5 Things You Should Never Forget While Travelling to the USA from India


5 Things You Should Never Forget While Travelling to the USA from India

USA Travel Tips - Things to Carry While Traveling to USA

The plan is in motion, anticipation sets in, and your trip to the USA is just around the corner. Whether it's a business meeting, family holiday, Christmas bash, or you just want to embark on a grand adventure; your US travel should be planned ahead of time. So, if you are an organization freak or a newbie, you should know a few more important things to eliminate the travel stress and protect you from unforeseen travel risks. Here we have five things other than packing that you should never forget to alleviate the last-minute running around.

Passport Renewal

According to the USA travel rules and regulations, your passport should be valid for the next six months after you come back from your trip. So, you should check the expiration date of your passport and see if you need to renew it. You can renew it online as well. All you need to do is to go to the US embassy website and fill all the required details. It will take at least two weeks to get the renewed passport, so plan your travel itinerary accordingly to avoid unnecessary cancelations.

Travel Advisory

It’s advisable to prefer USA travel advisory before your departure. Due to an increase in the number of terrorist activities and crime, countries sometimes announce emergencies. With the help of travel advisory, you can check if there are any areas in the US where you should not visit or not safe for travelers. You should also check currency restriction for entry and exit. Read about the travel policies, local laws, vaccinations, entry, exit formalities, and conditions mentioned in an advisory to travel safely to the US from India.

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Get Vaccinations

Your health is your wealth. You should check the US travel advisory page, to find out what kinds of vaccination you are required to step in the US. With advisable vaccinations, you can protect yourself and your travel companions from fever, skin problems, and allergies. You should check Centres for Disease Control and Prevention website and also read the US Department of State’s country information page to know what sorts of drugs are illegal in the US. Keep the medicines that are allowed by the US authorities with you, so that you can take them as and when required during your journey.

USA Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance is vital while traveling to the United States. You can’t avoid the unexpected. An emergency can strike at any time, and medical treatment is quite expensive there. A simple visit to the emergency room can cost you a thousand dollars. Without USA travel insurance, you have to pay those hefty medical bills that are out of your pocket. Thus, it’s better to get yourself or your family members insured with comprehensive travel insurance. You can check region-specific travel insurance plans offered by Care Health Insurance with maximum coverage at an affordable premium. USA travel insurance plans cover medical and non-medical emergencies that you may face during your stay in the US. So, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take travel insurance and give yourself and your family the best travel memories forever. 

Stock Your Wallet

Pickpocketing and money stealing are right up there with flight delays and lost luggage when you are traveling to the USA. So, it’s better to stock your wallet before you jet off to faraway lands. You do not need to carry wads of cash. You can opt for a travel card, credit card, and also your international debit card to avoid money crunch on your trip. You should pick the most suitable mode of travel money to carry sufficient money securely. Also, check the currency rate before you board for the US from India.


Hence, traveling to the USA from India requires careful planning. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a newbie, you should consider these points as well other than packing and shopping to protect yourself from any kind of misfortune during your journey. The USA is best known for its medical treatment, but the costs can put a hole in your pockets. So, it’s better to consider these points to enjoy every bit of your stay in the US.

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