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Cuba Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Cuba

To apply for a Cuba Visa, Indian citizens shall require travel insurance for Cuba. Having appropriately curated travel insurance for Cuba will ensure financial coverage amidst unforeseen crises:

  • Medical emergencies leading to emergency hospitalisation
  • Trip cancellation/ interruption due to untoward events
  • Loss or Theft of belongings such as luggage/ passport/ visa etc
  • Evacuation in a Medical Emergency etc.
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Secure Your Cuba Trip With Travel Insurance for Cuba

Cuba is an island country with one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. The countless things to do in Cuba include sightseeing vibrant Havana streets, witnessing vintage cars, relishing exquisite rums, exploring azure beaches and hiking through breathtaking mountains.

If you are planning an overseas trip filled with adventure, fun, and leisure all at the same time, then Cuba should top your list!

However, before embarking on an enthralling visit to Cuba, you should know the potential nightmares that may be tagged along on an overseas journey. Cuba is an expensive country. Additionally, natural disasters such as hurricanes and landslides are very common in this island country.

Thus, to ensure that you do not suffer from financial derailment in an emergency, you should always secure your visit to the country with all-encompassing travel insurance for Cuba.

Is Having a Travel Health Insurance for Cuba Mandatory?

To be able to apply for a Cuba Visa for Indians, travel health insurance is one of the most important documents.

Cuba is several times more expensive than India; thus, surviving in such a destination amidst an unforeseen crisis can be heartbreaking. Hence, the Cuban government has made it mandatory for foreign visitors to carry travel insurance with enough sum to visit the country.

When Can Travel Insurance for Cuba Be Helpful?

Travel insurance can be useful if you face an unforeseen incident during your overseas trip! A few scenarios when travel insurance can be helpful are:

  • During a medical emergency: In a medical emergency, you do not have to derail your trip budget if you have a travel insurance plan in place. The plan will take care of the covered hospitalisation expenses while you recover in the hospital.
  • If you lose your checked-in belongings: Suppose you embark on a trip to Cuba; however, after reaching the destination, you get robbed of your belongings in the country. At such a time, Cuba travel insurance will compensate you for lost belongings under the baggage cover.
  • While you need emergency evacuation: Travel insurance can come to your rescue if you find yourself stuck in a medical emergency that requires emergency evacuation to the home country.
  • Under circumstances of personal liability: Suppose you are charged for unintentionally hurting a third party during your visit o Cuba. Then, your travel insurance can be your financial aid upon verifying the backstory of the incident.
  • In times of unfortunate death: God forbid, if you or an insured member end up taking their last breath during your trip to Cuba, your travel insurance for Cuba from Care Health Insurance will cover the devastating events followed by death, such as the cost of repatriation of mortal remains or cremation in the land of Cuba.

What Are the Main Features Of Care’s Cuba Travel Insurance?

To have a Cuba tourist visa for Indian citizens, owning an all-encompassing travel insurance for Cuba is important. Hereby mentioned are a few prominent features of Cuba travel insurance from Care Health Insurance:

  • Affordable Premium: Cuba Travel Insurance from Care Health Insurance is a policy that fits your budget. The plan offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable premium.

  • Automatic Trip Extension: The Cuba travel insurance from Care Health Insurance can be extended for up to 7 days if incidents such as medical emergencies occur.

  • Cashless Claim Processing: Care’s Travel Insurance for Cuba provides worldwide cashless hospitalisation facilities at various network hospitals.

  • All-inclusive Protection: At Care Health Insurance, we provide round-the-clock financial assistance. We ensure your international trip remains safe by covering you for non-medical losses, including loss of baggage, important documents such as passport, and losses incurred due to trip cancellation etc.

  • Useful Add-on Benefits: Travel insurance for Cuba helps you customise and secure frequent and long-duration trips with optional covers like PED coverage, refund of visa fees, etc.

*The above-mentioned features of Care travel insurance are for reference purposes only. Please refer to the brochure for more details on product features.

What is Covered Under Cuba Travel Insurance?

