Does Your Health Insurance Offer Coverage for Annual Health Checkups?


Does Your Health Insurance Offer Coverage for Annual Health Checkups?

To know the root cause of any disease or health condition, doctors always recommend getting a medical diagnosis before beginning the treatment. A regular health checkup is necessary to monitor your health and identify problems early. You must have a health checkup at least once a year, according to experts. A yearly physical examination may seem like an unnecessary cost to the average individual, but those who have health insurance are entitled to use this service without spending a penny. 

In this article, we highlight the importance of buying health insurance that offers annual medical checkups along with a list of medical tests your health insurance plan covers.

Health Insurance with Annual Health Checkups 

Some health insurance policies include the advantage of annual health checks, which entitles the insured to a free physical examination each year. The annual medical exam aids the insured in assessing their present health and determining whether they are in danger of getting any diseases. It performs a thorough study of the body, checking the condition of the organs, the pace of metabolism, etc. Annual medical checkups also monitor a person's vital signs, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and more. 

List of Medical Tests Your Health Insurance Covers

8 of the most common medical tests offered by your health insurance plan annually are-

  • Blood sugar test
  • Blood pressure test
  • General physical examination
  • Complete blood count
  • Examination for vitamin deficiencies
  • Urine test (Culture and Routine)
  • Kidney function test
  • Lipid profile

Advantages of Buying Health Insurance with Annual Health Check-ups

Below are some of the significant advantages of purchasing a health insurance plan with an annual health check-up benefit-

  • Keeps Health Records - Annual health checkups are definitely beneficial to keep track of your health and be stress-free.  It helps to periodically evaluate how well certain organs work and assists before anything worsens.
  • Early Detection - The fundamental benefit of yearly medical checkups is that they aid in the early detection of diseases. Beginning therapy at the right time helps the patient to stop the disease's spread before it has a chance to take hold.
  • Savings – Investing in medical insurance coverage that includes free yearly medical checks allow the insured to save money over time. Also, the condition can be promptly managed with an early diagnosis, preventing the need for costly procedures and treatments.
  • Helps to Keep Fit and Healthy - The insured is informed about the state of his or her body during the yearly health examinations. This makes it simpler for him or her to choose to lead a healthy life and keep fit, which helps the state of underlying medical disorders.

Does Every Health Insurance Plan Offer Annual Health Checkups?

No, not every health insurance plan provides a facility for annual medical checkups. However, Care Health Insurance’s most comprehensive health insurance plans offer health checkups to every policyholder once a year and help them save their savings.

Therefore, it is important to check the terms and conditions of health insurance plans before buying.

Important Things to Consider While Buying Health Insurance 

Here are a few important factors to consider while buying a health insurance plan-

  • Frequency of Annual Health Checkups - Verify how frequently your health insurance provides you with annual health checkups. Make sure it is at least once a year and should be accessible as soon as you buy a health insurance plan.
  • No Claim Clause - Various health insurance plans cover the cost of health checkups only after some specified terms and conditions or claim-free years. Thus, ensure you get access to annual health checkups after buying health insurance.
  • Cashless Benefit - Most health insurance companies only offer cashless annual health checkups if performed at one of their listed facilities. See whether your insurance provider has diagnostic labs empanelled with them for cashless annual medical tests.
  • Medical Checkups Covered - Check the list of medical tests that are covered before choosing to get an annual physical covered by insurance. There is no purpose in purchasing the coverage if it does not cover necessary medical testing.
  • Tests vs Sum Insured - The number of tests covered in yearly physicals under most health insurance policies varies on the sum insured choice made by the policyholder. So, ensure your healthcare policy covers medical checkups according to the sum insured and decide accordingly. Avoid opting for a sum insured you do not need, as it would also increase your premium.

Summing It Up

Annual medical checkups are the ideal way to get a constant tab on a person’s health. Once you buy health insurance, you get free of any stress related to annual medical checkups that are necessary to keep track of your ongoing health. Care Health Insurance’s prime concern is to help you keep healthy. Hence our health insurance plans are well equipped with the annual health checkup benefit. So, wait no more and get a plan with this benefit.

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Disclaimer: Please verify the policy details and coverage with the official policy documents. Also, kindly consult a professional medical expert to verify the details of health concerns.

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