How to Get International Driving License in India: 10 Easy Steps


How to Get International Driving License in India: 10 Easy Steps

Are you a traveller who wishes to explore foreign lands on a first-hand basis? If yes, renting a car and driving nationwide is the best way to live your dream. 

However, to do so, you must have a universal permit in the form of an international driving licence. An international driving licence is a permit that allows you to drive in a foreign land. The permit works similarly to your domestic licence but the process to apply for one may be tricky if you are not informed well. 

Thus, this article will walk you through various aspects of an international driving licence. What is an international driving licence, how do you opt for one, and what is the fee for an international driving licence in India, etc.?        

What is an International Driving Licence?

Legally referred to as the International Driving Permit (IDP), the International Driving Licence is a document issued by the United Nations to travellers who wish to drive in a foreign country. The IDL is an official translation of your domestic driver’s licence.

Why is it Important to Get an International Driving License in India?

You must apply for an International Driving Permit to drive a vehicle abroad. The International Driving Permit is a crucial document substantiating your eligibility to drive in a foreign country. This document translates your native driving licence document into various foreign languages so that the road transport authorities abroad are able to trace and validate your driving credentials and background.

How do you apply for an international driving license in India?

There are two different modes of applying for the International Driving License in India— offline and online.

I. Offline Mode:

In offline mode, you need to physically visit the nearest RTO in your home town and submit all the required documents for the International Driving License along with the application fee.

The license should be handed over to you on application processing, which usually takes 3-4 business days. You must visit the RTO once again to collect your International Driving License.

II. Online Mode:

Thanks to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, you can now obtain the IDP from the International Driving License India online portal. To apply for the international driving license online, you need to visit the Parivahan Sarathi Portal.

International Driving License

Given below are the ten easy steps to apply for a new International Driving Permit on the Parivahan portal: 

1. Login to the Parivahan portal and click on the “Apply for International Driving Permit” tab.

2. Carefully read the instructions and press the “Continue” button.

3. On the next window, duly fill in the applicant details and driving license number. Enter the captcha and press the “Proceed” button.

4. The next window will show the details of your driver's licence with your photograph. Verify the licence details by choosing the “Yes” option next to the statement— “The above details are mine”.  A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm details of the Licencing RTO and Backend office. Besides, suppose you are planning to pursue a cab driver position in a foreign country. In that case, you must select the additional option to apply for a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge.

5. The next window will show different Driving Licence Services. Select the “Apply for IDP” option.

6. The application tab will open on the next window. Here, you need to fill in the details mentioned below:

  • Birth place & country
  • Passport number & validity
  • Whether or not you were disqualified for DL?
  • Country for which IDP is to be issued
  • Whether or not you were barred from driving in that country?
  • VISA number & validity
  • Category of vehicle (Car, Bus, Truck, Taxi etc.)
  • Confirm the entered details.

 7. In the next window, you need to upload and submit the required documents. 

 8. Finally, you will be directed to the payment page of the Government Licensing Fee.

 9. Verify the Pay Status after paying the Licensing Fee and press “Continue”.

 10. Print/Save the Receipt of your application.

Documents Required to Get an International Driving Licence in India

Here is the list of documents required to get an international driving license in India:

  1. Form 4: Application for the issue of IDP 
  2. Five passport-size photographs
  3. Copy of the valid driving license
  4. Copies of your passport and VISA
  5. Copy of the air tickets
  6. Form 1: Medical certificate as mentioned in the application form.
  7. Certified proof of Indian citizenship, such as your birth certificate
  8. Copy of proof of address 
  9. Copy of proof of your age, such as AADHAAR 

Fees for International Driving License in India

The government fixes the processing fee for the international driving license application at Rs. 1,000 per license. You need to pay this fee while submitting the documents and application form.

International Driving License Validity in India 

Under the Convention on International Road Traffic of 1949, i.e., the Geneva Convention, an International Driving Permit issued in India is valid for one year.

How to Renew the International Driving License?

Renewing your international driving licence may not be possible once it expires. Thus, you must apply for a fresh licence on the official website of the destination country’s embassy/ high commission/ consulate general where the international driving licence is valid. Here is a step-by-step guide to renew your International Drivers Permit:

Step 1: Submit Miscellaneous Application Form 

You need to download this application form from the official website of the embassy/ high commission/ consulate general of the respective country. You are required to duly file and self-attest this form and post it to the respective embassy’s address along with the processing fee and the following attachments—

1. A recently-clicked passport-size photograph

2. Indian Passport: Self-attested notarised photocopies of the first two and last two pages of the Indian Passport of the applicant along with the page(s) mentioning the passport officer’s observation(s) (if any).

3. Visa Status: A self-attested, notarised copy of a valid Visa showing the Visa status should be enclosed.

4. Self-attested Photocopy of the International Driving Permit.

5. Proof of Residence: Any of the following self-attested notarised documents  are applicable:   

  • Copy of utility bill (Latest landline telephone bill/gas bill/water bill or Council Tax bill); OR 
  • Lease deed (of the current residence), clearly mentions the applicant’s address in the foreign country
  • Delivery envelope: A self–addressed special delivery envelope duly paid with postage stamps to return your documents. This delivery envelope should mention your full name, address, and postal code.

6. Please note that embassies and consulates of various countries charge different processing fees for IDP. For instance,

  • Consulate General of India, San Francisco, levies $10 + $2 for the Indian Community Welfare Fund.
  • The High Commission of the UK levies £ 17. 
  • The Embassy of Ireland levies € 9+ € 2 for ICWF.

Step 2: Apply for a Fresh International Driving Permit

Upon due processing of the miscellaneous application form the following stages shall occur: 

  1. The Consulate/ Embassy/ High Commission will issue a Receipt of Application to the applicant. 
  2. You can then apply for a fresh issue of IDP through the Parivahan Sarathi Portal by uploading the required documents, along with the receipt of the miscellaneous application issued by the Embassy/ High Commission of India, as mandated under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. 
  3. Upon receipt of the documents, the licensing authority will verify them. After that, the authority will issue the new IDP and will courier the same directly to your address.

What if I Lose my IDP During the Trip?

There is no need to worry at all! All you need to do is get your trip insured with the Care Explore International Trip Insurance Policy. If you lose your International Driving Permit while on the journey, you can easily apply for a duplicate International Driving License. We shall pay you a fixed amount incurred towards obtaining the duplicate IDP, per the plan's terms and conditions in the policy document and brochure.

To sum up

While the International Driving Permit is crucial for a  driver’s safety, your overall journey’s security relies on the right international travel insurance plan. It keeps you protected and bears your medical and non-medical travel risks so that you bring only happy memories back home.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.


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