The Cuba travel insurance at Care Health Insurance is designed to keep all travel-related contingencies in mind. Whether it is a medical emergency or the loss of your checked-in baggage, your travel insurance for Cuba covers it all! Below mentioned are a few coverages that Care Health Insurance provides under the Cuba travel insurance:

  • Emergency Hospitalisation: If you incur hospitalisation due to a medical emergency while on a trip to Cuba, your travel insurance for Cuba will cover you for the same.

  • COVID-19 Coverage: Cuba travel insurance covers standard expenses incurred due to coronavirus infection during your policy tenure.

  • Personal Accident: At Care Health Insurance, Cuba Travel Insurance compensates up to 100% of the sum insured in the event of death due to an accident. Permanent Total Disability is also covered up to 100%, depending on the injury.

  • Treatment in your home country: If your medical practitioner prescribes further treatment in your home country, the Cuba travel insurance covers it for up to 30 days or up to the policy end date, whichever is earlier.

  • Medical Evacuation: Cuba travel insurance comes to your rescue if you need emergency medical evacuation under covered reasons.

  • Trip Hiccups: The Cuba travel insurance also compensates for financial losses incurred due to trip delays/interruptions/cancellations etc., given that the event has occurred under covered reasons.

  • Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: If you lose your belongings after checking in at the airport, travel insurance for Cuba provides coverage under covered circumstances.

  • Up-gradation to Business Class: If you return after being hospitalised and your doctor prescribes a business class travel for a safe and comfortable journey, the Cuba travel insurance covers you for the difference amount in the up-gradation of business class airfare.

*Aforementioned are just a few coverage benefits of the Care travel insurance plan. To know the coverage in details please refer to the policy documents carefully.

What is Not Covered Under Cuba Travel Insurance

The Cuba travel insurance at Care Health Insurance provides a vast range of coverage, from flight delay insurance to insurance for medical emergencies. However, there are a few circumstances when the travel insurance plan does not safeguard you during your trip. The exclusions under travel insurance for Cuba include the following:

  • Drug Misuse: Expenses/Liability incurred due to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse during your overseas trips shall not be covered under the travel insurance plan.

  • Self-inflicted Injury: Any harm incurred to self due to a suicide attempt or self-inflicted injury shall not be covered even in death.

  • Breach of Law: Liabilities or harms incurred to self or a third party due to breach of the law shall not be covered by the Cuba travel insurance.

  • World War: Any claims arising from national or international war, nuclear perils, or other consequences shall not be covered in the travel insurance for Cuba.

  • Hazardous Activities: Any claims relating to hazardous activities like fire stunts, etc., that are otherwise not mentioned in the policy documents shall not be covered.

  • Dental Treatment: No coverage for planned dental treatment or surgery expenses unless necessary due to acute pain.

Note: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and claims underwriting are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

What is the Premium for Cuba Travel Insurance?

While you buy travel insurance for Cuba, you should buy online travel insurance that appropriately covers your needs without being too harsh on your pocket. To calculate your travel insurance premium, you can take the reference of the travel insurance premium calculator.

The premium for Cuba travel insurance may vary based on a number factors, such as the age of the individual, number of insured members, trip duration, medical history etc.

Generally, a seven days trip to Cuba for an individual with no pre-existing medical conditions may cost as low as ₹683.


Insured Member(s) Age Any Pre-existing Disease Sum Insured Policy Duration Premium Amount (approx.)
1 30 years No $100 7 Days Rs. 683


*The aforementioned travel insurance premium is calculated considering the insured members have not been diagnosed, hospitalised, or treated in the last 48 months. Also, the premium amount is subject to change if the insured person has already claimed any travel policy before.

Factors Affecting the Premium of Cuba Travel Insurance

Below mentioned are a few factors that affect the Cuba travel insurance premium:

  • Nature of the Trip: Whether you opt for a single trip or multi-trip travel insurance greatly affects the travel insurance premium and your convenience. Although multi-trip travel insurance comes at a higher premium, you should opt for one if you are a frequent flier.
  • Trip Duration: The trip duration also affects your Cuba travel insurance premium. More the number of days to be travelled, the higher the premium.
  • Medical History: Any pre-existing disease or serious ailment may increase the policy’s premium. However, you should not hide any existing ailments from your insurance agent. As the same may lead you in uncovered trouble if your pre-existing ailments catch up with you in a foreign land.
  • Check the Coverage: Deeply evaluate the coverage section to know what is covered. Remember that more coverage means a higher premium. It is advisable to go through the policy’s fine print beforehand.
  • Review the Exclusions: To avoid any surprises while claiming your policy, always read the plan's exclusions and accordingly plan your budget.
  • Know the Claims Procedure: Ensure you know how to notify the insurer and file a claim.

