Child Care

With children comes immense responsibility of taking care of them and their health. This section is exclusively tailored for child care as every child needs care to grow healthy. Go through the informative blogs and practice healthy lifestyle with your children.


Child Health Insurance: Investing in the Well-being of Future Generations

From the moment your bundle of joy arrives, you experience unparalleled happiness and, concurrently, an enormous feeling of respon...

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Safety Measures to Prevent Accidents and Injuries in Children

Most common childhood injuries include scratches, bumps and bruises. But sometimes, child injuries can put a severe strain on the...

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10 Impact of Excessive Screen Time on Your Child's Mental Health


In today’s digitised world, where we constantly talk about environment-friendly, paperless tasks in the office, digital paym...

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Breastfeeding: Boosting Your Baby's Immunity and Cognitive Development



Being a nursing mother to a newborn is one of the most cherished moments for mothers. As miraculous as it may sound, breastfeeding...

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5 Healthy Foods for Kids to Boost Brain Health


The brain is the engine of our body that needs proper nutrition and diet—both for children and adults. . Especially for chil...

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