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Canada Travel Insurance

A Quick Guide on Travel Insurance for Canada


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    Travel Insurance for Canada

    A country abounding in natural wealth and opportunities, Canada beckons as many as 30,000 immigrants to its shores annually. Boasting of an extensive Indo-Canadian population, the country is a draw for students, tourists, and workers alike.

    Whether it is a move to further academic or professional goals or a leisure trip to explore the country's many attractions, one thing all travelers must consider is Canada travel insurance. An often-overlooked factor, a suitable insurance policy can be the factor that differentiates an average trip from a great one!

    If a trip to Canada is on your bucket list, make sure you are ready with a passport, a tourist visa, and a Canada travel insurance plan for a hassle-free trip. We provide comprehensive coverage during any medical or non-medical exigency. From immediate cashless hospitalization to reimbursement for loss of checked-in baggage, trip delay/cancellation, assistance in case of loss of passport, etc., we offer several benefits under the policy coverage. You can get the policy at an affordable premium and enjoy your trip to Canada worry-free.

    Is Travel Insurance for Canada Mandatory?

    Although Canada travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement for a Canadian visa, but immigration officers are increasingly requesting travelers for their proof of insurance. Moreover, when applying for Citizenship and Immigration in Canada, you must provide proof of emergency Canada travel insurance for getting approval of your visitor's visa.

    Buying a Canada travel insurance policy ensures monetary safety against unexpected sickness, loss of baggage, loss of passports and other such personal liabilities. Even though Canada has one of the best healthcare systems globally, it certainly comes with a price that not everybody can afford. Whether you are in Canada for leisure time, work, or education, travel insurance for Canada from India covers your travel risks.

    Quick Facts About Canada



    Official Languages

    English, French


    Canadian Dollar

    Country calling code


    Modes of transportation

    Rapid Transit System, Public Train Services, Flights, Buses, Cabs, Trams, Hired Cycles or Car and Ferry

    Time difference

    10 Hrs and 30 Mins behind Indian Standard Time


    Benefits of Travel Insurance for Canada

    No matter what your travel purpose is, we've got you covered to make your journey joyous and stress-free. Summarizing below the benefits of opting for the best travel insurance for Canada: 

    • Comfort: Having a travel insurance cover for your trip will save you, especially senior citizens and students, from the stress of traveling.
    • Protection in Medical Emergency: The policy provides coverage to help you get immediate medical attention.
    • Compensation in case of Mishaps: The plan offers compensation to the nominee in case of uncertain death of the insured person.
    • Covers you in other Contingencies: Trip delays and loss of belongings and documentation will be taken care of under the travel plan. 
    • Multi-Trip Policy: If you are a frequent flyer, you can avail of the multi-trip travel policy.
    • Cashless Claim Settlement: You can apply for the cashless claim facility.
    • Region-specific Plans: Our region-specific customized international travel insurance plans help you to relish your trip and leave all your travel worries with us.

    What is Covered in Travel Insurance For Canada?

    We offer comprehensive travel insurance policy. Below is what all we covered under Canada travel insurance:

    • Emergency hospitalization: In case you find yourselves in a medical emergency that requires hospitalization, the travel insurance plan for Canada will provide you complete cover encompassing IPD and OPD expenses.
    • Accidental hospitalization: Get up to 100% sum insured in case of accidental hospitalization. We also cover Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability.
    • Pre-existing diseases: Canada Travel Insurance Plan will provide sum insured for the treatment of a life-threatening condition for pre-existing diseases.
    • Treatment in home country: In case you require further treatment in your home country, there is coverage for expenses for up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.
    • Medical Evacuation: Get cover during an emergency when there is a need for medical evacuation to the home country.
    • Common Carrier Accidental Death: A lump sum amount as compensation will be paid if the insured person loses his/her life while traveling in common carrier/ public transport.
    • Trip delay, cancellation, or interruption: You will get the compensation for the trip delayed, cancellation or interruption up to the sum insured and subject to policy terms and conditions.
    • Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: Get coverage up to USD 750 for loss of checked-in baggage or delay of checked-in baggage. For delay of checked-in-baggage you will get the cover for up to USD 100. In case of loss of passport, the plan offers a cover of up to USD 300.
    • Up-gradation to Business Class: For a comfortable journey, if you require an up-gradation to business class, you will receive coverage of USD 1,000 under the Canada travel insurance policy.

    Under international travel insurance, you are also eligible for personal liability cover and coverage for the return of the minor child.

