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Baggage Insurance

Baggage Insurance

Baggage Insurance comes to your rescue if your checked-in luggage is lost or delayed after you take off for an overseas trip. Some of the most prominent benefits that baggage insurance provides are:

  • Coverage for Loss of Checked-in Items
  • Compensation for loss of Expensive Checked-in luggage up to the sum insured
  • Compensation for baggage delay
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What is Baggage Insurance

Baggage Insurance helps you cover your baggage from unforeseen loss or damage during an overseas trip. Suppose you are travelling to Dubai for a business meeting. You reach the airport on time, get your luggage checked in and take off expecting a successful trip ahead. However, as soon as you land at the Dubai airport, you realise one of your checked-in baggage that had your business-related documents is missing.

In such a case, a few intelligent steps, such as keeping soft copies of your documents, can save you from spoiling your business meeting, but what about the lost baggage? Losing luggage during your trip can spoil your enthusiasm if you are unprepared. The good news is; you do not have to worry about losses due to the misplacement of your checked-in baggage. You can now cover it with baggage insurance in your Dubai Travel Insurance. A baggage or travel insurance with delayed baggage cover would cover expenses incurred due to delayed, misplaced, or lost baggage.

Should You Buy an Independent Baggage Insurance?

At Care health insurance, we provide coverage for baggage insurance as a unique coverage within our travel insurance. Thus, if you’ve purchased travel insurance from Care Health insurance, you do not necessarily have to buy independent baggage insurance. However, suppose you have purchased a travel insurance plan with limited or no coverage for baggage loss. In that case, you may ask your insurer to add coverage for your essential and expensive luggage.

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What are the Benefits of Buying Baggage Insurance?

Baggage insurance helps you secure your belongings during your trip. Here are a few benefits that a Baggage insurance policy serves you:

  • Compensation for Lost Luggage: The foremost benefit of buying baggage insurance is that it compensates if you lose one or all of your checked-in baggage during the trip.
  • Compensation for Delayed Luggage: If your baggage gets delayed at the receiving counter and you suffer losses, your baggage insurance shall compensate for the expenses incurred.
  • Helps You to Travel Stress-free: While you take a flight, your luggage and belongings are kept in a cargo hold. When your luggage is not with you, the chances that it can get lost or get delayed in reaching you increase significantly! However, you do not have to worry if you have baggage insurance.

What are The Eligibility Criteria For Buying Baggage Insurance

Anybody travelling to an overseas country can buy a baggage insurance policy. But, to file a claim, one should meet certain eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • You should possess proof that your lost baggage was entrusted to the staff of the common carrier.
  • You should possess proof that the common carrier has accepted the liability and has paid a fraction of the loss.
  • If the cost of the loss of your checked-in baggage is more than ₹5000, then you should possess a receipt of the cost of the item (or the bills) as proof.

Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Baggage Insurance

If you are purchasing baggage insurance or travel insurance with delayed baggage cover from Care Health Insurance, here are the things to be kept in mind:

  • Carefully read and understand the coverage of the baggage insurance plan in detail to avoid any last-minute surprises.
  • Read out the terms & conditions of the plan to understand under what conditions you can file a claim.
  • Make a list of all the baggage to be insured under the baggage insurance to secure your luggage while you take off for an international trip.
  • If you travel with expensive baggage, add an appropriate premium for comprehensive coverage in times of need.

What is Covered Under Baggage Insurance Plan?

You should always check out the coverage before buying baggage insurance for an international flight. The coverage covered by Care Health Insurance includes:

  • Loss of Checked-in Baggage: Your travel luggage insurance compensates for your lost baggage once the common carrier accepts the liability.
  • Delay in Receiving Checked-in Baggage: Suppose you reach the destination and your luggage doesn’t arrive for over 12 consecutive hours. In such a case, your baggage insurance will compensate for the losses incurred during that period.
  • Loss of a Portion of Checked-in Baggage: Suppose you submit three bags at the check-in counter however, at the destination airport, you receive only two bags. In such a case, your baggage insurance will proportionately compensate for the lost portion of your luggage.
  • Loss of Expensive Checked-in Baggage: We value what’s valuable to you. Thus, our baggage insurance covers the loss of expensive luggage (cost above ₹5000). To avail of the benefit, you must submit proof of ownership and the baggage cost when making a claim.
  • Coverage for Checked-In luggage Round the Trip: The baggage insurance ensures you remain worry-free while travelling abroad. Thus, the baggage insurance covers your luggage from the time you get your luggage checked until you are back to your home country, India.

