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Germany Travel Insurance

Germany Travel Insurance

A travel insurance for Germany from India provides you a financial cushion to safeguard your budget amidst medical and non-medical emergencies during your trip to Germany. The most prominent coverage Germany travel insurance provides includes:

  • Financial coverage amidst medical emergencies.
  • Coverage during emergencies such as theft or burglary.
  • Coverage in times of trip cancellation.
  • Coverage for Repatriation of Mortal Remains
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Travel Insurance Germany

Germany has an old-world charm that captivates tourists who seek to capture glimpses of the past in the medieval style structures, centuries-old castles, churches, and historical buildings. Simply put, Germany is the paradise for the historians, art and poetry lovers.

Besides being an old-world charm, Germany is also one of the most developed Schengen countries that offers world class healthcare facilities. Although Germany is a safe country to visit, a health or travel related risk such as medical emergency, theft, burglary, baggage loss are likely to happen while you are on a trip to this beautiful destination.

Given that the country is one of the most developed nations, the costs incurred in recovering from any mishap can be derailing. Thus, to ensure any discrepancy in the trip does not spoil the whole vacay, you should always secure your trip to the country with comprehensive travel insurance. With a Germany travel insurance you can travel worry-free as a financial cushion would back you up in case you encounter an emergency.

Is Germany Travel Insurance Mandatory?

Germany is one among the 27 Schengen countries. As per the Schengen region norms, to visit Germany you should have a valid travel insurance for Germany to be able to apply for a Schengen visa.

Whether you are visiting Germany as a student, tourist, or for business purposes, you should always possess a Germany travel insurance with appropriate sum insured.

What are the Features of Germany Travel Insurance by Care Health Insurance

The travel insurance for Germany from India, more specifically from Care health insurance is especially designed to cover the travel-related contingencies that an individual may face enroute. Features of this plan offered by the best travel insurance company includes:

  • Pocket-friendly Premium:At Care Health Insurance, we have designed a Travel Insurance for Germany that fits your travel budget while providing essential coverage at the same time.
  • Automatic Trip Extension:We understand the need for care in unforeseen emergencies. Thus, travel insurance for Germany bought from Care Health Insurance automatically extends for up to seven consecutive days if you encounter mishaps that require extended stay in the country.
  • All-inclusive Protection:Whether you are stuck in a travel related contingency or need assistance in locating hospitals in Germany we have your back at every step of your journey.
  • Useful Add-on Benefits:The Travel Insurance for Germany from India is customisable! We assist you in customising your travel insurance policy and help you cover unique features such as pre-existing diseases and refund of the visa fees etc.

*Please note that these are just a few unique features of a Germany travel insurance. For more details about the plan’s features, refer to the policy documents.

Travel Insurance For Germany: Plan at a Glance

Before buying travel insurance for Germany, it is very important that you decide your needs from the plan. Suppose, you are travelling to Germany with your family, then a family travel insurance for Germany is what can help you cover your trip against emergencies. Whereas, if you are travelling to Germany for higher studies, student travel insurance will ensure that you remain covered throughout your term in the country.

Additionally, it is also important that you read out the policy documents and terms & conditions of the plan so that you can avoid any last-minute hassles. Here are a few facts that you should know before buying a Germany travel insurance from Care Health Insurance.

Description Explore Europe
Sum Insured € 30K & 100K (Vary according to the premium)
Trip Options
  • Single Trip
  • Multi-trip (Policy will be on an annual basis)
Entry Age (Single Trip) Minimum: Child - 1 Day, Adult - 18 Years; Maximum: Child - 24 Years, Adult - Lifelong
Entry Age (Multi-trip) Minimum: Child - 1 Day, Adult - 18 Years; Maximum: Child - 24 Years, Adult - Lifelong

*Please refer to the policy documents of Explore Europe to understand the plan in detail.

What is Covered under Travel Insurance for Germany?

