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Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa Guide

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Singapore Visa for Indians – The Complete Guide


A flight from any of the metropolitan cities of India to Singapore is merely 4 to 5 hours. The proximity of Singapore to India, its beautiful tourist spots, business and work related opportunities have made it a favorite among all Indian travellers. Many Indians, over the years, have even settled there which has led to the emergence of ‘Little India’ in the heart of Singapore. The country has a booming economy and is extremely beautiful, it has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and employment. A lot of reputed MNCs have their offices here and world class universities have made their place in Singapore. All these factors put together has caused a significant increase in the number of applications for business, work and Singapore tourist visa for Indians. The process of applying for a Singapore visa has become simpler over the years. It is done through Singapore government-authorized visa agents.

Types of Singapore Visa

There are different types of Singapore visa that one can apply for depending on the purpose of the visit. A quick guide to each type of visa is mentioned below to help you understand:

  • Tourist Visa – this is the most common type of visa that large number of Indians opts for every year when they want to visit the country purely for tourism purposes. It is in the form of an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization and can be obtained through Singapore government authorized visa agents.
  • Student Visa – an individual who wants to study in Singapore must have a student visa or a student pass, as it is commonly known. But if it is a short term course that is less than thirty days in duration, then a visit pass will suffice.
  • Employment Pass – this type of Singapore work visa is specially designed for individuals who have acquired an executive or managerial level job in Singapore
  • Personalized Employment Pass – this pass is for high earning employment pass holders or high earning overseas foreign professionals. It is more flexible than Employment pass
  • S Pass – this type of work visa is for people who are mid-skilled and earn a minimum of $2,300 per month
  • EntrePass: This pass is for individuals who plan to do business in Singapore.
  • Long term visit Pass: It is for the family members of Employment pass holder or S pass holder
  • Work Permit –  They are mainly for semi-skilled or unskilled labor in specific industrie

Work related and Long duration Visas

Employment Pass

This type of Singapore work visa is for Indians who have acquired a job offer in Singapore. It includes company employees like professionals, managers, managing directors, specialists and executives. However not all company owners or skilled employees can apply for this. To be eligible for this type of work permit, one must be earning a minimum of $3,600 per month. A young graduate from a reputed university can also apply for this pass provided they meet the monthly salary criteria and have other acceptable qualifications. This visa is usually valid for a period of one to two years but it if the need arises, it can be extended as well. Singapore government encourages candidates to use the Self assessment tool (SAT), available on https://www.mom.gov.sg , to check their eligibility before applying.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

Personalized employment pass (PEP) is issued to those who are high earning employment pass holders or high earning overseas foreign professionals. To be eligible for this type of visa, employment pass holders must have monthly salary of at least $12000 and overseas professional must have minimum $18000 monthly earning.

To keep holding the PEP, the person should not remain unemployed for more than a period of six months and earn a minimum salary of $144,000 per year. The biggest advantage of PEP is it gives greater job flexibility compared to other work passes. You can get a job in any sector and stay in Singapore for continuous 6 months to search for a job.

The holders of this pass are not allowed to start their own company in Singapore. People who are working as editors, journalists, sub-editors and producers are not eligible for this type of work visa. This type of visa is valid for a maximum of three years and once it expires, it cannot be further renewed.

S Pass

 S pass is applied by an employer or authorized third party on behalf of the individual who is a mid-level skilled worker and earns a minimum of $2,300 per month.   Apart from this, he must also have the required educational qualifications and relevant type of work experience. The S Pass is a visa for Singapore that is issued for about one to two years but has the option of getting renewed as long as the applicant is employed in Singapore.


The EntrePass is a type of Singapore  visa which allows an individual to start and operate a business in the country. It is meant for entrepreneurs who are going to incorporate their company in Singapore or have newly incorporated it. It is also suitable for those looking at relocating their company to Singapore. However, the company must not be more than six months old at the time of application. Apart from entrepreneurs, Innovators or professional researchers are also eligible to apply for EntrePass. There are few criteria that the individual must meet to be eligible for the EntrePass. Some of the important ones are:

For Entrepreneurs: The applicant should have a good previous track record of investing in business ventures and has funding from a business angel or a government accredited VC. Founder of a company that is incubatee at an incubator, recognized by Singapore govt, is also eligible.


