Tips on Buying Prescription Medicines if You Are Travelling to the USA


tips on buying prescription medicines if you are travelling to the usa

USA Travel Insurance: Things to Know About Paying Bills in us pharmacy

Imagine you are on your trip to the United States and you just landed at the airport after a long flight. You suddenly feel under the weather and decide to go to the nearest pharmacy. The store owner tells you he cannot give you the medicines unless you have a prescription from your physician.

You just realized that you are in a country where the rules and regulations are quite different from those in India.

Whenever you are on an international trip, you must keep your health as a priority. Buying travel insurance for USA is helpful as it covers your medical expenses in addition to those unexpected medical-exigencies such as loss of checked-in baggage or trip delays which can hamper your travel budget.

In India, buying over-the-counter medicines, say for the common cold, is easy. However, in the US, you need a prescription.

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How Do Pharmacies in the US Work?

Apart from medicines, drugstores or pharmacies in the US often sell a variety of items such as newspapers, magazines, and services like passport photo services. In case you need to buy medicine, you must have a prescription for every medical condition, even if it is just cold.

So, how do I get a prescription? You might ask.

Again, unlike in India, consultation with the doctor in the United States requires you to first register yourself with a hospital. A prescription is provided by a licensed doctor who writes it on a security paper. Sometimes, they send it to the pharmacy directly through email or other electronic modes.

And when it comes to paying the bills, it is better you carry some cash or make payment upfront as sometimes your travel insurance may not be acceptable. This is particularly true for certain brands of medicine. However, you can file for reimbursement later.

Furthermore, the prices of medicines in the country are exorbitant. It is advisable that you carry your medications with you whenever you are traveling to the country. Even if you bring your own medicines, you still require a prescription or note from your doctor. Also, you must opt for a USA travel insurance policy that will cover your medical expenses and protect you financially.

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Some Facts To Know

  • The working timings of all the pharmacies in the US may not be the same. There are some which are open 24 X 7.
  • Some pharmacies may not entertain prescriptions from other foreign countries.
  • The staff members working at the pharmacy may not be authorized to give you professional medical advice or medical assistance.
  • If you buy medicine from a pharmacy in the US, there is no provision to return the same in case you wish to, for health reasons.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the authority responsible for handling complaints related to medicines or medical devices. If you face any adverse effect by consuming a medicine from any US pharmacy, you can reach out at 911 during emergencies. The FDA also ensures that prescription drugs are genuine and safe.

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Secure your health on your trip to the US by opting for USA travel insurance plan and experience easy claims procedures.


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