The Hidden Ways Your Health Insurance Policy Covers You


The Hidden Ways Your Health Insurance Policy Covers You

Healthcare costs are rising at a steady pace and this is one of the prime reasons why a health insurance policy is required. For most Indian families, high costs of medical treatment in hospitals often become a hindrance when it comes to accessing quality healthcare.

The role of health insurance is to provide a cushion for a family’s hard-earned savings during medical emergencies.

Many people believe that health plans only cover the medical expenses related to hospitalization and nothing beyond that. This is an incorrect assumption. The fact is there are numerous other benefits health plans come with, only if one looks carefully.

Read below to know the hidden benefits of having a health cover.

Cover for Recovery Period

There is a feature in health plans, particularly personal accident plans, known as convalescence benefit, also called as recuperating or recovery benefit. Under this feature, the insurer covers other supplemental expenses that arose during the hospitalization period of the insured person. This gives solid support to a family and prevents any financial crisis from occurring. 

The coverage is available as a lump sum amount and it is applicable if hospitalization lasts for a specified number of days. Other expenses covered under this category include compassionate visits by any immediate family member, as part of an optional cover. This feature is beneficial for an insured person who has undertaken medical treatment. 

Medical Check-ups

Timely health check-ups are highly essential, especially for detecting ailments at an early stage and prevent complications. The best health insurance policies come with a feature of annual medical check-up offered on cashless basis.

Yet, the majority of the policyholders do not fully utilize this feature despite being aware about its benefits. This is because they think they might have to pay higher premium during policy renewal in case their tests results are not perfect. However, this is just a misconception that must be removed. The medical check-up can be availed a diagnostic centre empanelled with us.

No Loading Fee

Loading refers to an additional charge on the premium a policyholder would have to pay at the time of policy renewal. Loading charges are applied mostly for high-risk individuals.

The premium one pays for buying the insurance policy is a specified amount that must be paid to get the coverage and benefits. However, an increase in the premium amount can be a cost burden for a policyholder and prevent him/her from enjoying the real benefits of health insurance.

Care Health Insurance have provided a key feature in the policy that free the policyholders from the burden of loading charges at the time of policy renewal, even if they raise a claim.

Alternative Treatment

Alternative treatment methods such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy have been pivotal in curing several diseases. We have included AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy) in our health insurance plans. This is advantageous for policyholders as they can get if the treatment is available at government hospitals or any recognised institute.

Other Allowances

Health insurance benefits also include cover for daily allowance that include attendant costs. Under daily allowance, policyholders get additional support up to a specified amount to cover the additional cash expenses arising during the hospitalization. The coverage is provided as a fixed amount for a specified number of days.

There are a lot of expenses we may overlook when a medical emergency occurs. Choosing a health insurance policy that includes above mentioned features will prove beneficial. Secure your family’s health by opting for our ‘Care’ a comprehensive family healthcare plan cover healthy life.

 Disclaimer: Plan features, benefits, coverage, and underwriting of claims are subject to policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure, sales prospectus, and policy documents carefully.

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