Know about OPD Cover in a Health Insurance Plan


Let us discuss why OPD cover is beneficial 

Did you know that outpatient department expenses cost around 62% of healthcare costs in India? OPD cover is a feature offered under health insurance plans. Health insurance policies only cover hospitalization expenses that include such as health check-ups, doctor’s consultation fees, and treatment costs, etc. But, do not include outpatient department expenses. There are various minor ailments that t may need diagnostic tests and treatment. It can be an expensive affair. In such cases, OPD cover helps you in dealing with doctor’s consultation fees, pharmacy bills, and other expenses. 

If you are getting an OPD treatment, it means you are consulting a medical practitioner and availing other facilities at the hospital without getting hospitalized. Earlier, outpatient coverage was not covered by health insurance plans. At present, health insurance policies have the coverage for these expenses as a single visit to a hospital can cost you thousands of rupees. 

Sometimes, if you are suffering from a minor ailment, you need not get admitted to a hospital. OPD treatment is the one in which you need not visit the hospital or any associated facility, such as a consultation room for diagnosis and treatment as per the doctor’s advice. A health insurance policy with OPD cover can help you to save a lot of money. 

Inclusions of an OPD cover

Listed below are some of the inclusions of an OPD cover.

  • Diagnostic test
  • Doctor consultation
  • Investigative tests
  • Pharmacy expenses 

Final Word

In today’s time, when medical expenses are on the rise, getting a health insurance policy with OPD cover is very important. It helps you to secure the money that you need to spend on petty expenses related to OPD care. 

OPD cover is a blessing for anyone who may incur medical expenses without hospitalization.  These expenses may not seem valuable; but, they are important as they can save a lot of your money if you are suffering from a severe ailment.

Before getting this benefit, make sure to analyze its value if it justifies its cost considering your requirements. Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) is one of the leading health insurance companies in India. If you have opted for Care - a comprehensive health insurance plan, you will get paid through reimbursement facility up to a certain amount for OPD expenses.

Our health insurance plans are affordable and suit the requirement of every individual. For more details related to OPD cover, you can visit our official website or reach out to the customer support team.