What are the Symptoms and Prevention Tips for High Blood Pressure?


symptoms and prevention tips for high blood pressure

The pressure that happens when the blood circulates through the walls of the arteries in the body is called blood pressure. Often the blood pressure level rises and falls several times throughout the day. However, if it remains high for a long time, it can be highly contagious to health in the long run. 

This health condition leads to many other health problems like Heart Attack, Heart Failure, and stroke.

According to doctors, the main cause of hypertension is lifestyle habits, which can also lead to other diseases. If someone suffers from high blood pressure, then it is better to take medicines timely than to take precautions to avoid this disease.

The modern or laid-back lifestyle is one of the major reasons here. Not taking food on time, using smartphones for a long time, and not exercising – all these practices increase the risk of high blood pressure. Apart from these, factors like gender, age, genetics, etc. can be the cause as well.

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How is Hypertension Caused?

Hypertension can be caused due to many reasons and to prevent it from happening, one has to be aware of its consequences. The Sooner you start living a healthy lifestyle, the better it is. Below mentioned are the two most common reasons hypertension is caused from-

  • Stress: In today's modern era, almost everyone suffers from stress. Earlier this disease was found in the elderly, but now it has started happening among young children also. Due to stress, hormones that increase blood pressure are released and the pressure on the blood vessels starts increasing. Stress aggravates hypertension and leads to even worse health conditions.
  • Cigarettes and Alcohol Consumption: Even an occassional smoker can develop the symptoms of hypertension. Nicotine in cigarettes shrinks cells. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also make you a victim of hypertension. Be careful of what you choose because eventually anything intoxicating will trigger hypertension and result in more health problems.

The following health problems can occur due to an increase in blood pressure-

  • Aneurysm: Due to the increase in blood pressure, the cells become weak and they take the form of an aneurysm. This can be quite dangerous.
  • Heart Failure: This problem puts more pressure on the cells, due to which the muscles of the heart become heavy. Due to this, the body is unable to get enough blood flow, which leads to heart failure.
  • Complete Non-functioning of a Body Part: Failure of organs weakens the blood vessels in the kidney, due to which many organs stop working.

High blood pressure can be brought down to a normal level even without the use of any medicine. For this, it is necessary to change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy habits. If you bring the following changes into your life,  you can get rid of this dreaded disease. Hypertension can be reduced by regular exercise as it gives peace, which reduces mental stress. Quiting habits like smoking can be helpful. 

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High BP and issues owing to this can be hideous, considering the rising healthcare expenses. Hence, it is always wise to buy health insurance that covers High BP. Care Health Insurance’s Care Freedom helps you win the financial battle against diabetes, hypertension, and high BMI and keep you stress-free. It is a comprehensive health insurance plan covering your medical bills for your treatment related to any complications related to diabetes or high BMI and BP.

Disclaimer: The hypertension claims are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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