5 Ways You Can Protect Your Family from Deadly Coronavirus


5 ways you can protect your family from deadly coronavirus

The respiratory illness Coronavirus has spread across the world and drastically affecting India as well. It is a fatal disease that transmits from human to human or human to animals through the droplets of cough or sneeze of an infected person. COVID-19 has no vaccine yet and due to its contagious nature, it can infect anyone at any time. Additionally, diseases like stroke, seasonal influenza, hypertension, diabetes, and lifestyle diseases, can also trouble. 

Experts say that people with a weak immune system are more vulnerable to get infected with the virus. So, if you have elderly parents, children or pregnant women in your family then, their protection should be your utmost priority.

While following the lockdown protocols here are five important ways you can protect your family from deadly coronavirus:

1. Social Distancing

Till now one of the most effective ways to prevent the lethal virus is social distancing. Under this, you should not allow any guest, friend, colleague, or relative to your house and you should also not go to their places. Stay at home and work from home as much as possible.

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Secondly, if you have to go to the store to buy groceries or daily essentials then keep 6 feet distance from other people. You should also maintain a 2 feet distance with your family members if you have a seasonal cold and cough. Social distancing helps to reduce the risk of spread of virus.

2. Follow Lockdown Protocol

You should understand the importance and urgency of lockdown and also make your family understand the reasons behind this step. Work from home, do video calls or converse with your relatives, friends, peers, and seniors through mails, messages or calls.

You can also buy daily essentials online. However, you are allowed to go in case of a medical emergency.

3. Read More about Corona

While you are at home, read and educate yourself and your family members about novel coronavirus. How it spread, what kind of virus it is, its symptoms, and what are the precautions to prevent the virus. Do not believe on rumours and do not panic as well. Tell your family members especially children and elderly people about basic hygiene, the usage of sanitizer, and benefits of social distancing.

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4. Opt for Health Insurance Online

If you are still away from the benefits of health insurance, then think about it, it’s high time to opt for health insurance. It provides coverage against medical emergencies not only during the corona outbreak but for critical illnesses as well. It bears pre and post hospitalization expenses and treatment costs. It helps you to provide the best healthcare to your family members at your nearby network hospitals.

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Additionally, it has other benefits like annual health check-ups, lifelong renewability, no claim bonus, etc. It is a wise investment that you can do online while sitting at home during the lockdown.

5. Spend quality time

Make this lockdown period an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family members. Try to do some indoor activities together like gardening, indoor games, painting, planning for next vacations, reading, cooking, etc. It will help you to reduce their stress and fear of corona, so that they can live a normal life during the lockdown period.


Your family is your supporting pillar, and they stand by you in every difficult time. Their security and protection are your utmost responsibility. You have to make the best possible efforts to give them a comfortable and fearless life.

Opting for a health insurance plan is the need of an hour. You can check a plethora of plans offered by Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance), a trusted brand name. Comprehensive health insurance coverage with all the precautions can keep your family at bay from coronavirus.