Know about OPD Cover in a Health Insurance Plan


Know about OPD Cover in a Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance Plans with OPD Cover

Do you know that OPD expenses in India account for around 62% of healthcare costs? Due to increasing medical inflation, many OPD charges have become out-of-pocket expenses and impact their monthly budget. People refrain from visiting the clinic or hospitals because these extra expenses cause them serious health issues or morbidity later. Therefore, health insurance with OPD cover is the need of an hour. Let's get into the details of what it is all about.

What is an OPD Cover?

OPD means an outpatient department, where patients come to the hospital to consult their health issues with the doctor to start the treatment. Patients are not required to be hospitalized but can visit any associated facility in the hospital, such as a consultation room, diagnosis, pharmacy, etc. 

At Care Health Insurance, we understand that these small healthcare expenditures collectively can cause a significant financial impact. Gradually, it can even drain out the savings. Therefore, we offer Care, the most comprehensive family health insurance policy with OPD cover. It provides reimbursement coverage for outpatient department expenses as an add-on (optional) cover.

Getting health insurance with OPD cover is one of the wisest decisions you can make to protect yourself when visiting doctors for consultations. 

Inclusions of an OPD Cover in Health Insurance

Listed below are the inclusions of our OPD cover:

  • Diagnostic test
  • Doctor consultation
  • Investigative tests
  • Pharmacy expenses 

It works as a cushion for your savings and helps you start your treatment right on time without worrying about these trivial expenses. 

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Why is OPD Cover Beneficial?

Health insurance offers numerous benefits; let's check out how outpatient department cover is beneficial for the policyholders:

  • Patients who visit the hospital frequently for OPD consultations can cover their expenses.
  • Healthcare inflation is rising and the resultant skyrocketing medicines cost thousands of rupees; OPD cover provides reimbursement for hefty pharmacy bills. 
  • Diagnostics charges are also included under OPD cover so that patients get it done without delaying it due to a money crunch.
  • Reduces the extra financial burden for patients with pre-existing or chronic diseases that often require doctor’s visits and medicines.
  • Policyholders will get the optional OPD cover coverage for the entire policy year.
  • It is available to all the insured members in a floater policy and individual policy.
  • Opt for this optional cover online with a paperless, quick, and hassle-free process.

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Who Should Buy Health Insurance with OPD Coverage?

OPD visits can become a significant part of one’s regular medical expenditure. Thus, choosing health insurance plans with OPD can be a great financial help for some individuals:

  • Those prone to illnesses due to factors like low immunity may find the policy with OPD cover beneficial. 
  • Ageing individuals can invest in health plans that cover their OPD expenses, including diagnosing ailments, medical check-ups or minor surgical procedures.
  • People suffering from chronic ailments like diabetes, asthma, arthritis, etc., may require frequent OPD visits for doctor consultations, diagnostics, etc., and thus will benefit from this cover.

Why choose Care for health insurance with OPD cover?

We at Care Health Insurance understand how OPD expenses give financial instability. OPD treatments usually add up hefty costs that could be difficult to manage as spending so much in just one go is inconvenient. Therefore, to ease your financial burden, consider getting our health policy with OPD Care. You can avail of this optional benefit covering your OPD consultations, diagnostic examinations and pharmacy expenses. You can claim this benefit twice in a policy year and stay worry-free as we will reimburse the costs. Choose our comprehensive family health policy and get the OPD Care benefit for all insured members in your family. You should always check whether you can get health insurance with OPD coverage or not, as paying the exorbitant medical costs has become excruciating. 

We at Care Health Insurance ensure that we offer our patrons health insurance with OPD and spread awareness about the importance of having an OPD cover as an added benefit.

How to Buy Health Insurance with OPD Coverage?

Now, you can effortlessly get a health insurance policy with OPD coverage through a simple online procedure. Follow the steps below to get a customised policy by Care Health Insurance:

  • Visit the Care Health Insurance website and select a health policy with OPD cover
  • Enter your contact details, like mobile number & e-mail id. Click on ‘Get Quote’ to get your insurance quote.
  • Provide proposer details, including name, contact details, and Pin Code
  • Submit details like gender, & age, and the number of insured persons. Confirm pre-existing conditions
  • Customise your policy with a preferred sum insured, policy term & other details
  • Check the premium and click on ‘Buy Now’. Confirm proposer details on the 'Quick Pay' page
  • Pay the premium through any secure digital payment mode, such as net banking, debit or credit cards 

You will get the policy documents, including the e-health card, on your registered email-id.

Final Word

Our Comprehensive health insurance plans, offer exclusive benefits. With OPD cover, you can enhance your policy coverage. Whether it is diagnostic, pharmacy or doctor's consultation fees, OPD cover gives you relaxation from the extra financial burden that you may incur other than hospitalization. We will pay the maximum amount up to a specified limit through the reimbursement facility. However, it is wise to opt for this cover after evaluating your healthcare needs. After all, investing in the best health insurance with several additional benefits helps you save more and provide timely treatment without financial worries. So, opt for it now! For more details related to our several add-on covers, visit our official website or connect with our customer support team to buy health insurance with OPD cover.

Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus and policy documents carefully.

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