Lost Checked-in Baggage: How Travel Insurance will help?


Lost Checked-in Baggage: How Travel Insurance will help?

Picturise this, after travelling for hours expecting a fabulous vacation, you step out of your plane and realize that your luggage is missing. Nightmarish right? 

Although the loss may be too big to be comprehended by your jetlagged mind, you shall still be assured  if you have a travel cover with baggage insurance in place. 

But how does this Baggage insurance work? What all does it cover? Let’s discover starting from what is baggage insurance in the first place.

What is Baggage Insurance?

Baggage Insurance is a type of coverage in your international travel insurance plan that reimburses for the loss that you might face if you lose your checked-in belongings during an overseas journey.

Whether, your baggage gets damaged/ lost at the airport, or gets stolen in your destination country, Baggage insurance reimburses for the loss, if the scenario meets your travel insurance policy t&c. 

Now that you have an idea of what is baggage insurance, let us understand the benefits of having lost baggage compensation cover.

Benefits of Loss of Checked-in Baggage Cover

You can avail the following benefits under a loss of checked-in baggage cover:

  • Compensation against the loss of checked-in baggage
  • Reimbursement against the expenses incurred due to delay in delivery of the baggage
  • No financial worry to meet your emergency need or losses
  • Other add-on coverage for theft delay or damage to checked-in belongings

Documents Required to File a Claim for Loss of Checked-in Baggage?

The terms and conditions related to the claim settlement procedure is mentioned in the policy document. So, it’s advisable to read them thoroughly before proceeding. Below are the important documents that are required for reimbursement purpose:

  • Property irregularity report issued by the appropriate authority
  • Voucher of the common carrier for the compensation paid for the non-delivery/short delivery of the checked-in baggage
  • Copies of correspondence exchanged, if any, with the common carrier for non-delivery/short delivery of the checked-in baggage
  • Proof of ownership and cost of any item which is above INR5,000/-
  • All invoices and bills should be in the Insured Person name.

What are the Exclusions of Checked-in Baggage Cover?

Below are certain scenarios in which your claim can be rejected when filing under Baggage Insurance coverage: :

  • In case of partial loss or damage of any items contained in checked-in baggage.
  • Consequential loss arising from delay, detention or proven confiscation by public authorities. 
  • Any damaged to checked-in baggage by self. 
  • Any damage to baggage that has been shipped by a seperate carrier.
  • Loss of valuables shipped in checked-in baggage.

Opt for Best Baggage Cover Under International Travel Insurance

Simply put, Baggage insurance is a smart cover in the Overseas travel insurance, that ensures coverage for your checked-in belongings during your overseas trip.

The international travel insurance from Care Health Insurance comes in handy when an unforeseen medical or non-medical expense arises during your journey. Therefore, to ensure a painless overseas experience, you should tag along the best international travel insurance by your side!

Disclaimer: All plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Kindly refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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