    What is not Covered in Canada Travel Insurance Plan?

    It is beneficial to check the exclusions of travel insurance policy. Some of the exclusions are given below:

    • Expenses of treatment of HIV/AIDS/ other transmitted diseases are not covered under Canada Travel Insurance Plan.
    • Expenses arising out of hazardous activity, the influence of drugs or alcohol, or consequences of war/nuclear perils.
    • Costs incurred due to exposure to ionizing radiation or contamination.
    • Expenses due to treatment of self-inflicted injury, suicide, etc.
    • Any liability related to any professional services offered by the insured
    • Expenses incurred by engaging in business activities
    • Costs incurred due to ownership of any aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, etc.
    • Personal liability of the insured towards another individual (whether personal, official or commercial).
    • Expenses due to wrongful detention, false arrest, wrongful eviction, defamation or mental trauma and shock resulting from such situations.
    • Costs incurred due to encroachment of intellectual property rights like patent, copyright, and trademark.
    • Liability related to possession of animals, insects, bird and reptiles and their byproducts
    • Expenses arising as a result of an insured person engaging in Breach of Law

    Eligibility for Canada Travel Insurance?

    Check the below eligibility criteria according to the plans:

    Travel Insurance Plans Eligibility Criteria 
    Explore - International Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is one day.
    The minimum entry age of a proposer is 18 years or above.
    The maximum entry age for an adult is as specified in the plan.
    Student Explore – Student Travel Insurance The minimum entry age is 12 years. 
    The maximum entry age is 40 years.

    Please refer to the prospectus for more details on eligibility. 

    Types of Canadian Visas

    There is no option of applying for a Canadian visa on arrival for indian passport holders. Thus, it is advisable for Indians to get a visa before arriving in the country. However, Indians permanently residing in the US and having a Green Card are not required to apply for the visa. They will need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) for entry into the Canadian zone.

    India is one of the 148 countries that need a visa if the citizens are visiting Canada for tourism, work, or immigration purpose. Based on the purpose of one's visit, there are different types of Canadian visas, as mentioned below:

    • Visitor Visa: A visitor visa or tourist visa, or temporary resident visa is required if you are planning to visit Canada for tourism purposes. The visitor visa is issued either for single or multiple entries, and it allows you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.
    • Super Visa: The Canadian Super Visa is required if the parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or Canadian Permanent Residents are visiting their children or grandchildren for an extended stay.
    • Business Visa: You must apply for a Canadian Business Visa if you plan to visit the country for business or official work.
    • Work Permit: You can avail of a temporary work visa or employment visa if you are getting a job in Canada and will work for a period of up to 6 months.
    • Transit Visa: Transit visas are similar to a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and are required by those traveling to another country via Canada. It is applicable for one or two entries and does not require any fee.
    • Student Visa: A Canada Student Visa is needed by students who have taken admission in a Canadian University and are going to stay for more than six months.

    Visa Procedure for Canada

    If you are applying for Canada travel insurance online or through offline mode, read below to understand the Canadian visa application procedure.

    Step 1: Fill an application form (online or on paper)

    • Based on purpose, choose a suitable type of visa- study permit, work permit, temporary resident visa, and permanent residential travel document to name a few

    Step 2: Ensure you have the following documents in hand:

    • Application Form for Temporary Resident Visa (if needed)
    • Family Information form
    • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union Form
    • Fee payment in an acceptable format
    • A photocopy of the information page of your valid passport or travel document
    • Two photos meeting the requirements of the visa application photograph specifications
    • Proof of Financial Support
    • Purpose of Travel (travel/work/studies)

    Step 3: Pay the Processing fee

    • The current visa application charges for Indian residents can be availed through the Canadian Visa online portal. Before paying, ensure that all documents have been submitted.

    Step 4: Visit your local Canada Visa Application Centre

    • Remember to carry all supporting documents, passports, and proof of payment
    • Submit your completed application form if done on paper.

    For further details and queries, reach out to the Canadian Embassy and Consulates in India:




    India High Commission Canada

    10 Springfield Road, Ottawa, Canada |

    India Consulate Canada | |

    India Consulate Canada

    # 201-325, Howe Street, V6C 1Z7, British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada | |

    Planning your Trip to Canada:

    Home to land waterfalls and large urban cities with modern twists, Canada attracts people from all over the world. In just 14.5 hrs approximately you can experience the luster of the second-largest country in the world. From snow-capped mountains, enormous shorelines to clear lakes that mirror the sky, Canada has it all.