At Care Health insurance, the travel insurance for Germany from India comes with the following coverage:

  • Emergency hospitalisation: The travel insurance for Germany will provide hospitalisation cover in an emergency, including IPD and OPD expenses.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: The Germany Travel insurance that we provide covers expenses incurred due to infections such as coronavirus.
  • Cashless hospitalisation: It helps you access immediate hospitalisation on a cashless basis.
  • Pre-existing Diseases: The Germany travel insurance plan will provide coverage for treating pre-existing diseases if it is a life-threatening condition.
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death: In case, if the insured person dies on a common carrier/ transport, the travel insurance policy shall provide a lump sum amount as a compensation.
  • Trip delays, interruptions, and cancellations: The travel policy provides reimbursement if the policyholder faces trip delays, interruption, or cancellation due to covered reasons.
  • Loss of travel documents: The policyholder will get the specified coverage for loss of travel documents, like passport and international driving licence.
  • Delay/ Loss of Checked-In Baggage: The travel policy will reimburse expenses up to a specified amount in case of loss of checked-in or delays in receiving the luggage, up to a specified amount.
  • Up-Gradation to Business Class: The policyholder gets coverage for the expenses towards up-gradation to business class, and the claim is admissible under in-patient care.
  • Automatic Trip Extension: The policy provides automatic trip extension benefits up to 7 consecutive days for your extended trip in Germany.

What is Not Covered under Germany Travel Insurance?

Whenever you opt for travel insurance for Germany from your insurer, make sure you thoroughly check the exclusions, that is, the cases where you will not be able to make a claim under your travel plan. The exclusions may include:

  • Drug Misuse:The travel insurance shall not cover expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse by the insured members during the course of the trip.
  • Self-inflicted Injury:Any intentional self-injury, suicide attempt, or any other form of harm to self leading to hospitalisation or death of the insured member(s) shall not be covered.
  • Breach of Law:Any liability or injury expenses arising out of any breach of law or particular regulations set by the destination country.
  • World War:Any medical or non-medical expenses arising out of national or international war or nuclear perils or consequences thereof shall not be covered within the travel insurance plan.
  • Hazardous Activities:Any claims relating to hazardous activities like fire stunts, etc., that are otherwise not mentioned in the policy documents.
  • Dental Treatment:The policy will not cover the expenses of any planned dental treatment or surgery unless necessitated due to any acute pain.

Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

What is the Premium of Travel Insurance For Germany?

The premium to be paid for travel insurance can be calculated by the premium calculator available online. The premium of the plan may vary based on various factors, including the age of the traveller, the country they are travelling to, trip duration, and the type of coverage selected.

The travel insurance plans for Germany offered by Care Health Insurance are pretty affordable. Care’stravel health insurance premium for Germany starts from as low as around Rs. 511 *for a single traveller on an 11-day-long visit.

For instance, if you are travelling from India to Germany on a week-long, one-time visit, the approximate premium cost of your travel insurance with a sum insured of $50k is calculated as below:

Insured Member(s) Age Any Pre-existing Disease Sum Insured Policy Duration Premium Amount (approx.)


30 years


$50, 000

11 Days

Rs. 511*


*The above-mentioned travel insurance premium is calculated subject to no pre-existing medical conditions of the insured members. It considers that the insured members have not been diagnosed, hospitalised, or underwent any treatment in the last 48 months. Also, the premium amount is subject to change if the insured person has already claimed any travel policy before.

Factors Affecting the Premium Of Travel Insurance For Germany

As mentioned above, the premium of a travel insurance policy may vary from person to person based on different factors. A few factors that may significantly affect the travel insurance premium are as under:

  • Frequency of Trip: While a multi-trip plan can benefit those who travel frequently, the premium of the plan may increase accordingly. A single-trip travel insurance may provide coverage at a rather low payment as the plan ought to cover only one trip. However, a multi-trip travel insurance shall be bought at a higher premium and thus, a higher sum insured.
  • Trip Duration: The insurance premium is calculated based on the number of days you plan to spend in Germany. A shorter trip leads to a lower premium.
  • Medical History: If you cover a pre-existing health condition in your travel insurance for Germany, your travel insurance premium shall automatically increase.
  • High-Risk Zones: Destinations that are in the high-risk zones have insurance plans with a higher premium requirement. If you are headed to a country famous for adventure activities, your plans premium may be higher.

