Lost Checked-in Baggage: How Travel Insurance will help?


Lost Checked-in Baggage: How Travel Insurance will help?

How does Travel Insurance Help in Case of Checked-in Baggage Loss?

Overseas travel is always an overwhelming experience. You travel for hours for a fabulous vacation. But, the moment you step out from the plane, an awful realization hits your jetlagged mind that your baggage has been lost. You’re standing at the baggage carousel for what seems like forever when the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. Who’s responsible for your delayed or lost luggage?

All your excitement can be summed up in frustration. So, as a traveler what would you do when your checked-in baggage is lost?. First of all, you do not need to panic if you have baggage insurance. Here is how travel insurance will help you to come out of this catastrophe.

Protection by Care Travel Insurance Plans

When you lose your checked in-baggage your travel insurance plan comes for your rescue. If your baggage is misplaced permanently, in that case, you will get reimbursements according to the policy limits. This includes the value of the lost baggage with the belongings inside the baggage. Apart from this, travel insurance also covers temporary loss of luggage. Under this cover, you will get the reimbursements up to the policy limits against the purchases that you have made until you receive your luggage back.

Benefits of Loss of Checked-in Baggage Cover

You can avail the following benefits under a loss of checked-in baggage cover:

  • Compensation against the loss of checked-in baggage
  • Reimbursement against the expenses incurred due to delay in delivery of the baggage
  • No financial worry to meet your emergency need or losses
  • Other add-on covers like loss of passport, trip delay/cancellation, and hijack distress allowance

How to File a Claim for Loss of Checked-in Baggage?

The terms and conditions related to the claim settlement procedure is mentioned in the policy document. So, it’s advisable to read them thoroughly to proceed. Below are the important documents that are required for reimbursement purpose:

  • Property irregularity report issued by the appropriate authority
  • Voucher of the common carrier for the compensation paid for the non-delivery/short delivery of the checked-in baggage
  • Copies of correspondence exchanged, if any, with the common carrier for non-delivery/short delivery of the checked-in baggage
  • Proof of ownership and cost of any item which is above INR5,000/-
  • All invoices and bills should be in the Insured Person name

What are the Exclusions of Checked-in Baggage Cover?

Below are certain cases where you can’t ask for claims:

  • In case of partial loss or damage of any items contained in checked-in baggage
  • Any consequential loss arising from any delay, detention and confiscation by public authorities 
  • Any damage to checked-in baggage by itself
  • Any loss of checked-in baggage sent in advance or shipped separately
  • Claim or loss of valuables

So, your baggage can be lost en route or can be stolen. In such cases, your international travel insurance plan comes in handy to help you to ease your worries. Care Travel Insurance plans provide maximum coverage against the loss or delay of checked-in baggage. So, follow the above steps and get easily rid out of such travel risks.

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