Managing Hypertension: Get the Best Health Insurance Policy To Keep Financial Worries At Bay


Getting one’s blood pressure checked on a regular basis is a good habit so as to address the health risks at an early stage. Most of us heave a sigh of relief when the blood pressure reading is 120/80 mm Hg and when the doctor says ‘you are doing fine’. The problem arises when it is not so.

Hypertension, often called as the ‘silent killer’, is a medical condition in which the blood pressure remains persistently high. Usually, there are no visible symptoms. However, the effects are damaging, resulting in complications like coronary artery disease, heart failure, stroke, etc. 

Getting the best health insurance plan for a patient suffering from hypertension is possible, as Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers a specially-designed insurance plan to cover the treatment for this ailment. 

It is extremely necessary to know the importance of health insurance when it comes to managing Hypertension. Only being covered under a group Mediclaim policy by employer, if you are a working professional, is not sufficient. A specific plan that caters to your illness and offers you specific coverage by minimising your financial burden is the need of the hour if you are dealing with hypertension.  

We tell you everything about the disease, its treatment and the benefits of buying a health insurance policy. 

What causes Hypertension?

There are various environmental and lifestyle factors that can make a normal person susceptible to hypertension. The factors include stress, smoking, obesity, excess consumption of alcohol, sedentary lifestyle or hormonal activities like thyroid disorders. Hypertension caused by these factors is known as primary hypertension. Moreover, old age, genetics and a family history of high blood pressure could be other causes of hypertension. 

On the other hand, hypertension could be a result of another health problem like chronic kidney disease. In such cases, it is called as secondary hypertension. 


Often, there are no specific symptoms of hypertension and the disease is known to attack silently. A person with hypertension may appear to be normal and healthy but his blood pressure will be higher, for instance, 140/90 mm Hg.

However, in severe cases, a person with high blood pressure can show symptoms such as sweating, anxiety, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, etc. 

Treatment for Hypertension

Hypertension can affect vital organs of the body like kidney and brain. Thus, early detection and treatment can save a person’s life. A combination of medication and lifestyle changes, as listed below, can lead one to the path of recovery. 

  • Exercising regularly
  • Meditating and reducing stress
  • Following a low sodium (salt) diet
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Quitting smoking

Health insurance is the best bet

Treatment of hypertension involves regular visits to the doctor for check-ups and taking medicines. In case, you suffer from any complications due to hypertension, then that will involve hospitalisation and various diagnostic tests. Private hospitals have an edge over government hospitals when it comes to delivering quality healthcare. Thus, the medical expenses are sure to mount and will affect your hard-earned money. 

The solution lies in availing the best health insurance for hypertension. Firstly, it stops you from worrying about financial expenditure that would only aggravate your health condition. Secondly, such health plans have numerous benefits viz. coverage for pre-and-post hospitalisation expenses. However, it is important to take note of the following points: 

Waiting period: Hypertension is one of the health insurance pre existing conditions specified in many health policies in India. The waiting period is 2 years. It is vital to buy such policies well before the time when you actually need to make an insurance claim. 

 Premiums: Opting for health insurance at an early stage is important to avoid high payments later. One can avail discount on premium by choosing a policy with 2-year or 3-year term.

Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance) offers ‘Care Freedom’ a specific health insurance plan for hypertension patients to help them minimise the burden of huge medical expenses.