How Travel Insurance Help Senior Citizens While Travelling to Canada ?


how travel insurance help senior citizens while travelling to canada

Benefits of International Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Canada is the all-time favorite destination for young and old souls. Amazing landscapes, crystal clear beaches, snowy-peaked mountains, glaciers, and exciting road trips are attracting even the senior citizens to experience the wilderness of this gigantic country. But, sometimes it’s not that easy for them to cover such a long distance. From jetlagged to sickness and allergies, they are more prone to get affected easily. Traveling poses risks when it comes to elderly people. 

Thus, if your parents or known senior citizen is heading to Canada soon, then read below how travel insurance is a great help to make their trip enjoyable.

Medical Emergencies

During stay in Canada if any senior citizen falls prey to any medical emergency such as stroke, high fever, infection, allergies, or accidents, and injuries, they can go to the hospital for immediate treatment. If suggested by the doctor, they can go for surgery, anesthetic dental treatment, or can come back to the home country for further treatment. International travel insurance reimburses their expenses up to the sum insured and also provides financial security.

Immediate Hospitalization

If your parents or any elderly person covered under travel insurance encounters with any medical emergency, accident or injury in Canada, they can go for immediate cashless hospitalization. They do not need to arrange cash in domestic currency for hospitalization. It covers both in and outpatient treatment, pre-existing disease, medical evacuation, dental expenses, and common carrier accidental death.

Cover Delay and Cancellation

Travel insurance for Canada also covers trip delay and cancellation expenses. If their departure gets delayed for more than specified consecutive hours due to terrorist attacks or natural calamities such as floods, storms, or earthquakes, they will get the reimbursement. This cover saves their hard-earned money.

Loss or Delay of Checked-in Baggage 

Loss or delay of checked-in baggage cover is very helpful during an international trip. If your parents lost their checked-in baggage or spent money due to delay in checked-in baggage, then they get the compensation up to the sum insured. It is applicable if the baggage is missing for more than the specified consecutive hours.

Non-Medical Benefits 

Overseas travel insurance also provides non-medical benefits to elderly travelers. It includes up-gradation to business class in case if they have to fly back to the home country for medical treatment. It also provides 2-way compassionate visit if immediate family member visits Canada to take them back to the home country. Senior citizens also get assistance from the travel insurance team to obtain the duplicate copy in case of loss of their passports.


Nowadays, senior citizens have a better sense of enjoying retired life, than in the past. Though, Canada is the safest country to travel but still not immune to diseases, illness, and uncertainty. International travel insurance is one of the safest ways to make sure that your loving elderly parents enjoy their holidays.

Check the plethora of region-specific international travel insurance plans offered by Care Travel Insurance. Canada Travel Insurance provides you maximum coverage and ensures that senior citizens explore the glory of Canada worry-free.

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