from non-EU countries need to purchase international medical insurance on their own before arriving in Poland.

    Accommodation, Transportation & Stay in Poland

    Poland is comparatively affordable in terms of cost of living than other European nations and hence, is among one of the foremost destinations for higher education among Indian students. On average, the cost of living for a student in Poland can vary between EUR 350 to EUR 550. However, international students need to have enough means to cover their living costs as a prerequisite to pursuing courses in Polish universities.

    Most Polish HEIs have their dormitories that international students prefer as an economical accommodation option. Student houses and private apartments for students are also available. Student houses in HEIs have shared and single rooms where rent is between EUR 60-80 for shared rooms and EUR 100-150 for private rooms. Rent for independent one-room apartments varies according to cities and locations.

    With a student card that offers massive discounts on public transport and access to libraries and other facilities in HEIs, students can enjoy low-cost travelling throughout Poland. For Indian students with a Polish visa and a temporary residence permit, working while studying is a good idea, especially during the three-month-long academic holidays. Information about summer jobs and other internship and training opportunities are usually available at career centers in HEIs.

    Are you planning to pursue an international program in one of the best universities in Poland? Care Travel Insurance offers a secure way to cover any unforeseeable expenses during your stay as a student in Poland. Let us help to protect you while you focus on your education.

    FAQs on Student Visa Poland 

    Is Poland good for Indian students?

    Poland is a preferable destination in Central Europe for Indian students as there are many options in terms of courses and universities, especially in Warsaw and Kraków. Those who are thinking of pursuing higher education in the country have plenty of choices, including scholarships for non-EU international students. There are over 500 courses to study in Poland for Indian students and students from other countries.

    Can Indian students work in Poland?

    Yes, international students, including Indian students, can work in Poland, provided they are enrolled in an educational institution. Non-EU international students need to get a valid residence permit. 

    Is Poland cheaper than India?

    Poland is among the affordable countries for Indian students. The education cost in the country is relatively lower compared to other countries in Europe. In popular cities like Warsaw and Kraków, a student's living cost is around 500 to 850 EUR per month. If one plans carefully, the overall costs, including accommodation, food, and transportation, will not create a financial burden. Parents should consider getting student travel insurance before their children travel abroad. The travel cover will provide the required financial protection against medical emergencies and unforeseen non-medical expenses. It is also a mandatory document one requires to submit when getting a Poland Study Visa.

    What currency does Poland use?

    The official currency in Poland is the Polish złoty. Euro is not accepted widely in the country. Make sure you carry adequate cash, depending on your trip duration. 

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