5 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Mother in Lockdown


5 Easy Exercises You Can Do With Your Mother in Lockdown

Amidst lockdown, you cannot go to the gym or for a walk or run. But, that does not mean you cannot get your sweat. In fact, ask your mom to join you as your exercise buddy. Together you do not feel bore and can do amazingly well. Being every time at home can make life dull, but coronavirus has left no choice. Thus, you should look for the ways how you can make daily routine interesting for yourself and your mother as well. You can start with an exercise regime. 

Read below what five jiffy exercises you can do with your mother at home during the lockdown.

Zumba Session

Zumba is a fun aerobic workout mixed with different dance moves. It helps you and your mother to burn those extra calories, toning up your body, and even control your mother’s blood pressure as well. You can play any dancing numbers or take the help of online videos. You can also customize the moves so that your mother can also do it easily. It is the most interesting way to feel fresh and charge up your battery for the rest of the day.

Celebrity Yoga

These days many celebrities have uploaded their yoga videos online. You can sit with your mother, look at them, and choose the easy one that is comfortable for your mother as well. In the morning, you can play the video on your laptop, keep it in front of both of you and start doing yoga-like a celebrity. Yoga is helpful in the long run. Some postures are really helpful for your mother in backache, blood pressure, muscle ache, joint pain, and even in asthma or respiratory diseases.

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Next in the list is badminton. For a change, you can play badminton as well with your mother if she does not have any ligament problem. Initially, play with small shots so that your mother can get a good grip. Playing badminton is itself includes different exercises like running, stretching, squats, strength building, etc. It also helps to keep yours and your mum’s heart healthy.

Set of Easy Functional Exercises

Considering your mother’s comfort level, you can also include a set of easy functional exercises. Make a combination of a squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, and walk. It gives you both a full-body workout that improves endurance, balance, posture, and strength, also helpful in reducing extra weight.


It is also a fun exercise and effective too if you can arrange the kickboxing bag. It is a high-energy form of martial art. But, you do not need to go to that level when you have your mother as your workout partner. Simply, tell her the basics of strikes, punch, stop, and hold. You both can learn self-defence as well with kickboxing.


Of course, exercises help to reduce those extra kilos that you and your mother put on during this lockdown. 

However, health insurance is equally important. Life-threatening diseases and the lethal virus can attack any time, and old age people are more vulnerable. That’s why at Care Health Insurance, we offer comprehensive health insurance plans that you can pick for your parents. These plans not only cover hospitalization and treatment expenses but also have add-on benefits like no claim bonus super, international second opinion, reduced waiting period, and so on. 

So, do not wait apart from healthy exercises, opt for health insurance policies, and give your parents double assurance of good health.

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