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For the countless pleasant experiences that traveling offers, there are equal numbers of risks involved. An international travel insurance plan covers various travel risks when you embark on a much-awaited trip outside India. It makes your journey much more comfortable, giving you financial protection if at all you need an emergency hospitalization or face trip delays or loss of belongings.

It is baffling when we see unforeseen events happen, and things go wrong even on a well-planned trip. There is nothing much a person can do to avert trip delays due to severe weather conditions. Sometimes, we might fall ill unexpectedly. In such scenarios, an overseas travel insurance plan will keep you free from the stress of travelling by covering various medical and non-medical expenses you incur.

Buying a travel insurance policy is a process that should involve thoughtful planning. You can now compare travel insurance policies online, basis certain factors, which will help you pick the right option for your specific travel needs.

10 Tips to Compare Travel Insurance Online

Just picking any travel insurance policy will not serve the purpose of securing your trip. If the policy does not match your trip requirements, you might end up being underinsured. You might be paying for your medical treatment or other expenses from your pocket, thus ruining your entire trip experience. It is better to review and compare various travel insurance options before you make a selection.

Considering some factors, as we discuss them here, will ease the process of travel insurance comparison in India and keep you financially secured during your journey abroad.

1. Maximum Coverage

Look at the policy benefits as the first step when you compare travel insurance plans. Check the medical expenses that your travel insurance plan will cover and ensure the coverage amount is sufficient to meet your travel needs. You would agree that in many developed countries, like the USA, healthcare is quite unaffordable, especially for foreign tourists. Thus, going for a higher sum insured is a wise decision if you plan to visit any of these countries. Comparing will help you select a policy that is affordable for you.

2. Type of Travel Insurance Plans

Opt for a travel insurance plan that secures you in the best way possible when you are on a trip with your children and parents accompanying you. Getting the right travel cover will protect you against travel-related inconveniences. You can get customized travel insurance plans online. For example, a student planning to pursue an education in a foreign university can opt for a student travel insurance plan. One can compare various features and go for the policy that offers the best coverage for medical and non-medical expenses. Similarly, if you are a frequent traveller, opt for a multi-trip travel policy to skip the task of getting a new policy for every trip.

3. Destination

Every destination exposes you to different travel risks. Thus, you need a customized international travel insurance plan that will give adequate coverage and financial protection if you face any medical or non-medical emergency in that country during your journey. Keep this point in mind when you go through various travel insurance policies. For instance, if you visit any of the 26 Schengen countries, go for a Schengen Travel Insurance Plan.

4. Medical Benefits

The benefits in a travel policy might differ from those available in another policy. Thus, a close review and comparison will give you an idea about the best travel insurance policy. Broadly, international travel insurance should cover you for any emergency hospitalization or medical treatment, including in-patient and out-patient care, daily allowance, and assistance for medical evacuation in an emergency. A travel policy covering pre-existing diseases in life-threatening conditions is the right option if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition.

5. Non-Medical Benefits

No traveller would ever want to face the inconveniences of a trip delay or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, like bad weather conditions. Choose a travel insurance plan that will reimburse your additional expenses incurred on accommodation and travel. Similarly, losing your checked-in baggage or passport suddenly can be stressful for any traveller. An overseas travel cover will give you coverage for the losses incurred, thus keeping you worry-free for the rest of your journey.

6. Adventure Sports Cover

Coverage for participation in hazardous activities, like adventure sports, is not an in-built feature of travel insurance plans. However, you can get an adventure sports cover as an optional benefit at an additional premium. It is useful if you intend to go for adventure activities and keep you secure if things go wrong despite the safety measures you have taken.

7. Deductibles and Sub-Limits

Understand the deductibles and sub-limits available in your travel policy. A deductible is that amount you must pay before the policy starts providing coverage for the expenses. That include costs incurred during medical emergencies, including in-patient care, room rent, ICU charges, out-patient care, and treatment of pre-existing disease that becomes life-threatening, etc.

8. Premium Amount

Getting maximum benefits at an affordable price is the best deal you can get. So, consider the premium as a vital factor when comparing travel insurance policies. The premium is based on various factors, such as trip duration, the traveller’s age, the type of coverage, the travel destination, etc.

Choose a travel insurance policy that gives you maximum coverage for your travel risks at the best premium. More importantly, find out if you have the option to customize the policy. This way, you will pay for the features that are best suited for your travel requirements, nothing beyond that.