How to File a Claim?

The Claim Settlement team at Care Health Insurance helps you with an easy claim approval and address procedure. We ensure you do not have to face unnecessary hassles and rejections in times of need.

claim process claim process

Types of Cuba Visa

Based on your purpose of travel, Visa for Cuba are of seven major types:

  • Tourist Visa: Cuba tourist visa is issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter the country for tourism purposes.
  • Family Visa: Cuba family visa is for a foreign national who wishes to enter Cuba to live with their immediate family members. Please note that this visa can only be issued to the spouse or minor children of a Cuban citizen.
  • Journalist Visa: If a journalist from a foreign country visits Cuba for work, they shall be asked to apply for a journalist’s visa. To apply for a Journalist D-6 Visa for Cuba, one has to request authorisation from the Cuban Embassy in India and then apply at the consulate office.
  • Work Visa: A Cuba work visa is also called a D-1 visa. This visa is issued to professionals hired by a Cuban company for work. Individuals from the science and technology fields are most likely eligible to get a d1 visa for Cuba.
  • Business Visa: A business visa for Cuba is issued for authorised personnel who visit Cuba to conduct business matters.
  • Medical Treatment Visa: If you are visiting Cuba to see a doctor or for a medical appointment, you can apply for a Cuba visa for medical treatments.
  • Student Visa: If your purpose of visiting Cuba involves higher studies, then a Cuba student visa is the one for you to apply for.

How to Apply for Cuba Visa from India?

You can apply for a Cuba visa either online or offline. To apply offline, you can complete the application form, attest all the required documents and submit the form at the Cuba Embassy or consulate office.

To apply for a Cuba visa online, visit the official website of the Cuba Consulate and fill out the application form carefully. Further, upload the scanned copy of asked documents, fill in the visa fee and submit the application.

Although you can also apply for a Cuba visa at various airports, it would be wise to apply for a Cuba visa beforehand to avoid any hassles.

Important Facts About Cuba


Facts Details
Language Spoken Spanish, Cuban Spanish, English
Currency Used in Cuba Cuban Peso (You can exchange currency after entering Cuba)
Indian Embassy in Cuba Embassy of India, Havana
Address: Calle 21no. 202 entre K y J. Vedado. Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba, Havana 10400
Contact details: +53 7 8333777
Cuba Embassy in India Cuba Embassy, India
Address: C-102, SOUTH EXTENSION Part -2, New Delhi 110049
Contact details: 011-26262468, 26262470, 26262477
Major International Airports Abel Santamaria Airport
Jardines del Ray Airport
Jose Marti International Airport
Key West International Airport
Vilo Acuna Airport
Best Time to Visit December-April
Places to Visit Santiago de Cuba, Cayo Largo Del Sur, Havana, Maria La Gorda

Faqs on Travel Insurance Cuba

Q. Is it mandatory to have Travel Insurance while applying for a Cuba Visa for Indian citizens?

Yes. Travel insurance is a mandatory requirement if you are planning to visit Cuba.

Q. How to get affordable travel insurance for Cuba in India?

You can look for the best travel insurance online to purchase affordable travel insurance for Cuba. Compare various plans, and tally your needs with the coverages and exclusions provided under various plans.

Q. Can I buy travel insurance for Cuba at the last minute?

To be able to apply for a Tourist visa for Cuba, travel insurance is one of the mandatory documents. Thus, you may be asked to buy travel insurance during the visa application process.

Q. Does Care’s Cuba Travel Insurance also provide flight cancellation insurance?

Yes. the Cuba travel insurance from Care Health Insurance is a comprehensive policy covering losses incurred due to flight cancellation.

Q. What is the price of a Visa for Cuba?

A Cuba tourist visa for Indian citizens costs ₹10,760. Please note that the tourist visa fee for Cuba may vary from time to time.

Disclaimer: Please read the brochure and prospectus to know more about our comprehensive travel insurance plans cover as conditions may vary.

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