The above-mentioned inclusions of the baggage insurance are for reference purposes only. For complete details on the plan, please read out the Explore policy documents and refer to benefits 13 & 14 or connect with your insurance agent today.

What is Not Covered Under Baggage Insurance?

Below-mentioned are a few situations when you can not file a claim under the baggage insurance policy:

  • Refused Baggage Liability: Baggage insurance bought from Care Health Insurance shall not be liable to pay the claim for loss of checked-in baggage if the common carrier refuses to admit the liability.
  • Restricted Wait Time: The travel insurance with delayed baggage cover shall not reimburse claims if the checked-in baggage is delayed under 12 hours.
  • Security Related Delay: Any losses claimed under delayed checked-in baggage wherein the delay has been caused due to detention or confiscation of baggage by any security reasons shall not be covered under the baggage insurance.
  • Self-Carried Baggage: The baggage travel insurance shall not cover claims made upon loss of self-carried baggage.
  • Unattested Items: The lost luggage insurance shall cover only up to 50% of the original cost of an expensive item above ₹5000 if the proof of ownership and cost of the item is not attested with the claim form.
  • Loss of Consumables: The baggage insurance shall not cover loss of consumables if any are in the luggage.

The above-mentioned exclusions of the baggage insurance are for reference purposes only. For complete details on the plan, please read out the Explore policy documents and refer to benefits 13 & 14 or connect with your insurance agent.

How To Claim Reimbursement Under Baggage Insurance

You must fill out a claim form to claim for losses incurred due to the loss of your checked-in baggage or delay in receiving your belongings at the airline authority. To do so, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Inform your insurance agent about the lost or delayed checked-in baggage, whichever has incurred the losses.
  • Step 2: Fill out the claim form provided by your agent and enlist all the items lost or delayed, followed by the asked details.
  • Step 3: Submit the form and patiently cooperate with the insurance agent in verifying the details.
  • Step 4: If your claim is eligible for reimbursement, your agent shall proceed with the reimbursement process. If not, the insurance agent shall explain why the claim is rejected.

How to Choose The Best Travel Insurance With Delayed Baggage Cover

To ensure your luggage remains safe during an overseas trip, it is important to cover it with baggage insurance. However, you do not have to buy lost luggage insurance separately if you have covered your trip with Care Health Insurance’s international travel insurance. While planning to buy travel insurance with baggage insurance, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Select an appropriate sum insured within your travel insurance to ensure coverage for all your luggage.
  • Check for all the coverage and ask your insurer whether you can get add-on benefits for your unique needs.
  • Look out for the exclusion within the plan carefully. Also, remember to compare baggage insurance provided under various travel insurance plans and choose from the most suitable plan.
  • Look out for the insurer’s claim settlement ratio and check the customer’s review before making the decision.


Q. What are the documents required to file a baggage insurance claim?

To file a claim under baggage insurance, you will require documents such as a duly filed claim form, the proof of ownership of baggage, the cost of baggage, a list of all the baggage for which you are filing a claim, an FIR in case of theft or burglary, and a copy of your insurance documents.

Q. How much time does it take for a baggage insurance claim to be settled?

If the case is undisputed and you are eligible for the claim, your travel insurance from Care Health Insurance can take 2-4 weeks to settle. However, the time required to settle the claim may vary if you fail to provide the documents or if the case is under the court's observation.

Q. Do I need travel baggage insurance?

If you have bought travel insurance with coverage for loss of checked-in baggage and delay in checked-in baggage, you do not necessarily have to buy a separate plan. However, if you do not wish to buy an all-encompassing travel plan, you can buy travel baggage insurance.

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