Top 10 Foreign Countries Accepting Indian Driving Licence


Top 10 Foreign Countries Accepting Indian Driving Licence

If you are on a venture to explore various cultures across the world, your driving skills can be your sidekick! Driving in a foreign country can help you explore untouched destinations, scenic beauties and various local markets without spending fortunes.

The good news is that several countries allow you to drive on your Indian Driving Licence. Today, we have enlisted 10 countries where an Indian driving license is valid. 

10 Countries Where an Indian Driving License is Valid

Below is a list of 10 countries where an Indian Driving Licence is valid. Thus, if you plan to visit one of these countries, be assured of renting a vehicle and strolling through the country as much as you wish!

United States of America(USA)

Be assured if you are wondering whether you can drive in the USA with an Indian licence. You can drive in the US for up to a year from the date of your entry. Make sure that you have your valid documents in place. Apart from your valid Indian driving licence, the I-94 form with the date of your entry into the USA is also mandatory. 


Germany allows Indian citizens to drive on an Indian driving licence for six months from their arrival. However, your DL must be translated into German. You must get a permit to drive within the country after six months there. 


The country known for its beaches and rainforests allows Indian travellers to drive with Indian DL. However, you must also hold an international driving permit and a valid Indian Driving licence. 

United Kingdom

Driving in the UK, you can see those beautiful castles, towns, villages and magnificent landscapes. England, Scotland, and Wales allow driving with Indian Driving Licence (should be in English) for one year in the UK. However, travellers with Indian DL are permitted to take only specific vehicle classes.

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Australia is one of the most loved destinations for Indians for its beaches and Islands. Whether on vacation or for work, your Indian Driving licence would be acceptable in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia or Queensland. Your Indian Driving Licence would be considered valid for more than a year. However, in the Northern regions of the country, the licence is valid for only up to three months.

New Zealand

You can drive in the Island country, New Zealand, with Indian DL if you are 21 or above. You must ensure that your DL is in English or authorised by the New Zealand Transport Agency. The licence will be valid for up to a year upon arrival in the country. However, if you plan to stay longer, opt for an IDP or a Driving licence in New Zealand.


Most Indians fantasise about Switzerland for its scenic beauty and snow-clad mountains. You can witness the beauty of this paradise with your Indian Driving licence for one year. However, you should ensure that your DL is printed in English language.

South Africa

South Africa, the paradise for wildlife lovers, has many exciting things to do; driving on the zig-zag roads can make it even more adventurous. You can drive a rented car with your Indian Driving Licence, provided it is in English, with your signature and photograph. 


Sweden is another country that comes up when you look for countries where an Indian driving licence is valid. With an active Indian Driving Licence, you can drive nationwide for up to a year. However, you must ensure your Indian Driving licence is translated into English, Swedish, German, Norwegian, or French. You will also have to carry your valid ID proof, go through the local traffic rules, and follow them strictly to avoid chaos on the Sweden roads.


One of the finest International Destinations, Singapore allows 18 years or above Indians to drive with their Indian Driving Licence for a year.. Once you complete 12 months, you must get a Singapore Driving licence to continue driving in the country.

The list of countries mentioned above are some countries where an Indian Driving Licence is valid. We hope this information helps you to decide which country to explore first-hand.

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Now that you know the list of countries that allow you to drive on an Indian driving licence,  explore the world's enchanting beauty via a road trip with your Indian Driving Licence. 

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