What are the Symptoms and Prevention Tips for High Blood Pressure?


What are the Symptoms and Prevention Tips for High Blood Pressure?

The pressure that happens when the blood circulates through the walls of the arteries in the body is called blood pressure. The high blood pressure range lies between 140/90 to 180/120. Often the blood pressure level rises and falls several times throughout the day. However, if it remains high for a long time, it can be highly contagious to health in the long run. 

This health condition leads to many other health problems like Heart Attack, Heart Failure, and stroke.

According to doctors, the main cause of hypertension is lifestyle habits, which can also lead to other diseases. If someone suffers from high blood pressure, then it is better to take medicines timely than to take precautions to avoid this disease.

The modern or laid-back lifestyle is one of the major reasons here. Not taking food on time, using smartphones for a long time, and not exercising – all these practices increase the risk of high blood pressure. Apart from these, factors like gender, age, genetics, etc. can be the cause as well. 

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How is Hypertension Caused?

Hypertension can be caused due to many reasons and to prevent it from happening, one has to be aware of its consequences. The Sooner you start living a healthy lifestyle, the better it is. Below mentioned are the two most common reasons for high blood pressure:

  • Stress: In today's modern era, almost everyone suffers from stress. Earlier, this disease was found in the elderly, but now it has started happening among young children also. Due to stress, hormones that increase blood pressure are released and the pressure on the blood vessels starts increasing. Stress aggravates hypertension and leads to even worse health conditions.
  • Cigarettes and Alcohol Consumption: Even an occasional smoker can develop the symptoms of hypertension. Nicotine in cigarettes shrinks cells. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also make you a victim of hypertension. Be careful of what you choose because, eventually, anything intoxicating will trigger hypertension and result in more health problems.

4 Common High Blood Pressure Symptoms

While the initial symptoms of hypertension are mild, you should pay attention if you experience these signs constantly:

  1. Acute Headache: Severe and constant throbbing ache in the head and the nerves can be a strong sign of high blood pressure.
  2. Dizziness and Nausea: People with higher blood pressure can experience lightheadedness, a feeling of vomiting, or nausea. 
  3. Uneasiness and Pain in the Chest: Discomfort in the chest and upper part of the body is another symptom of hypertension.
  4. Blurry and Cloudy Vision: Vision-related problems are common in people struggling with fluctuating blood pressure levels. 

Chronic Health Issues Due to High Blood Pressure

The following health problems can occur due to an increase in blood pressure-

  • Aneurysm: Due to the increase in blood pressure, the cells become weak, and they take the form of an aneurysm. This can be quite dangerous.
  • Heart Failure: This problem puts more pressure on the cells, due to which the muscles of the heart become heavy. Due to this, the body is unable to get enough blood flow, which leads to heart failure.
  • Complete Non-functioning of a Body Part: Failure of organs weakens the blood vessels in the kidney, due to which many organs stop working.

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure?

However common, hypertension can be easily cured by making key changes to one’s lifestyle and diet. Here are a few tips for the prevention of high blood pressure:

  1. Follow an Active Lifestyle: Staying physically active can benefit a lot in reducing blood pressure levels. Practice yoga and perform easy exercises like walking, skipping, and swimming. 
  2. Avoid Stressful Conditions: A sedentary lifestyle and stressful living conditions can lead to spiked blood pressure. Indulge in happiness-generating activities like playing with children and following a hobby. 
  3. Control your Breathing: An instant remedy for controlling your blood pressure is to pay attention to your breathing patterns. Take deep breaths and go for a walk when struggling with hypertension. 
  4. Eat Low-salt Foods: Reduce your sodium intake to control blood pressure levels. Avoid adding extra seasoning to your food. Red meat, soft drinks, alcohol, fried fats, and processed food items are foods to avoid with high blood pressure. 
  5. Quit Tobacco: Smoking and tobacco consumption not only cause hypertension but also other chronic diseases. Quitting these unhealthy habits will benefit you in the long run. 

Preventing High Blood Pressure with Care Health Insurance 

High BP and issues owing to this can be hideous, considering the rising healthcare expenses. Hence, it is always wise to buy health insurance that covers High BP. Care Health Insurance’s Care Freedom helps you win the financial battle against diabetes, hypertension, and high BMI and keep you stress-free. It is a comprehensive health insurance plan covering your medical bills for your treatment related to any complications related to diabetes or high BMI and BP.

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