Debunk 7 Myths about COVID-19


Debunk 7 Myths about COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to create panic in India. The WHO declared it a pandemic that is disrupting every aspect of life across the globe. The Indian Health Ministry, in association with State Government, is working pro-actively to allay its panic and stop its spread. However, a lot of misinformation circulated on different social media platforms and newspapers, making it difficult for readers to decide what is true and what is not. The myths around Covid-19 have also gone up.

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So, today we are going to debunk the seven most common myths about novel coronavirus that help you to lessen your stress and stay calm and protective.

Myth 1- N95 Face mask will protect you from COVID-19

Fact- N95 mask is good for healthcare professionals who are treating the infected people. It reduces the chances of the virus being passed on. Common people can use a simple mask that prevents them from dust and other infection.

Myth 2- Coronavirus will vanish in summer

Fact- According to the WHO, novel coronavirus can transmit irrespective of weather. Rise in temperature in summer is not an assurance of curtailing the virus spread. Many people in Dubai and Israel also got infected.

Myth 3- The best way to detect corona is to donate blood

Fact- None of the blood bank test coronavirus. It is a complete myth, blood donation, is a social practice that you should do to help the needy people. The government has already authorized 51 labs all over India along with private labs as well. So, you can get the corona test done in these labs.

Myth 4- Hand dryers kill the virus

Fact- Hand dryers cannot kill the virus. The best way to prevent the virus is to follow the right hygiene practice like wash your hands with liquid hand wash for 20 seconds and use sanitizer if you are out.

Myth 5- Taking a lot of garlic can reduce the risk of getting infected

Fact- Garlic has some antimicrobial properties that slow the spread of infection. However, there is no study that garlic helps to reduce the risk of getting infected from coronavirus.

Myth 6- Only pneumonia vaccines protect you against the coronavirus

Fact- No, only pneumonia vaccines cannot protect you against coronavirus. As this is the novel virus it needs a new vaccine. Vaccination against respiratory illnesses is highly recommended for the treatment. However, countries are in the process of developing a vaccine for it.

Myth 7- Health Insurance does not cover coronavirus

Fact- According to the new guidelines of IRDAI, health insurance companies have to attend claims for the treatment of coronavirus briskly. It also instructed insurance companies to come up with plans to cover the treatment costs of COVID- 19.

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India is also stressed due to coronavirus pandemic. The rumour-mill has churned out numerous myths about COVID-19. The overflow of misleading information over social media led many to believe and practice the things that are not helpful in evading the fear. Therefore, do not believe any information blindly.

Living with COVID-19 is a new normal. Therefore, from boosting the immune system to opting for the right health insurance cover for coronavirus you should take these measures to stay safe and protected. As food helps to boost your immune system similarly, our Care insurance policy with COVID Care boosts you financially during a medical emergency amid the pandemic. 

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Disclaimer: Underwriting of claims for COVID-19 is subject to policy terms and conditions.

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