How to File a Successful Travel Insurance Claim?


how to file a successful travel insurance claim

Tips to Make a Successful Claim on Your Travel Insurance

Let us suppose - you are on a solo trip to your favorite international destination. And, you suddenly fall ill and require hospitalization for treatment. This is certainly an unpleasant situation to be in especially when you are all by yourself. However, you have the backing of a good overseas travel insurance policy that you meticulously selected as your safety net. You contacted your insurer immediately since you had the details ready with you. With Care's International Travel Insurance, you can travel worry-free and in case of any sudden sickness/hospitalization we are here to assist you

You did the right thing.

Soon, you were notified that your claim had been processed successfully.

In order to ensure you get the benefits from your travel insurance policy, you must be clear about the right procedure to make a claim. In fact, one crucial thing you must be aware of when purchasing your travel plan is the procedure to make a claim.

Filing an insurance claim for the first time could be a little perplexing. Even if you have made claims earlier, it is always good to read the steps once to avoid hassles later.

We explain below the things you must do for making a successful travel insurance claim.

Read the Policy Details Thoroughly

An international travel insurance policy gives you financial protection when you face not just a medical emergency but also incur unexpected non-medical expenses.

You must be clear about what benefits your travel plan offers you. Thoroughly read the policy documents and understand its features, the terms and conditions, and exclusions.

Before embarking on your journey, remember to note down the policy details like your Customer ID and your insurer’s contact details.

Keep Documents Handy

It is extremely essential to carry copies of vital documents that will be required for making an insurance claim. Even better, keep another set of copies in a secure place at your home. You may have to provide proof of expenses, hence keep the receipts of all your purchases securely. In fact, you will require proof in various scenarios like loss/delay of checked-in baggage, flight delays, etc. Make sure proofs like medical reports are dated 

Maintain other important travel documents. You may be required to contact your travel agency first before approaching your overseas travel insurance provider for making a claim.

Report Thefts and Incidents

Despite keeping vigil, if you lose your belongings or encounter an accident, then you will be required to make a police complaint or approach the airlines/ local authorities/ hotel to report the matter. 

You will be required to furnish proofs of any incident, for which you are making a claim, by providing a complete written record of facts. Police reports are vital documents that your insurer may ask for before processing your claim.

Inform Customer Support Team Early

Your insurer may have specified the time limit for making a claim. Make sure you adhere to the same.  

Inform your insurer when you receive emails pertaining to payment from a hospital or recovery agency abroad. In the case of Cashless Mediclaim, you must keep a list of your network hospitals.

For filing a claim, you need to furnish the required documents, such as:

  • Duly filled and signed claim form 
  • Passport copy with entry/exit stamp
  • Original bills, receipts, and other documents
  • First Information Report (FIR), final police report, post-mortem report (if applicable) 

After a successful review of your case, your request for the claim will be processed. It is, therefore, important for you to keep in touch with the claim management team during all stages of your claim process.

Care Healthl Insurance offers you the right overseas travel insurance policy for your journey abroad and ensures a hassle-free claim processing.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims may vary. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, terms and conditions carefully.

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