Follow a Simple Online Process to Renew Your Health Insurance Policy


Every family looks for ways to save money despite the variety of expenses it has to meet every month. Unforeseen medical expenses, especially during emergency hospitalisation, can severely impact a family’s savings. A health insurance policy works as a protective cover against such expenses. By paying regular premium to the insurer, policyholders are eligible to get coverage for a specified policy term.  

They also have the option to go for health insurance renewal so that the benefits become available without interruption. The option to renew health insurance online is highly beneficial for policyhoilders.

Online Process to Renew Health Insurance

The online procedure for renewing a health policy is completely hassle-free. In just a few clicks, a policyholder can get the policy renewed and continue to avail the benefits that includes no-claim bonus, cover for pre-existing ailment, etc. 

The basic procedures involve: 

  • Informing the insurer: The policyholder must contact the insurer and raise a request for health insurance policy renewal. The request must be raised with the specified time period before the policy expires. 
  • Providing relevant details: Complete details including the policy number must be provided. The insurer should also be updated about any information regarding change in the medical condition. 
  • Making payment: The payment for the policy renewal can be done through any digital mode such as credit card, debit card or net banking. 

Things to Note When Renewing Health Policy

  • It is essential keep track of the date when the policy expires. Notifications are sent to the policyholders reminding them about policy renewal.
  • In case the policyholder fails to renew the policy with the specified time, they have another chance in the form of a grace period. Usually, this period is for 15 days within which the insured must pay the renewal premium cost. 
  • When opting to renew health insurance online, policyholders are allowed to switch to another insurer if they prefer to. The existing insurer should be informed about the same within the stated time period.
  • Claims made between the expiry and renewal of the policy may not be considered. Hence, renewing the policy before it expires is recommended. 
  • When planning to renew the health policy, it is also advisable to re-evaluate one’s insurance needs. As healthcare costs are rising steadily, going for an increased sum insured is a good option. 
  • When opting for policy renewal, check the policy terms and conditions. As per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), any change in the policy benefits or premium can be effectuated only with the approval of the insurance regulator and must be informed to the insurer a minimum three months prior to the renewal. 

Renewing insurance policy also brings added benefits including discounts. Moreover, by renewing your policy, you will continue to get the tax benefits that you are eligible, on the premium you pay, under Section 80D of Income Tax Act. 

Health insurance plans such as ‘Care’ by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) come with a range of coverage and easy renewal procedure. The process of policy renewal of Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) is seamless, thus enabling policyholders to renew their plans in a timely manner.