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Hypertension: How you can control this prevalent medical condition ?

Learn about the symptoms, causes, and tips to control hypertension


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Popularly known as high blood pressure, hypertension is a medical condition in which the blood pressure keeps rising and falling the entire day. In this condition, the blood flows through the blood vessels with a great force. Lifestyle plays a significant role in preventing hypertension. If not controlled, hypertension may lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart failure.

A person’s age and family history are among the common risk factors that are not under your control. When it is about preventing high blood pressure, the idea is to focus on the risk factors that can be controlled.

Causes of Hypertension

There are numerous factors that may cause hypertension, such as:

  • Hereditary: Genetic Factors likely to play a vital role in high blood pressure. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, then you might be affected by high blood pressure. 
  • Medical conditions: If you have been suffering from certain medical conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and lupus.
  • Consumption of certain medicines: Taking certain medicines such as anti-depressants and steroids may lead to hypertension. The blood pressure gets normal as soon as you stop taking these medicines.

Risk Factors Associated with Hypertension

Mentioned below are certain factors that may cause hypertension:

  • Age: Hypertension is very common in the age group of people who are above 60 years of age. Blood pressure may increase with age as the arteries become stiff and get narrow due to plaque buildup.
  • Consumption of alcohol: The regular consumption of alcohol may cause an increase in blood pressure.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Lack of physical activity, taking unhealthy diet and obesity are some of the risk factors that may cause hypertension. 

Complications of High Blood Pressure

Long-term hypertension can be very harmful to your health. It can cause complications through atherosclerosis in which the plaque is developed on the walls of the blood vessels by making them narrow. 

If not treated, long term hypertension may lead to the following conditions:

  • Kidney damage: This is one of the most common risks that are faced by patients with hypertension. The high blood pressure can cause the arteries around the kidneys to become narrow or weakened. The damaged arteries are not able to provide enough blood to the kidney tissue. This affects the blood flow to the kidneys hampering the normal functioning of the kidneys.
  • Stroke: This medical condition mainly occurs when the blood vessel supplying blood to the brain is either blocked or bursts. This may block the oxygen supply to the brain causing the death of the brain tissue. It may even cause paralysis or even death in some cases.
  • Vision: Hypertension may affect your vision and may cause eye disease. It can cause damage to the blood vessels and area at the back of the eye. This condition is also caused by hypertensive retinopathy.

Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Sometimes bringing a change in your lifestyle can help in controlling your high blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure should make lifestyle changes such as:

  • Regular exercise: Doing regular exercise can bring a positive change in your blood pressure levels. Aerobics is the best way to control hypertension.
  • Stress management: Learning stress management can help in controlling a person’s blood pressure. You can also practice meditation, yoga and take long walks to relieve your stress.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking: People are advised to avoid taking alcohol and smoking as these habits can increase hypertension. This can help in controlling serious heart conditions and other health issues.
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