FAQs on Coronavirus Health Insurance


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus Health Insurance

1) Which Products from Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) cover Treatment Expenses for Coronavirus?

Our indemnity based products such as Care, Care Freedom, Care Global, Care Senior, Care POS, Enhance, Care Heart, Joy and customized Group products with IPD benefit cover hospitalization based treatment for corona virus. Furthermore our *Travel Insurance products – Explore and Student Explore also offer the same coverage.

2) Which Care Products don’t Cover Corona Virus?

Some of our products that do not extend coverage for corona virus-related treatment expenses are Assure, Secure, Cancer Mediclaim, Critical Mediclaim, Super Mediclaim, Heart Mediclaim, and Operation Mediclaim.

3) What is the Admissibility Criteria for Customers?

The admissibility of the claim is basis current management protocols for treatment, evaluation, and Quarantine of a confirmed or suspected case on certification of a qualified medical specialist, for the treatment extended at a center recognized to offer the treatment.

4) Is Cashless & Reimbursement Facility Covered? Is Home Care Covered?

Both cashless and reimbursement facilities are applicable. Cashless facility is available only at empaneled network hospitals.

No, Homecare or related treatment expenses are not covered under in-patient hospitalization benefit.

5) Will the Evaluation Period be Covered?

As per current protocol, quarantine is recommended and expenses towards the same shall be payable under the IPD benefit of the policy.

6) What if the Evaluation Report Results in Negative, will the Insurance Company still Honor the Claim?

Yes, provided the facility where Quarantine is conducted is recognized and it’s been carried outpost a registered medical practitioner.

7) Are Isolation Charges Part of my Coverage?

Yes, provided this is post advice of a registered medical practitioner and at a facility that’s approved for carrying out treatment for Coronavirus cases.

8) In Case of a Corporate Policy can the Corporate Buffer be Used where its Mentioned as Applicable Only for Critical Illness?

No, The same cannot be utilized for uncomplicated Corona virus cases. The benefit will be applicable only when the symptoms or diagnoses pertaining to any of the listed critical illnesses are identified.

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