Identify these Triggers and Symptoms of Allergies: 4 Useful Healthcare Tips


Identify these Triggers and Symptoms of Allergies: 4 Useful Healthcare Tips

For some people, the pleasant springtime can be synonymous with seasonal allergies. An allergy occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to a foreign substance, like pollen, dust, etc. These substances are known as allergens and may affect the airways, skin, sinuses, etc., causing symptoms of allergies.

Moreover, in the present situation of the global pandemic, a sneeze can make us, and also people around, jittery. It is indeed essential to be watchful and take necessary health care measures. However, one should also remember that seasonal allergies can also cause symptoms similar to coronavirus disease, such as congestion.

So, here’s all about allergies and how you can identify and tackle them. 

Knowing the Risk Factors

There are various types of allergies, and they have specific symptoms. For instance, there are food allergies that can cause severe allergic reactions like hives, itching, or abdominal pain after consuming certain foods. Similarly, there can be allergies due to an insect sting or even taking certain medications. The common allergens around us include plants, mold, pet dander, etc.

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is one of the typical seasonal allergies that cause sneezing, itching of the nose, mouth or eyes, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. Children are more at risk for allergies. Also, one may be at risk due to a family history of asthma or other allergies. Staying away from the allergens that triggered the reaction is the best way to prevent allergies.

Here are some useful tips to follow:

1. Maintain Personal Hygiene

Every time you step outside your house, you get exposed and bring along various allergens with you. The tiny particles of dust, germs, and allergens settle on your hair, skin, and clothes. So, it is important to take proper precautionary measures to protect your health - take a shower when you return and wear masks to prevent allergens from entering the airways.

2. Keep Your Home Clean

Allergens are present even inside homes – on the rugs, carpet, etc. So, keeping the indoor air clean is a step in the right direction. Go for air purifiers, regular vacuuming of rugs, cleaning the drapes, bedding, and other items – all that can attract allergens. 

3. Rinsing the Sinuses

Rinsing the nasal passages with saline solution, also known as nasal irrigation, is a natural treatment for allergies. It can give instant relief from allergic reactions and congestion. Rising helps in flushing out the allergens from the nose.

4. Home Remedies

There are various home remedies for allergies. Honey is popular for its therapeutic benefits and is also widely known to give relief from allergies. Besides, the ancient practice of acupuncture has proven to be effective in treating allergies. Sip on green tea that contains antioxidant properties which help in curbing the allergic reactions and maintaining overall health. 

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Prevention is the Key

Sometimes, it can be tough to determine if the symptom one is having is actually an allergy. Often, allergies do not cause fever and aches, and it might help you distinguish allergies from cold or other viral infection. It is also advisable to consult a doctor if the symptoms are persistent.

Depending on the type of allergy one experiences, it is possible to prevent allergic reactions if you have identified the trigger factors. Also, you can maintain a diary by writing down what is causing particular allergic symptoms, to help your doctor prescribe the right medicine for allergies.

Maintaining good health is in your hands. For a healthy living, quality medical care is essential, too, but the costs can be a cause of worry. So, invest in a health insurance plan to keep the burden of medical expenses at a minimum. Health plans by Care Health Insurance offers you benefits like cashless hospitalization and annual health check-up.

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