    Be sure to visit:

    • Toronto, Ontario: Known as the most multicultural city on the planet, be a part of one of the most famous film festival in the world, the International Film Festival. Home to the iconic CN Tower and skylines reaching the clouds, this is a place to experience the modern lifestyle of the country.
    • Ottawa, Ontario: Capital of the country that is home to several space museums and the largest skating rink in the world.
    • Victoria, British Columbia: Cycle around to explore the British influence and Victorian-style buildings. It embodies the culture and shelters Canada's national historic site; the Butchart Gardens.
    • Vancouver, British Columbia: Residing in the western-most part of the country, it offers various mountain activities and ski resorts. It is known for its art and theatre.
    • Calgary, Alberta: A place that not only boasts about its natural beauty and historical sites but also provides a scenic view with fireworks, musical entertainment, and colorful carnivals.

    List of Popular Airports in Canada:

    Name of Airport

    Serves (Region)

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Greater Toronto

    Vancouver International Airport

    Metro Vancouver

    Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

    Greater Montreal

    Calgary International Airport

    Calgary Region

    Edmonton International Airport

    Edmonton Metropolitan Region

    Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport

    National Capital Region

    Halifax Stanfield International Airport

    Halifax and Mainland Nova Scotia

    Indulge Yourself in the Following Places and Activities!

    • Niagara Falls, Ontario: A well-known waterfall linking the US and Canada along the Rainbow bridge embodies a breathtaking sight. When in Canada, visit the Maid of Mist and take a journey behind the falls.

    • Watch Ice Hockey: The adrenaline rush and team spirit reflected in one of the most famous sports in Canada will be a dive into their culture and interests. Experience their love for sports live at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto.

    • Hotel De Glace: An ice hotel open during the months of January to March near Quebec City will soothe your eyes with the sights of intricate snow carvings you will find nowhere else.

    • The Northern Lights: Also known as aurora borealis, the most prime location to see it is in the Yukon Territory during winters. Watch the lights blazed in the silent skies dance

    • Quebec City: With a splash of French culture learn about the colonial past and cultural development of Canada.

    • Yoho National Park: Located in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is a place every traveler must witness. It is a serene drive up to Takakkaw Falls and a picture-perfect view!

    A coveted destination for travelers, Canada attracts one and all owing to its vivid landscapes, snowy winters, fascinating culture, delectable cuisines, and vast natural resources. Home to the famous Niagara Falls, Canada is the largest country in North America and second-largest in the world by area. The country is surrounded by oceans namely the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean on three sides and it borders with the United Sides on the southern side. It is recognized as a developed economy, the tenth-largest in the world. Canada is also known to be one of the most educated countries across the globe and has a publicly funded healthcare system, also called Medicare.

    Canada-Embassy Information:

    If there are any emergencies during your stay in Canada, it is always safe to have the location of the Embassy and consulate. In cases of loss or theft of passports contact:






    India High Commission Canada

    10 Springfield Road, Ottawa, Canada

    Phone: 1-613-744-3751 | 1-613-744-3753

    Monday-Friday (09:00 AM-05:30 PM)

    Saturday - Closed

    Sunday - Closed |

    India Consulate Canada

    Suite # 700, 365 Bloor Street East, M4W 3 L4, Toronto, Canada

    Phone: 1-416-960-0751 | 1-416-960-0752

    Monday-Saturday(8:00 AM-5:00 PM)

    Sunday - Closed |

    India Consulate Canada

    # 201-325, Howe Street, V6C 1Z7, British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada

    Phone: 1-604-662-8811

    Monday-Friday (09:00 AM-05:30 PM)

    Saturday - Closed

    Sunday- Closed | |

    FAQs on Canada Travel Insurance

    Can I get Canada travel insurance for part of a trip?

    Yes, you can get travel insurance Canada for part of a trip if you have taken a Worldwide Coverage Plan or Canada+ plan.

    How much travel insurance for Canada from India do I need? (if it's for coverage, then the question should be tweak like How much travel insurance coverage for Canada from India do I need?)

    Coverage depends on the purpose of your travel, number of travelers, duration, and age. However, you can opt for the plans with coverage ranges from $50 to 500. 

    Can you buy travel insurance for Canada after booking?

    Yes, you buy travel insurance for Canada from India after booking.

    Do tourists get free healthcare in Canada?

    No, tourists do not get free healthcare in Canada; that is why travel insurance is highly recommended. 

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