>> Check: Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

9. Exclusions

Understand the policy exclusions before selecting a travel cover. It will help you prepare yourself against the risks the policy does not cover. Some exclusions include cover for risks related to natural disasters, pre-existing diseases, pregnancy care, and personal liability arising out of breach of law. Merely opting for a low premium policy, but does not cover conditions like pre-existing diseases, especially if you are suffering from one, is not advisable. Go for a travel policy that has minimum exclusions.

10. Claim Procedures

Finally, when you compare travel insurance plans, consider the claim settlement ratio as a crucial factor. It is the ratio of the total claims settled in a year to the total number of claims filed. Your chances of getting a claim are higher if this ratio is high. After all, hassle-free claim settlement is an integral part of the advantages of the travel policy. Do your research on the claim settlement ratio.

Find the perfect solution for all your travel insurance needs. Rely on ‘Explore’ by Care Travel Insurance, an overseas travel insurance policy designed for travellers visiting foreign destinations.


Q. Do I need travel insurance cover for a cruise?

Whether it is a yearly vacation with family or a solo trip, if your itinerary includes a cruise to your favourite destination, it is wise to get a travel insurance plan covering such risks. Cruise holidays are adventurous, but there may be risks involved, like injuries, seasickness, delays, or cancellations.

Here are valid reasons why you need to get travel insurance before your much-awaited journey.

  • Medical Emergency on a Cruise: If you or your travel companions, especially parents, need medical attention while on a cruise vacation, it can be challenging to tackle the situation. In extreme cases, if one needs a medical evacuation through an air ambulance and immediate hospitalization, the expenses incurred can be quite high. An overseas travel insurance plan will provide coverage for such expenses.
  • Delays or cancellation of Cruise: Suppose a traveller encounters delays or missed the scheduled cruise due to unforeseen circumstances, it can significantly add to the travel and other expenses. However, a travel insurance policy will reimburse the costs incurred.
  • Loss of Belongings: While on a voyage, if you find that you have lost your valuables like passport or luggage, it can mentally and financially impact you. The travel insurance policy will secure you by reimbursing a fixed amount for the delays or losses

Thus, getting travel insurance cover for a cruise is necessary so that you can enjoy your trip, leaving worries behind.

Q. Is there travel insurance for multiple trips?

Yes. You can opt for a multi-trip travel insurance policy if you plan to travel frequently to the same destination in a year. It will provide coverage for the various medical and non-medical expenses for the single premium you pay for a policy.

Q. How can I compare travel insurance for cruises?

If you plan travelling on a cruise ship on your next overseas trip, make sure you compare travel insurance plans for cruises that will secure you in the best possible way. Here are some features you must check.

  • Emergency medical cover: Opt for a travel insurance plan that gives you maximum coverage for any emergency medical treatment, including medical evacuation through air ambulance services.
  • Trip cancellation, delays, or interruptions: Check if the travel cover you have selected provides you adequate cover for any cancellation, delay, or interruption you may face during the trip.
  • Loss/ Delay of Baggage: Get a comprehensive travel insurance plan that will provide you with financial protection if you lose your belongings on your journey due to unforeseen reasons.
  • Loss of Travel Documents: Travel insurance with cruise cover provides the required coverage and assistance in getting a new or duplicate passport. Check this benefit before you finalize.
  • Pre-Existing Diseases Cover: If you suffer from a pre-existing ailment that has resulted in a life-threatening medical condition during the cruise trip, the best travel cover will come to the rescue by covering the medical expenses.

Q. Where can I check the coverage to compare travel insurance?

You can use an online travel insurance premium calculator, a digital tool that gives you an estimated figure of the premium you must pay for a policy. The tool helps you compare travel insurance plans in terms of the premium and know how the cost varies when you modify the various factors, including the coverage, number of insured persons, etc.

Q. How do I compare travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition coverage?

If you have a pre-existing ailment and are planning to get international travel insurance for your overseas trip, there are some points you need to consider

  • Check if the travel insurance policy covers pre-existing diseases. Travel insurance plans by CHI cover pre-existing diseases in case of life-threatening medical conditions.
  • There are travel insurance plans that you get without any pre-policy medical check-up. Opting for such plans makes things easier. However, you may have to submit a health declaration when opting for a travel cover. Make sure you disclose complete details without hiding any facts.
  • Read the policy terms and conditions carefully to know the exclusions. It will help you plan for expenses that your policy will not cover. Go for a policy that has minimum exclusions.
  • Finally, check the premium using a travel insurance premium calculator, compare the coverage and benefits, and go for an affordable policy covering your pre-existing medical conditions.

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