Awareness Days

This section is exclusively curated for the days that are dedicated to health and aims to spread awareness among masses. Explore the informative articles to expand your knowledge regarding the most important days.


World Sjogren's Day: Let Your Story Inspire Others

Sjogren causes a unique kind of autoimmune disorder that unexpectedly attacks those cells that produce moisture. This disease affe...

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Fragile X Awareness Day: Let’s Prevent this Genetic Condition

Surya was a bundle of joy from the moment he was born. His parents were ecstatic to have a boy to complete their family. However,...

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Pandemonium Day: Let’s Celebrate the Inner You

Life is demanding at every step, and Pandemonium Day is an escape from it. There are days when you want aberrations from normalcy....

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What is World Population Day?

World Population Day is observed on July 11 every year to bring attention towards population issues worldwide and raise awareness...

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Chronic Disease Awareness Day

Chronic Disease Awareness Day is dedicated to increasing awareness about chronic diseases, their impact, causes, symptoms, and pre...

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