5 Ways You Can Help Your Mother to Prevent Hypertension


5 Ways You Can Help Your Mother to Prevent Hypertension

How to Help Your Mother to Lower the Risk of Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the condition when blood flows through the arteries at higher pressure. It is not a normal condition and can lead to serious health problems like stroke, brain hemorrhage, paralysis, etc. Mums are more vulnerable to hypertension because of stress, lifestyle, eating habits, and more. These diseases require on-going treatment and even hospitalization. Therefore, if your mother is also juggling with hypertension, you should help her to combat it.  

Here are some effective ways to lower the risk of hypertension.

Mix Nutritional Diet 

Wrong eating habit is one of the main reasons for hypertension. Excessive sodium intake, stale, frozen and fried foods are a big no for her. You should consult with a dietician and plan her diet chart. It should be a mix of nutritional diets like seasonal fruits, fresh veggies, seeds, and dairy products. It provides adequate essential nutrition to her body and keeps the glucose and BP level balanced.

Stress Management

Stress causes inflammation in the body that can affect the whole body parts. You should start doing some stress-relieving activities with her like meditation, yoga, jiffy exercises, walk, games, and myriad breathing techniques. These activities not only reduce her stress but also enhance her immune system.

Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep also causes high blood pressure. Make sure that she should take proper sleep or even a power nap in the afternoon. If she is working, then she should sleep early to have at least 8 hours of sleep. Remember, sleep deprivation is not good for her. You can suggest she listen to soothing music or can read your favourite novel to get a good sleep.

Talk to Her

Talking and expressing views is an effective therapy to reduce the risk of hypertension. Spend quality time with your mother, discuss if she needs anything, or if she wants to go anywhere. Wipeout all the unnecessary tension she has in her mind and makes her relax.

Doctor Visit

Take your mother to your family doctor for regular check-ups. Maintain a chart and note her blood pressure level daily. You can also keep a BP testing machine, which is very handy and easy to use.  Consult with the doctor, if you observed that her BP is not normal. Make sure that she takes all the medicines prescribed by the doctor to control hypertension.

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Opt for Health Insurance 

It’s advisable to opt for a health insurance plan for your mother that covers hypertension. It helps you to provide the best health care facilities to your mother without financial implications.

We, at Care, offer a plethora of health insurance policies that give you wider coverage with maximum benefits at an affordable premium. Check “Health Insurance for Diabetes”, our most comprehensive health insurance plan designed specifically for diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It covers pre and post hospitalization, in-patient, daycare treatments, ambulance expenses, and also provides cashless hospitalization across 8350+ hospitals. So, opt for it now and support your mother in her fight with hypertension.

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Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for Hypertension is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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