For Innovators: The applicant holds an intellectual property or has research collaboration with a research institute in Singapore.This type of visa is initially issued for a period of one year but can be extended for as long as the business or company remains viable.

Long Term Visit Pass

Long term visit pass is for the family members of individuals who have an Employment pass or S pass and are working and staying in Singapore. The ones who are earning $6,000 per month or more are allowed to bring their common-law spouses, unmarried handicapped children who are above 21 years of age and unmarried stepchildren who are under 21 years of age to Singapore. People earning $12,000 or more can additionally bring their parents.

Work Permit for Foreign Worker

It is a work permit for semi-skilled or unskilled foreign workers in the field of construction, marine shipyard, manufacturing, process or service sector. The visa is applied by the employer or authorized employment agent. To be eligible for this type of work visa, the individual must be minimum 18 years old and above and should be from an approved source country. In addition to that, each industry that comes under this work permit has specific eligibility requirements.

Steps to Apply for Singapore Visa

The process of application for a Singapore visa is fairly simple. The Singapore Government has authorized visa agents through which the visa is to be submitted. Most companies who apply for work visa for their employers also get the process done through the agents. Once you have contacted an authorized agent, following are the things you need to do to apply for the visa.

  • The agent will either give a form to be filled in person or will ask you to fill an online visa form and submit it to them.
  • Payment will then have to be made through debit card, credit card or net banking.
  • Required documents will have to be uploaded online or submitted in person to the visa agent.
  • The agent will verify and submit the documents along with the visa form.
  • Once the above has been completed, the visa will be received by the agent who will then give it to you.

 The agents guide you through every process and ensure that you do not face any hassle.


Documents Needed to Apply for Singapore Visa

There are few documents that are needed to be submitted along with the visa application. It is recommended to have these ready as per specifications beforehand to avoid any last minute hassle.

  • Visa application form that has been filled properly.
  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of six months post the date of entry into Singapore.
  • Photocopies of the last and first page of the passport.
  • A passport size photograph with a white background. The photograph must not be more than three months old from the time of visa application.
  • Confirmed return flight tickets and hotel bookings.
  • A cover letter addressed to ‘The Consulate General of Singapore/The Embassy of Singapore’ mentioning the dates of stay in Singapore along with the purpose of visit.
  • Bank statements of the last three to six months.      
  • If a friend or relative has invited you to visit Singapore, then a copy of their passport and an invitation letter from them.
  • If the person is travelling alone and is unemployed then they need to have a sponsor. In that case a letter from the sponsor and copies of finances of the sponsor to be provided.
  • If the applicant is employed, then details of the employer are needed.
  • A letter head of the company for the purpose of address proof

No matter which type of visa is applicable for you, having a travel insurance plan for your travel and stay is highly recommended. We at Care Travel Insurance offer some of the best travel insurance plans which are country specific to cover all your needs. It is recommended to invest in a good travel plan like ours to keep the room for surprises at bay. Our plans can be customized as per your requirements.Our international travel insurance plans are sure to provide you peace of mind and comprehensive coverage wherever you go.

FAQs on Singapore Visa

Q. How much does it cost for Singapore visa?

Singapore visa for Indians costs about INR 2640 or around 30 USD. The charges may vary a little depending on the agent you choose to go through for the visa processing purpose.

Q. Is Singapore visa on arrival?

No, Singapore visa is not on arrival. Walk-ins are not entertained by the Singapore High Commission. There are Singapore government authorized visa agents through which the applications have to be submitted. Having a visa before entering Singapore is mandatory.

Q. How can I apply for Singapore visa online?

No, Singapore visa cannot be applied for online. The Singapore government has authorized visa agents through which the visa applications must be sent. Some of these agencies accept online application while others do not. It is important to check with your preferred agent about their visa acceptance process.

Q. Is bank statement required for Singapore visa?

Yes, bank statement of the last six months prior to applying for the visa is required during the visa application process.

Disclaimer: The above information is for reference purposes only. Please refer to the new travel advisory for more details.

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