How To File Claim Under Travel Insurance For Germany

claim process claim process

Types of Germany Visas

Citizens of non-EU countries need a visa to enter Germany. With a Schengen Visa, tourists can get visa-free access to all the 27 European countries that have signed the Schengen agreement. Tourists travelling for a short duration must apply for a Schengen Visa. Based on the purpose of your visit, you can apply for the following visas:

  • Tourist Visa: If you are planning for a vacation to Germany or a visit to family and friends, you will require a tourist visa.
  • Student Visa: Apply for a student visa if you are planning to get admission in a German University.
  • Business Visa: For people visiting Germany for business purposes, a business visa for Germany should be obtained before embarking on an international trip.
  • Work Visa: Those going to Germany to work on a temporary basis should obtain this visa.
  • Airport Transit Visa: Indians travelling to another country via Germany can apply for Transit Visa to get entry to the country for a shorter duration. It is valid for 14 days from the date of issue.

Click to know more about Germany Visa details

Important Documents Required for Germany Visa Application

Any application for a short-term German Schengen visa must enclose the following documents:

  • Completed visa application form with correct information in compliance with the information in the rest of the documents.
  • A valid passport with two blank pages and valid for a minimum of six months beyond the date of travel.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Documents supporting proof of accommodation in Germany.
  • A valid Travel Health Insurance plan.
  • A copy of the round-trip airline reservation, with passenger information and dates demonstrating that the stay in Schengen is not longer than 90 days.

Visa Procedure for Germany

If you are an Indian Passport Holders, you must first submit your Schengen visa application at any of the Visa Facilitation Services Global Offices in India located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai Bengaluru, and Kolkata.

  • Step 1: Submit your passport at Visa Application Centre.
  • Step 2: Provide complete details in visa application form along with a photograph.
  • Step 3: Book an appointment online or at Joint Schengen visa application centre.
  • Step 4: Provide your biometrics (fingerprint) data and a digital photograph. Pay the applicable fees either in cash or DD.

It takes about 10 to 15 days for the Germany visa to process. Collect your visa from the visa application centre or opt for courier delivery.

Important Things to Know About Germany

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. The best time to visit Germany is summertime in early June. If you are planning to visit the country in winters, be equipped to handle the extreme cold weather as temperatures usually drop to - 10 degrees Celsius.

Even though Forex travel cards make transactions convenient, carrying a little cash will be helpful as locals prefer cash over other payment modes. Most of the local shops, including grocery stores, are closed on Sundays. So plan your day accordingly. Moreover, Germans encourage eco-friendly practices. Look out for recycling bins in the city where you can dispose of plastic bottles.

The locals are friendly too. Although many Germans understand English, learning some basic German phrases like Danke (thank you) and Tschüs (goodbye) will be helpful.

Here are a few quick facts that you should know about Germany:

Category Specification
Official Languages German
Currency Euro
Country calling code +49
Modes of transportation Suburban Express Trains, Underground Trains, Trams and Buses
International Airports Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Munich Airport, Frankfurt Airport

Places to Visit in Germany

The Berlin Wall: One of the iconic places to visit in Germany, go for sightseeing at the Berlin Wall and the Berlin War Memorial.

The Brandenburg Gate: An 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin, mark this sandstone military structure in your itinerary when you visit Germany.

The Black Forest: Situated in Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, this is a retreat for nature lovers where you will also get to see densely wooded terrains, expansive vineyards and Gothic buildings in the vicinity.

Zugspitze Massif: The highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains at 2,962 meters above sea level, Zugspitze Massif is another major attraction for adventurers and tourists who wish to capture panoramic city views.

FAQs on Germany Travel Insurance

Q. Does Travel Health Insurance for Germany Cover Hospitalization Costs?

Yes, travel health insurance for Germany will cover the hospitalisation costs incurred by the policyholder during a medical emergency like illness or accident. The expenses covered include in-patient and out-patient care.

Q. Does Travel Health Insurance for Germany Cover Medication?

Yes, the Germany travel insurance plan will cover miscellaneous expenses, including medication, if it is prescribed by any registered medical practitioner as part of the treatment. The sub-limits on such expenses will be applicable as specified in the policy terms and conditions.

Q. Does Travel Insurance for Germany Cover Giving Birth in Germany?

No. Travel Insurance for Germany will not cover the expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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