The Perks of Being at Home in Lockdown


The Perks of Being at Home in Lockdown

5 Advantages of Staying At Home in Lockdown

India is fourth among the countries severely hit by the Covid-19 crisis. As many people struggle to earn a living, the easing of lockdown restrictions has brought some relief. Those who were stranded have found their way back home. 

To control the spread of the virus, staying at home is advisable, especially for people who are sick and elderly. Our planet earth has been healing since the lockdown resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions. The air has become cleaner, giving us the best views of nature that were once hidden by the harmful blanket of pollution. 

The curbing of health risks is among the significant advantages of lockdown and social distancing measures. Although the restriction seems to test our patience levels, yet it has given us many simple pleasures of life we had been deprived of, earlier. 

We discuss some benefits of staying at home in lockdown.  

More time for fitness

For some people, restrictions on movement could be a reason for missing out on gym sessions, leading to an increase in body weight. However, if you manage your time judiciously, you can focus on your fitness. Home workout and activities like Zumba and Yoga are gaining popularity during this lockdown period. Burning calories from the comfort of your home can be enjoyable and save you from the health risks. 

Family Togetherness

Hectic work life that involved long hours of commute to the office had left no time for personal life. The lockdown and self-isolation period has given us more time for our family. With schools closed and many young couples working from home, the current scenario has brought families closer than before. Mothers have a respite from tiring household chores as children and other family members are sharing the burden of cleaning and cooking. It is one of the noticeable benefits of staying at home. 

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Improvement in Sleep Hygiene 

Sound sleep is essential for boosting our immunity, thus helping our body fight deadly viruses. Earlier, sleep was the last thing we focused on in our effort to meet other priorities in life. Waking early and rushing to our offices had become a regular feature of our daily schedules. As people are staying at home and bound to work from their homes, they are now able to get sufficient sleep. 

Focus on Health

The lockdown has brought our focus on health and healthcare at home. The food that we eat compels us to think about the nutritional value it has. The crisis has also highlighted the need to be financially prepared when a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly. Many people are now realising the importance of buying a health insurance policy, which is a safety net that keeps a family worry-free. 

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Discipline and Hygiene

The outbreak of COVID 19 and the lockdown measures have taught us the importance of hygiene and disciplined lifestyle. It has shown us the simple way of living, and brought back attention to healthy practices like washing hands, for the sake of good health. Being confined to homes also implies no visits to restaurants, which is a blessing in disguise. This time can be best utilised relishing home-cooked foods. Staying at home has highlighted the need for healthy eating, which will enhance our body’s immune system as well. 

Health is precious. Make the most of your time indoors towards securing your health. Opt for a health insurance policy by Care Health Insurance that provides you the right coverage and benefits like no claim bonus and annual health check-up.

Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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